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Bijoux Estate Sales - Assisting our clients in accomplishing their home liquidation goals! 

Whether you are downsizing, have experienced the loss of a loved one, or are moving, Bijoux has you covered! Our goal is to make this experience stress-free for our clients while remaining unique and exciting for our shoppers. Call or email us today to find out what we can do for you! 

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Our Testimonials

Alex and Richard are a knowledgeable and tenacious team. Their organizational skills produced a great result! Also, on a personal level, I found them caring and fun to be around! Alex sparkles! A successful sale. Highly recommended!Peg W.January 2024
Thank you to Bijoux Estate Sales - Owners, Alexandria & Richard!
Several years ago we were going to move but after finding a new residence, estate sale company, and movers, my husband decided he was not ready to leave our home. This time, after living in our home for 53 years, a move was thrust upon us when my husband's back told him he could no longer negotiate the stairs in our home. Even my beloved garden filled with my mementos from garden visits all around the United States was becoming a burden.

My husband and I had a very organized plan. We would find a place to move, move to the new location, put our home up for sale, and finally have an estate sale. We found a place to move much faster than we anticipated and that meant our home would be up for sale soon so we had to have an estate sale company immediately. I was told the company that we were previously going to use last time around was no longer in business so I was in a lurch. A good friend who is an estate sale addict told me about Bijoux, a local estate sale company that was gaining an excellent reputation for their competency, dedication, knowledge, and success in moving merchandise. I called Alex of Bijoux Estate Sales and spoke with her and explained our situation - I wanted absolutely nothing to do with the sale, that we had lived in our home 53 years, and emotionally I was not able to see my life’s accumulations displayed but wanted the items sold. Alex assured me that she and Richard and their company, Bijoux Estate Sales, could handle everything and would have the house cleared and tidy when the sale was over.

The first day our home was on the market our real estate lady, another lucky blessing, called and told us the house had sold. Bijoux Estate Sales immediately stepped in and began their process. We had items in the attic that we had not seen in years. After 53 years in the same home there was so much stuff! Alex called me about the histories of several items and thoughtfully made a box of personal items she thought I should evaluate. I only went to the house one time while the sale was being organized and it was late in the evening. I wanted to get a chair that had been in the attic. My curiosity got the best of me and I went into the house. As I went from room to room, I was in complete awe at the way our items were displayed and the combinations Alex and Richard had put together to make those items as appealing as possible. Several times I thought, “why hadn’t I thought of that? It looks great.”

Because of our frantic timeline, I was a total basket case. I wanted the house to be perfect but didn’t have time to take my vacuum and mop back to the house. Our real estate lady told me to take our keys and garage openers to the house the day we were to sign the papers and leave them on the kitchen counter. I was filled with trauma and trepidation but didn’t need to be! Alex and Richard had the house tidy and clean and all the “stuff” was gone with the house being move-in ready. I had expected to cry my heart out when I went that day to see our home for the last time but I was overwhelmed with the satisfying feeling that the home had been left with open arms to welcome a new family and start a new life.

Later, when Alex told me how much the sale had made, I was totally flabbergasted. I did not have any priceless treasures, just 53 years of normal items accumulated in everyday living. It was like Alex and Richard had given us the proverbial golden egg! I humbly want to thank them for sharing their knowledge, expertise, dedication, kindness, and, most of all, their complete honesty to get us through one of the most tumultuous times in our lives. As a pun, we are richer for it!
Jane G.June 2023
Using Bijoux Estate Sales for our sale was a fantastic experience. From beginning to the end they were knowledgeable, professional and fun to work with. Our friends and family attending the sale had only great things to say as well. They exceeded our expectations in many ways, such as vacuuming the entire house when everything was done! We highly recommend Bijoux Estate Sales.Carrie K.January 2023
Recently my sister and I lost our father at the age of 93 and were left to handle his estate. As the dust settled we were overwhelmed with the contents of the house we had grown up in and he lived in for sixty years. To say the house was overflowing with 60 years of near hoarding is an understatement. We stood in the middle of the house unable to determine where or how to start. A realtor friend recommended Bijoux Estate Sales of Little Rock. Alexandria and Richard met with us and assured us that what we deemed insurmountable they deemed a fertile site for a good sale.

A month later, and after filling two large dumpsters with trash, they had sorted threw a mountain of memorabilia and junk to present to the public a beautifully orchestrated presentation of items for a three day sale. The sale was in my opinion a huge success. And they weren’t finished. Two days after the sale the house was completely empty and cleaned after they arranged for the charitable donation of those items that hadn’t sold and an accompanying donation receipt for tax purposes.

The transition for me from standing in that house wondering how much it would cost to pay someone to clean it out and today with a substantial check in my hand following the sale has caused me to search a thesaurus to find all the words to describe my satisfaction with Bijoux Estate Sales. Amazing, professional, magnificent, out performing, exceeding expectations etc, while totally accurate, all fall short in describing our complete and total satisfaction. I’m sure there are other fine estate sale companies in the area but why would anyone take a chance with them when Alexandria and Richard at Bijoux have proven themselves beyond all expectations and are both wonderful people to work with.
Leslie H.September 2022
Bijoux was just outstanding! They had to deal with some curves thrown by the buyer of the house, and took it in stride and were professional. Everything, and there was A LOT of stuff, was displayed very well and priced. Their strategy about the length of sale and daily discounts really paid off. At the end, the house was very clean and the settlement was organized. I would absolutely use them again without question.Bob R. October 2022
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