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We created this company to take the stress out when buying / selling your home or are an administrator of an estate.  Our divisions, Estate Coordinator and Home Move Concierge, can orchestrate an estate sale PLUS more!  

Typically within our Home Move Concierge division homeowners are looking to downsize to move out of state or into a smaller home.  We can work with you on identifying what you are wanting to sell verses what you want to keep and formulate a plan on how the home needs to be organized.  Many of our clients still live in their homes while an estate sale is being executed so we know how a home needs to flow while you still are living in it.  Also depending on the real estate agent many of our homes CAN be on the market while an estate sale is being orchestrated!

Our other division dedicated with estate sales is our Estate Coordinator services.  We have worked with many families who are in charge of a trust or are the executor of an estate who live out of state.  After working with many clients like this for over six years we understand and know many of the different facets related to an estate and how we can work in a home from first day until the house is empty all while keeping everyone abreast of the steps along the way.  

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There are many different elements within an estate sale and we do sales a bit unconventional that what you may have seen in the past.  We work with both the sellers (clients) AND buyers to give the biggest bang for everyone's dollar in the best way we can.  We have an extensive buyer database that work with us time and again based on some of our techniques as we ALWAYS sell before a sale.  

Do you have any questions?  Feel free to give us a call, we love to chat!

Our Sales

Nov 30 thru Dec 11
9am (Mon)

Unique Situation

Listed by Spaces Of Tranquility, LLC Last modified 2 Days ago. 233 Pictures Total.

Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Nov 30 thru Dec 11
9am (Mon)
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Dec 3, 4, 5
9am to 4pm (Thu) Starting today!

Pack A Lunch

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8108 W, 30th Street
Riverside, IL 60546
12/3 9am to 4pm (Thu)
12/4 9am to 4pm (Fri)
12/5 9am to 4pm (Sat)
8108 W, 30th Street
Riverside, IL 60546
Dec 3, 4, 5
9am to 4pm (Thu) Starting today!

Bachelor Pad

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8100 W 30th Street
Riverside, IL 60546
12/3 9am to 4pm (Thu)
12/4 9am to 3:30pm (Fri)
12/5 9am to 4pm (Sat)
8100 W 30th Street
Riverside, IL 60546
Dec 4, 5
9am to 4:30pm (Fri) Starts tomorrow

Beautifully Crafted

Listed by Spaces Of Tranquility, LLC Last modified 3 Days ago. 71 Pictures Total.

Libertyville, IL 60048
12/4 9am to 4:30pm (Fri)
12/5 9am to 4:30pm (Sat)
Libertyville, IL 60048
Dec 10, 11, 12
9am to 4pm (Thu)

Timeless Beauties

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Aurora, IL 60504
12/10 9am to 4pm (Thu)
12/11 9am to 4pm (Fri)
12/12 9am to 4pm (Sat)
Aurora, IL 60504
Dec 17, 18, 19
9am to 4pm (Thu)

Pretty in Pink

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Homer Glen, IL 60491
12/17 9am to 4pm (Thu)
12/18 9am to 4pm (Fri)
12/19 9am to 4pm (Sat)
Homer Glen, IL 60491
Dec 17, 18, 19
9am to 4pm (Thu)

Comfy and Cozy

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Montgomery, IL 60538
12/17 9am to 4pm (Thu)
12/18 9am to 3:30pm (Fri)
12/19 9am to 4pm (Sat)
Montgomery, IL 60538
Jan 6, 7, 8, 9
9am to 4pm (Wed)

Iconic Beauty

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Downers Grove, IL 60515
1/6 9am to 4pm (Wed)
1/7 9am to 4pm (Thu)
1/8 9am to 4pm (Fri)
1/9 9am to 4pm (Sat)
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Jan 14, 15, 16
9am to 4pm (Thu)

Lake Living

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Lake Villa, IL 60046
1/14 9am to 4pm (Thu)
1/15 9am to 3:30pm (Fri)
1/16 9am to 3:30pm (Sat)
Lake Villa, IL 60046

Our Testimonials

***This is a testimonial from an organizing client BUT seeing as we also need to organize a home for an estate sale THIS could be of value for some***

We started in my kitchen. I had an organizer come in the past and spend a couple hours moving around some cabinets. Final result was ok. Sue transformed my kitchen. We spent a whole day going through every single space in my kitchen, cleared counters, donated items, tossed others. It’s been a little over a year and I still feel the way I did when she left, it’s maintained it’s clear and clean energy and looks amazing!

Next, we moved to my closet. I thought I had donated a few bags of clothes before she came and wasn’t expecting us to take all day on the closet. Well, once again I was wrong :). We went through every single drawer, I found Blockbuster movie rental cards, yes, multiple cards, AND over $500 in gift cards in old purses! Actually made money having Sue!! Color coordinated everything and changed the bins to make more sense while moving around my space. It truly is a tranquil space now! And, over a year later, it’s still just as clean as it was when she left. She goes into so much detail and listens to you so you don’t have to clean it out again in the future!

Basement was a disaster! Once again, donated, tossed and kept all the meaningful toys and items. We now spend time in the basement and it’s a beautiful space I never knew we had in our house! I actually have an office I can use during quarantine!

Garages were a complete disaster. Clutter from the 10 years we’ve lived here! We donated all the baby toys my kids no longer used, hung up the bikes, and I’m now able to park my car in the garage, which I haven’t been able to do since we moved in!! We were able to sell some things in the outer garage and again, almost paid for Sue’s time! She really is helpful on what to keep, what to sell and what to donate.

Finally, we just went through my kids rooms! Turned my 7 year old’s nursery/baby room, into a big girl room! After rearranging, clearing out and changing up the bedding (spent under $100 on amazon), my daughter walked in with the biggest smile on her face! My son’s room was the same, moved the furniture around to have a better flow, and clear out all remnants of a baby room. Next, on to the baby’s closet. We went through all clothes that had been donated and passed down from over the years and kept what she liked and wears! We moved the cabinets around so she can grab her clothes and dress herself now! She walked into the closet and gasped and said “I can reach everything now!”

Again, to say Sue has organized my house doesn’t do the statement justice. She has changed our whole space!! My kids have learned to organize their toys and keep everything in proper bins. Cleaning up for them is fun and easy! I went from living a clean life, to now a de-cluttered one! If things don’t have meaning and value in my life, I get rid of them. Sue’s been so helpful and I am so grateful for her work!
Victoria, Western SpringsSeptember 2020
Thank you to Spaces of Tranquility and Sue for handling my estate sale. Not only did I give you a very short time frame but you also managed to sell almost everything I had! Your organization skills and professionalism truly show how you and your company are one of the best in the industry. I cannot tell you how much stress you took out of this move. I would highly recommend anyone considering having an estate sale to use you. Lore, NapervilleSeptember 2020
We used Spaces of Tranquility for a demo sale earlier this month and could not have been happier with our experience! Sue took care of absolutely EVERYTHING from start to finish- we didn’t have to do a thing! She communicated with us before, during, and after the sale, and always kept us informed about what was happening. She was extremely organized and professional and it was a pleasure to work with her throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Spaces of Tranquility to anyone looking to do an estate or demo sale!Lauren, Downers GroveSeptember 2019
We used Sue Brigham from Spaces of Tranquility for our estate sale. From start to finish, we were impressed with Sue and her staff. She was incredibly organized, knowledgeable and always on our side trying to get the best dollar for our items. We were more than pleased with the revenues she was able to secure in the sale. All of Sue’s employees were well trained and personable and executed their roles during the sale perfectly. Spaces of Tranquility is a well oiled machined. We would recommend her services to anyone. Rhody and Barry, MundeleinAugust 2019
Selling a family home after so many years is a very stressful time. We reached out to Sue at Spaces of Tranquility for help. She swept in and made order out of chaos in no time! Her company name is apt - our family home was transformed to a tranquil place after she and her crew hosted our estate sale.

We are so thankful to Sue and her employees for all that they did to assist us in this trying time. She lightened our family's load. We will be forever grateful. Thank you, Sue.
Kathy, WoodridgeAugust 2019
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