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Welcome to Phyllis Bennett Estate Sales, and thank you for stopping by.

First, let me say, I do not own a booth or a storefront, all sales are done in the home. I understand how stressful it is to look at a home, filled to the brim with decades of personal belongings and not knowing where to start. It is overwhelming, but Phyllis Bennett Estate Sales is here to lift this burden off of your shoulders and genuinely serve your family through this transition.

Open communication is important between the client and myself, you have the right to know that you can express your thought, concern or compliments freely and openly throughout the entire process, and you'll be heard.

This sale description was copied from EstateSales.NET on 6/9/2023 (77-240-11:19:12 AM). Please check there for accurate up-to-date information (207-18).

PBES has an exception team to provide a comprehensive estate sale service to our clients. We are committed to respectfully handling the sale of your family's property. Born and raised in Arkansas and a long time resident of Hot Springs, Arkansas, I know my community well, and am here to serve the needs of each and every client. Our clients' privacy, and confidentiality are of the highest importance to me, while creating a path to certainty for the family, as we set out to:

  • Discover family treasures

  • Categorize, Stage and Value every item in the home

  • Professional and e-searching unique and valuable items

  • Sell nearly everything in the home and donate, buyout or haul away anything that is unsold

  • Advertise Sale

  • and Manage The Sale

  • After the sale, every single item will be removed and the home will be clear of debris.

    We do all this to maximize sales while we treat your effects and furnishing with utmost care. We go by the Golden Rule of estate sales   Don't throw anything away!!  This doesn't mean you can't throw trash away (please do), but if you have questions about a particular item, let our staff determine if the item is sellable.  Our goal is to take your home from cluttered to cleared in the fastest possible time frame. Any personal effects such as tax papers, banking papers, family photos will be the clients responsibility and will be left for the family to review.


Depending on how extensive, detail, and the size of the sale most estate sales require starting to work in the home a few weeks before the sale date, in order to do complete "discovery" of all items in the sale. That means ( as mentioned above) we need to inventory, clean, wash, dust,  separate what is saleable and what is truly trash, and then start researching, displaying, and pricing begins.  We bring in tables to display these items to be sold which will be covered nicely in order to display your items respectfully. 

Pricing is based on our knowledge of the marketplace, references, and consulting a panel of experts in specific areas, as needed.  We create a steady flow of interested buyers to your home and suggest if your home is for sale, to encourage your realtor to bring brochures and business cards prior to the sale for availability to interested parties.


Pictures are taken and posted on a national website www.EstateSales.Net and Ashley's Finds, as well as professional business association marketing, point of sale signs, and direction street signs to your sale. With the compiled list of buyers and referrals, we have the ability to get the most the market value will allow. 


During the sale days which are usually 2, 3, or 4 days depending on the situation, there are professionals who assist in selling and protecting your items.  Professionally staffed and trained associates are trained to ensure that we have eyes on your valuables throughout the entire sale. We also stage and organize the sale so that high ticket items are harder to access and requires one of our staff to hand the item to a potential buyer.

When the sale is over, you have several options for consideration with the leftover property.  Your home is left clean ,broom swept ready for market or the next owner.  The remaining items can be donated to various charities.  I suggest Habitat for Humanity, Humane Society, Guardian Angels, Jackson House, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Disabled Americans Vets, or your local church or charity of your choice.  You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for these items, which we can assist you in determining the value. After your sale is completed, I pull the information from the database and do final check, then once checks have cleared you are provided with a list of all items over $100.00 itemized and the remainder as Miscellaneous. You will receive a detailed report outlining total gross sales and number of website hits. 


We are glad to assist you with a free in home consultation.  We are efficient, fast and want to get you the most money for your tangible assets.   Our fees are commission-based.  Let us organize, price and manage a professional estate sale to get your home completely cleared. Call or text Phyllis Bennett, 501-701-3320.

Our Testimonials

I cannot even begin to say enough nice things about this estate company. Phyllis and her workers got me out of a really big bind when another estate company double booked on my date. Phyllis and her helpers were very courteous, honest, kind, helpful,
professional and I was very pleased. It was a joy to work with them and get to know them. I was sad when it was over and they left as we became friends. They did all they could to work around me and my schedule. I will always be very grateful to them. God Bless
Jane Ann June 2022
This estate sale company has got it together, the sales are lovely and nicely displayed. I would like to compliment them on their pricing and how easy it was to see. Signs were up directing all the different areas to view and safety signs were put in plain view. The worker were awesome, helping to put items on the Holding Table and bagging them up, there was no rudeness or being ignored, like I have seen at some sales. I purchased several items and very glad I did. I will be going to all her sales.GailMay 2022

I am thanking you and your staff for your professionally working of my estate sale. You were through, going the extra mile from arranging the sale, during the sale and until the final disbursement. Thanks again. C.Clowney Hot Springs, AR.
CharlesApril 2022
My mom and I enjoyed coming to your sale Saturday. So glad we saw your sign. Thanks for your kindness. I am fairly new here so haven't been to but 2 other estate sales here. I have an online vintage store. Thank you again. TinaTinaApril 2022
Phyllis and her team are a joy to work with. They are very professional and experts at their business. They go above and beyond to help accommodate special requests and have excellent follow-up skills after the estate sale is over making sure the location is clean and all larger items purchased are removed from the property. I could not be happier with the results and highly recommend Phyllis and her team!WesleyDecember 2021

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