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The outgoing materials from your property renovation or tear-down are valuable! You could have it all hauled to the landfill. But that’s not good for the environment, and it leaves money on the table—yours!

We have the right experience, the best buyer network, and a proven approach to help you resell your used building materials, fixtures, appliances, cabinets, and landscaping—with minimum hassle and for maximum profit.

Contact us now to discuss your project and resale opportunity!


It’s easy for you.

Holding an exclusive Pre-Demolition Sale for your property is the most efficient and effective way to resell your building materials. It’s also easy for you, because we do all the work!

  • Contact us 4-6 weeks in advance of your scheduled demolition, more is time is even better.
  • We’ll pair you with one of our demo-sale advisors, and you’ll meet to make a plan for your sale event.
  • Once the plan is finalized, our team will organize, promote and manage your sale event. You don’t have to do anything!

It’s smart to work with us.

With our years of experience, we’ve perfected the sale process. The advantages of working with Before U Demo are many:

  • We know what will sell, and how to price materials.
  • We have built a vast network of potential buyers from all over the Chicagoland area and beyond.
  • We use an effective combination of online marketing of your inventory and on-the-ground marketing of your sale to reach the right potential buyers.
  • We handle the logistics of removing sold items.
  • We even have interesting options for items that don’t sell.

When your sale has concluded, you receive a generous share of the proceeds. You can feel great knowing that you have offset the cost of your construction project, returned the outgoing materials to use, and helped minimize environmental impact by reducing landfill waste.


Remodeling projects in condo buildings, or high-value, one-off items like an entire kitchen, may call for a By-Appointment-Only sale. Here’s how it works:

  • Call us to describe your project, the materials, and the situation. We’ll assess the opportunity and the right approach to resale.
  • If it’s a go, we’ll agree to the specifics of how and when we arrange appointments. In any case, we’ll leverage our vast network of DIYers, rental property owners and contractors.
    • Many of our repeat buyers keep us informed about what they need or will need in the future—so we may have a buyer already waiting for you.
    • If we don’t have an immediate buyer, we will expertly market your property, screening all potential buyers and arranging showings for qualified prospects as agreed.
  • We’ll broker the final transaction and facilitate materials removal.
  • Once we’re done, you get paid your share of the proceeds.

Contact us now now to discuss your project and resale opportunity!

Our Sales

Feb 8, 9, 10
11am to 3pm (Thu) Resuming today

Deer Park Kitchen Cabinets & Appliances Prices Reduced Rehab Sale

Listed by Demolition Promotions, Inc. Last modified 13 Hours ago. 76 Pictures Total.

Deer Park, IL 60010
2/8 11am to 3pm (Wed)
2/9 11am to 3pm (Thu)
2/10 11am to 3pm (Fri)
Deer Park, IL 60010
Feb 9, 10, 12
11am to 3pm (Thu) Starting today!

Chicago Lakeview Luxury Kitchen Rehab Sale

Listed by Demolition Promotions, Inc. Last modified 13 Hours ago. 130 Pictures Total.

Chicago, IL 60657
2/9 11am to 3pm (Thu)
2/10 11am to 3pm (Fri)
2/12 11am to 3pm (Sun)
Chicago, IL 60657
Feb 11, 12
9am to 3pm (Sat)

100 Year Old House on Shagbark Lake Demolition Sale

Listed by Demolition Promotions, Inc. Last modified 13 Hours ago. 146 Pictures Total.

Des Plaines, IL 60018
2/11 9am to 3pm (Sat)
2/12 10am to 2pm (Sun)
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Feb 14
12am to 2pm (Tue)

Barrington Hills Kitchen Rehab & Furniture Sale

Listed by Demolition Promotions, Inc. Last modified 1 Day ago. 330 Pictures Total.

Barrington Hills, IL 60010
2/14 12am to 2pm (Tue)
Barrington Hills, IL 60010

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