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Micky, I just wanted to send a note and say thanks for all you guys do. I'm sure a check of your records will verify, that Maggie & I, Memories Estates, was one of your early "signees' and can tell you being part of this great website has been one of the best decisions we have made in our 18 years in this business. This past weekend, we held one of the biggest, and best estate sales (Archbold Estate) where we recorded over 12,000 hits on the website, and the results of the added National listing made it even a better success. We had "significant" sales...on folks from New York, Chicago, Orlando, Houston, Portland, Los Angeles, and many a HUGE crowd of locals as well. Just proves this site works...we get several "wannabes" contact us to join their service..but is the number 1 anywhere. Thanks for your support and what you do. Gary and Maggie Russell, Memories Estates, Hoschton, GA
Thanks so much for all your help and letting me know. I would not have believed people watched it that many times, but so many people came and I had a list for them to sign up and tell us where they heard about us from. Most of it was on the Estate So many people had great things to say and it would not have been possible if you had not helped us. Thanks for a great job and to let you know ya'll are appreciated so much. It was a fabulous sale. Emily (my sister that you talked to) said to tell you thanks for all your help. Will see us again in July. Betty Whatley, Down Memory Lane Estate Sales, Montgomery, AL
I would just like to tell you ALL how much I appreciate your service...Your site has been instrumental in developing my business...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! AND THANKS FOR DOING SUCH A GREAT JOB and for all of the support you all have given me. Daphne Dileo,, Graywood Estate Sales, Baton Rouge, LA
Hi, I know I am in the trial period still...but I want you to know that I was amazed at how many phone calls that I have received from people looking for tag sales. They search on the internet..and find YOU!!.... This is a great service. Thank you!!....and all of you are so helpful when I have called. Madeline Winn, Full Of Surprizes Tag Sales, Huntington, NY
Just wanted to say thanks, again, for your fantastic web site and advertising service! My clients are awed when they see their sale on line and my shoppers love the advance email and being able to see what will be at the upcoming sale...your site has absolutely advanced my success! In addition to the ads, I have received inquiries from prospective clients, looking for a company to do their sale! Mark McKnight,, Personal Assistant Estate Svcs, Saginaw, MI
The weather this last weekend was in the 10-15 degrees when we opened the doors. We did not even know if we were going to have the sale due to the cold and ice. We went and opened with no street signs just advertising on your site. We had about 200 people when we opened the doors and they just kept coming. We started asking how they found us and they all said they saw it on It turned out to be the second biggest sale we have done in 8 years of doing business. Thanks again for all you guys do. Lorne and Vicki Kane, Estate-2-Locate, Arlington, TX
I just wanted to tell you that your website is wonderful. It is easy to use when listing a sale - I feared I would have problems loading the pictures, but it was a breeze! I am very excited about the site and will be a long term member. Linda Shogren, Linda Shogren Antiques, Montgomery, AL
My web site provider gives me the ability to access the statistics on how people find my web site, and is always one of the top links. Thank you for your excellent service. Richard Richard R. Old, Ph.D, Estate Services, Pullman, WA
Hi Micky, We started this sale on Wed. and our local newspaper forgot to put the ad in..we had probably well over a thousand people come in that day for our biggest sale ever! Thanks so much for all yall do!! Cindy Nash, Attic Treasures of Tyler, Tyler, TX
I have been in the Estate Appraisal & Liquidation field for 37 years, and I can not overstate nor impress upon others in this business too emphatically the positive results you and your business will derive from using the web site Kathy Crain, A-1 Appraisals & Estate Sales, Inc. by Kathy Crain, Memphis, TN
1-10 of 16