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With over twenty-five years of experience in art, antiques and collectibles, home furnishings, tools, garages, and about anything a home can contain - Again L.A. is here to make the liquidation experience not only easy, but profitable for you as well!

All year long we work with a number of real estate professionals, attorneys, families, downsizing owners, and estate executors conducting both private and public estate sale events to facilitate the sale of their homes and ease the moving experience! Whether you need to sell a few special items or liquidate an entire household, Again L.A. can help you maximize your proceeds with our professional services. We serve the greater Los Angeles and northern Orange County areas. We can also provide appraisal services to ease estate division and provide an accounting of home content values for probate.

How does an estate sale work? We recommend that nothing be thrown away before we start preparing the sale. The popularity of "Antiques Road Show" has proven that treasures are often not recognized by most people...besides, sorting trash from salable items is our job... Leave the hard work to us! Our team will carefully sort, appraise, and organize the contents of your home for either a public or private estate sale. Private sales are held by appointment for restricted neighborhoods and public sales are held over several days. All staff, linens, tables, and equipment are furnished!

What is the benefit of an Estate Sale? You will maximize your estate through the sale of not just the most desirable vintage or collectible items in the household - but the entire contents of the home including contemporary furnishings, garage items, clothing, linens, kitchen and other general items. In addition, we will take the time to research, appraise, and contact buyers who are specifically looking for the items in your home. This whole package approach to liquidation results in much higher proceeds for owners and heirs overall.

Our competitive fees are based upon overall gross sales of the contents of your estate, so you are not out-of-pocket any monies and can rest assured that we will do our best in maximizing all sales. Not only do you increase the proceeds of the estate, you will be left with a clean and empty premises - ready for sale or remodeling. Again L.A. is a professional operation and observes appraisal guidelines as we do NOT buy out of estates that we are liquidating...we truly work for you to earn our fees.

Again L.A. is a long time licensed Los Angeles business, collects California Sales Tax on all sales per California state guidelines, and carries liability and workman’s comp insurance on our staff to protect our clients. You can rest assured that we are a professional company.

We are happy to provide references upon request and offer a free consultation. For information, please contact company owner Dan Jordan via call or text at (213) 840-1043 or direct email at

Can't wait to see you at our sale. Setup was 362.

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Again L.A. - Dr's Estate 2 Homes - 1 Acre Jammed!

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Our Testimonials

In the second half of 2016, my siblings and I suddenly found ourselves in need of an estate liquidator. Not knowing anything about the process, our trust attorney provided a referral who we weren’t comfortable with, and I then resorted to reading Martin Codina’s book “Liquidating an Estate.” It didn’t take long to figure out that this whole process was too daunting and the learning curve too steep for our family to undertake alone, and we would need the services of a trusted professional. How then to separate the wheat from the chaff and find the best of the best?

One of my brothers took on the difficult task of culling the list and narrowed the choices to his top three picks. Fortunately, Dan Jordan and his team at Again L.A. was one of the candidates to make this short list. Our family is very analytical by nature, and Dan likes to joke that we kept him on the phone for three hours during the initial telephone interview. It was more like forty-five minutes. What impressed me during this call was Dan’s guiding philosophy, his thorough knowledge accumulated from years in estate liquidation, and his background in the hospitality industry.

The short list became shorter, as one of the other three candidates didn’t make it to round two. One of Dan’s competitors claimed that it was proper not to charge retail sales taxes at our event. In contrast, Dan very clearly stated that it was the law to charge sales taxes, and that doing so would generally weed out the pickers who would want to wholesale our goods. I liked Dan’s philosophy here and he was right as per Regulation 1569 from the California Board of Equalization’s own website. This wasn't the only reason for not choosing this other estate liquidator, but it's an important area to consider. The third candidate on the list bowed out of the running after deeming our sale too complex. Dan found this complexity intriguing and was up for the challenge.

During the estate sale preparation process, I worked very closely with Dan and his team. I found every member of his staff to be thorough, compassionate, and trustworthy. On several occasions, they found personal items that should not have gone into the estate sale and said, you really need to hold onto this. Much of the tangible property in our estate sale was so unique. Dan took great lengths to research these items so that he could properly present them at the sale. He was genuinely interested in our family background. Not just because he is a tremendous human being, but also because it was important for him to connect spiritually and emotionally to build the right bridge between what the family was selling and what attendees would be buying.

During the actual sale, he presented our family with daily running totals of monies collected down to the penny. I had only known Dan for maybe two or three months, but I felt extremely comfortable staying out of the way and letting him manage the whole process. Dan also worked very successfully with some intra-family personality challenges. I think there’s nothing he hasn’t seen. If anyone in the Los Angeles area is looking for a team of highly competent, and consummate and trustworthy professionals to take on your estate sale, I strongly suggest putting Again L.A. on your short list. Pepper Dan with questions – even if it takes three hours! You’ll be glad you did.
Ashok R., Studio CIty, CAApril 2017
Dan and his team are lifesavers! I am a Realtor and a few months ago I had a property to list that was going to be extremely difficult to prep - the homeowners were hoarders and had been living in the home for over 50 years - yikes!! Dan and team had so much expertise and were so thorough that they were able to identify valuable items most of us would have considered junk. In addition to sifting through piles and piles in every room, they also had to tackle three inches of dust and dog hair on everything! It was incredible to watch the team in action - from organization and clean-up through the successful estate sale - my clients and I are forever thankful!Kristen Y., Redondo Beach, CAFebruary 2017
Dan and the Again LA team are fantastic! They helped my sister and I with my parents estate. It was an emotional and difficult time for us but they handled it with sensitivity, grace and humor and really held our hands as we went through the process. Dan's knowledge is absolutely amazing. He either knows exactly how much an item is worth and will sell for or he knows exactly where to find it. He researches every thing... And that wasn't an easy task with our estate. His team is amazing and hard working and caring. It's clear they all really love what they do and they do it extremely well... I don't know if I would have ever made it through this process as well as I did without them. They are the best! Love Again LA!!!!Dena Y., Bellevue, WAApril 2016
Dan Jordan literally has the best model in the business. The guy knows just about everything about everything. As a reseller myself, I always hope he misses something but the guy is way to smart and knows exactly how much things are worth. But, I love that he always has really great sales with some really good people working under him. Every time I go to one of his sales, theres always a humongous line of people waiting for the doors to open. He has a super huge following and I only see it growing. The reason I like going to Dans sales so much is because he completely gets the concept of an estate sale. He came up with a simple model, with a tiered structure for discounting prices, that starts from a firm price on the first day to a handsome discount on the last. The thing is, this structure is so brilliant that many other estate sale companies do not even come close to the amount of merchandise being moved under this company. There are so many other companies out there that instead of discounting would rather see the items be donated to a charity, in which they in turn WOULD SELL!!!! This makes no sense to me, and its a terrible disservice to the client because often times people neglect to realize that you can only write off a very limited amount of donations unless you hire a certified appraiser. In sum, I know what to expect when I go to Again L.A. Estate Sales, and its that consistency that will always keep me coming back.Johnathon M., Whittier, CAApril 2016
Was a great experience going to the Silver Lake Tokio Gardens Sale. I drove from Santa Monica every day ( it was a 5 day sale) to come to Again LA Estate Sales. It was a sale i will remember forever. To witness the contents and the vast amount of inventory you wouldn't believe. If this was to go on one more day? Out of admiration I'd find a way to do something nice for this company. There all for their clients giving them their best shot. This was a huge household of 5 generations. The amount of work involved no one will ever know. Don't know any of them personally. But... It was one of the best Estate sales of 2018!! I met the owner of the home she was there every day. Which is unusual. She couldn't say enough how pleased she was with Again L.A. Estate Sales.SherryDecember 2018
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