The Marketplace is an exclusive service for estate sale companies on EstateSales.NET. If you have a Gold, Silver, or Bronze package, you have the option of listing your sales on the Marketplace—private individuals do not. When you list a sale on the Marketplace, you’ll get access to buyers from across the nation, an increased potential for higher profits, and the great customer support you get in every other aspect of EstateSales.NET.

We’ve worked hard to keep the Marketplace competitively priced. There are three types of fees associated with the Marketplace, though not all will necessarily apply to you and your sales: service fees, payment processing fees, and shipping costs.

Service fees

There is no charge to post sales to the Marketplace—if you’re an EstateSales.NET packageholder, you can post your items on the Marketplace with no listing fee. There is, however, a service fee that is assessed only when an item sells. This fee is deducted from the total selling price including shipping, but not tax.

The fee is determined by your EstateSales.NET package. For Gold, it’s 6.29 percent of the sale price; Silver, 7.29 percent; and for Bronze, 8.29 percent.

Payment processing fees

We’ve partnered with Stripe to make the payment process safe and simple. Setting up an account is free. Stripe doesn’t charge fees until you make a sale on the Marketplace, at which point they charge 2.9 percent of the item’s cost, plus 30¢, for each completed transaction.

Shipping costs

The power is in your hands when it comes to shipping. We’ve partnered with Shippo to make the process easy. Once you create a Shippo account, you will have access to discounted rates with the United States Postal Service. You can add in your UPS and FedEx, and have all your options all in one place for easy cost comparison. You choose the delivery method and price that works best for you and your customers. And with Shippo, you don’t have to leave the Marketplace to make your shipping arrangements. For their service, Shippo charges $.05 per shipping label.

You don’t have to ship your Marketplace items, of course. If you would prefer, you can exclusively offer local pickup. The choice is yours.