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We are a Family owned and operated business established in March of 2010. We have a great group of Friends and Family who work with us to provide interesting and entertaining auctions for your enjoyment. In the past couple of years, we have also invited the next generation to help out and learn the trade. We have been blessed with an enthusiastic and motivated crew over the years and look forward to serving the public for many years to come.

My name is Robert “Kyle” Reed I am the Auctioneer for Reed’s General Merchandise. I have been a licensed and practicing Auctioneer since 2010. I have officiated many different types of auctions over the years, including consignment, industrial, charity, real estate and personal property estate auctions. As a matter of fact, Reed’s General Merchandise has conducted hundreds of auctions and I have enjoyed a large majority of them. I look forward to seeing you at our future auctions and apricate your support over these many years.  

The story of how I became an Auctioneer is a long and uninteresting one so I will spare you the details. However, I would say that my desire to become an Auctioneer was partially driven by my grandfather who would take me to auctions when I was a child. My favorite auction was held every Monday morning in an Ohio Amish community, near where my Grandparents lived. I recall the excitement of the ride to the auction, on Monday mornings wondering what treasures were waiting for us. Now, to be honest rarely was there anything there that most people would consider a treasure but that never stop Grandpa and I from coming home with a full load every time. I believe this started my life long enjoyment of auctions and what ended up being the best job I have ever had.

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Unfortunately, Grandpa passed away before I became an Auctioneer. Nonetheless, I am sure he is smiling down on me every auction. I few years ago Grandma passed away (95 years old). I performed the auction to liquidate the items family members didn’t want to keep, which was mostly items from the Monday auctions, so as usual Grandpa had the last laugh. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this and would like to invite you to our next auction. (Details available on our home page). Before you go, I will leave you with a short auction story that my grandfather told me. 

Grandpa’s Auction Story:

Sometime during the mid-20th century my grandfather found himself on the east coast and he happened upon an auction. He fought his way to front of a huge crowd and couldn’t believe his luck in stumbling upon this incredible auction. It was packed full of genuine antiques and historic treasures unique to that area. About haft way through the auction the Auctioneer held up an old beat-up hatchet that looked to be of little consequence. The Auctioneer then confidently claimed that “He could not tell a lie” And that this was the hatch that George Washington used to chop down the cherry tree. Silence fell over the crowed which was obviously impressed, but my grandfather challenged the Auctioneer’s claim. “How can you be sure that is George Washington’s hatchet?” Without missing a beat, the Auctioneer replied “Sure this is Washington’s hatched, it has had the blade replaced and about three new handles but this is the one!”

In loving memory of Lyle F. Reed

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