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With a combined 50 years of experience in estate liquidation and retail sales, we will accomplish your liquidation to your complete satisfaction.  We carry one million dollars of liability insurance and partner Diane DellaValle is a certified accredited appraiser which insures that your items will be priced by a knowledgeable person and the all-too-common and costly pricing mistakes are avoided.  We specialize in high-end sales and appointment only sales.  

·We are a full-service company. If you live in another city, or just don't have time to coordinate the numerous activities involved in getting a house ready to sell or rent, we’ll make phone calls and run errands at the direction of you or your realtor.  We can provide access to the insurance agent, real estate appraiser, Termite Company, or home inspector, run documents to attorneys. 

·We pay all of the ordinary expenses connected with your estate or moving sale: Advertising, marketing, security, merchandising, signage, staffing, display tables and table covers, supplies, insurance, and accounting. Our initial commission is 35% of the first $15,000. It drops to 30% for volume between $15,000 and $25,000. It drops again to 25% for  sales between $25,000 and $35,000.  The client pays for  (1) Infrequently, a dumpster is needed. (2) More often, a clean-out if necessary. In addition to handling the charitable goods, it consists of the removal of items the charity won't take along with trash if there is no dumpster. Every Agreement is created especially to your preferences.  Many clients have us coordinate the delivery of unsold items that qualify for donation to the charity of their choice or ours. We coordinate everything from hiring the clean-out company, waiting for them to pack and load the items, and obtaining the receipt for your non-cash charitable donations. Additionally, we complete the details and values of what was donated, and forward it to you for your accountant along with our final accounting report. (The cost of the clean-out service that includes a donation is usually between $400 and $700). If you don't want to donate your unsold items, we have cleanout men who will reduce the price of the clean-out based on the items they can re-sell. This option reduces the cost of your clean-out to an average of $400.  Although we will coordinate both of these exceptions when requested by you, these items will usually be paid by the client. The last thing you should do is 'price shop' your liquidator. Less experienced companies charge less. This is a choice where you truly get what you pay for.

This sale description was copied from EstateSales.NET on 12/4/2023 (18-94-10:07:24 AM). Please check there for accurate up-to-date information (212-44).

·Unlike most estate liquidators, and critical to your bottom line, is our Appointment Phase. Our highest paying customers, who consistently spend considerably more money than the public does because they are more knowledgeable, are invited by appointment before the public sale.  These customers, mostly successful dealers and some collectors consider it a privilege to be invited and our attendance is almost 100%.  The most important items are sold by appointment before the public sale occurs.  Ideally, we like two weeks of private sales before the public sale. However, we can do it in three days if necessary, and we can create a successful sale with no public portion. (i.e., a full security building or community, someone still living in the home, and when it is your preference).  

·We create an inventory for the public portion of the sale including images and initial selling prices of all items valued at $100 or greater (and smaller values when time allows).  Those items are then ticketed with price tags.  A copy of this Inventory is available to you at your request. 

 We create a list of any items you indicate you don't want sold. This list becomes Addendum A and is a part of the contract. If those items aren’t removed before the sale begins, and can’t be contained in one room, we mark them, “Not for sale. Family is taking".

 We sell automobiles, recreational vehicles, boats, airplanes, precious gems and metals, fine jewelry,  collections, and important art and rugs for 30%.  The estimated or actual price of any one of these items must be $2,500 to qualify for the discounted commission.  (For example, 25 pieces of various sterling items would not quality but a single tea set would). And sales of these items DO count toward your volume discounts even though your commission is discounted.      

Every sale is recorded on our personalized sales slips and the customer is given a copy. You may request a copy of  the sales slips for a small clerical fee. 

We accept all credit and debit cards, PayPal, Venmo and paper checks all with a picture I.D. and phone number if we don't know the customer. Experts say that accepting credit cards increases our sales volume by an estimated 15%. We pay all the bank fees.   If a check is returned unpaid (bounces) and it isn't replaced, we suffer the loss, not you.

 As required by law, we charge the prevailing rate of sales tax for the jurisdiction in which your house is situated unless the buyer has a valid CA Dept. of Tax and Fee Administration resale permit. (If an estate liquidator says the sales tax is included in the price they charge the customer, it effectively reduces your sales volume by the prevailing tax rate in your city.

 We provide a complete written accounting report and payment in full within 15 business days of the conclusion of the sale. Other arrangements can be made at your request.           

 Diane's Professional Profile, which includes personal and professional references, professional background, and a partial list of past clients, is available at your request.

Professional Organizations: 

Appraisers National Association,  American Certified Appraisers Association, Association of On-Line Appraisers, Antique & Collectibles National Association, La Canada Flintridge Chamber of Commerce and Community Association, Montrose Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce, Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce, La Canada Kiwanis Club, National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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