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What looks like JUNK or GARBAGE..may not be at all.Half a bag of cotton balls, who would buy that? You'd be surprised! The Saran Wrap has a few sheets left, who would want that? You'd be Surprised.Just because its been used..or looks like it should be tossed.Everything add's up in the little bit pile. Half bottle Shampoo, Laundry Soap, Not a full box of dryer sheets..all can be sold.
WE love all REALTORS..BUT... Staging a home we see the need. We will stage your home.!
DON'T tell your clients to get rid of knick knacks, or towels to make the closet look better...because after its all given,tossed loses a lot for the potential "Estate or Moving Sale".Then the house sells..A Estate Sale company is now called in.Lack of items.Families  said they needed to stage home and told us to get rid of just clutter a sale needs to be conducted.Where is the little items? Furniture is great..but where is the Lamp on the nightstand, the dresser trays perfume bottles, in the kitchen the vintage sugar bowls,  pyrex, vintage bar ware, pitcher collection, vintage table linens? ALL OF THE GET RID OF..makes a HOUSE fuller for a MORE SUCCESSFUL SALE.!!! The Estate Sale company should make the appropriate decision if items are to be thrown out or YES IT CAN BE SOLD!!
OR WHAT IS THIS STUFF? IF we don't know.someone else might..and there is nothing like the "Thrill" of digging in garages or basements..for that sort of stuff.It still amazes me what people purchase!!
We understand this whole process is overwhelming and losing a loved one, or moving from a home of memories its still an emotional time.Just don't think if you don't want it,nobody else will..because in Estate Sale World there is something for anyone!

Check out our web site Everything else will be there for reading..but this is the MOST IMPORTANT..DON'T THROW IT OUT!!

Can't wait to see you at our sale. Setup was 3217.

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Jun 3, 4
10am to 3pm (Sat)

Vintage, Antiques, Scrapbooking Galore!!

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Des Plaines, IL 60016
6/3 10am to 3pm (Sat)
6/4 10am to 3pm (Sun)
Des Plaines, IL 60016
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Jun 10, 11
10am to 3pm (Sat)


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Evanston, IL 60201
6/10 10am to 3pm (Sat)
6/11 10am to 3pm (Sun)
Evanston, IL 60201
Jun 24, 25
10am to 3pm (Sat)


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Park Ridge, IL 60068
6/24 10am to 3pm (Sat)
6/25 10am to 3pm (Sun)
Park Ridge, IL 60068
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Jul 1, 2
10am to 4pm (Sat)


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Chicago, IL 60646
7/1 10am to 4pm (Sat)
7/2 10am to 3pm (Sun)
Chicago, IL 60646
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Jul 15, 16
10am to 3pm (Sat)


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Wheaton, IL 60189
7/15 10am to 3pm (Sat)
7/16 10am to 3pm (Sun)
Wheaton, IL 60189
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Jul 22, 23
10am to 4pm (Sat)


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Morton Grove, IL 60053
7/22 10am to 4pm (Sat)
7/23 10am to 3pm (Sun)
Morton Grove, IL 60053

Our Testimonials

Just coming off a high after last weekends Estate Sale hosted by Naomi Ross of Sassies. Naomi and her amazing team of professionals pulled off an incredible feat. Two days of negotiating on our behalf to sell the contents our family home of 15 years. Naomi and her staff we delightful, fair, honest, energetic, and fun to work with. I highly recommend Naomi and her team. I had envisioned the event to be my worst nightmare, but instead a dream come
true. Most everything sold with little clean up and mostly feeling good about where our belongings ended up. Everyone happy.
Mindy WinnetkaMay 2017
Sassies Estate Sales is the kind of business one is lucky and happy to have found. An honest, straight-forward, up-front, hard-working family business, looking to first serve and help the customer. Letters from former customers, and their policy of keeping track of sales, and charging 30% of the total sold impressed me, compared to the other estate-sale companies. Though I did the initial arrangements from outside the country, they took charge of things beyond my expectations when I got to Chicago. Naomi and her team made an initial visit to see what was sell-able, arranging a date that fit my schedule. Weeks before the sale, 1-2 members of the team weeks came over every few days to begin inspecting, sorting and arranging the items. They brought in additional tables and any items they would need. The staff was careful to ask about things NOT being sold and store them in safe-rooms, later marked off-limits. Days before the sale, the whole team came to wash glassware, arrange and price most of the items. The 2-day sale went as planned, assisted by 6 members of the Sassie team. They did what I consider to be an honest job. The final check from the sale came promptly and without a hitch. During the normal course, it became apparent that they, with the help of one of their experts, could do just as good a job pricing and selling two remaining modern classic cars as the people purporting to specialize in only that…and quite a bit more straight-forward. They did the initial research, consulted experts, showed the cars to serious prospects during and after the estate sale, handled the bidding, and sold them both at a decent price on eBay, earning a commission just about the same as the “specialists” would have. They saw everything through to the end: small problems, showing the cars, communicating with prospects, check deposits, titles, right up to the flat-beds hauling the cars away. They kept me informed during the sale. Sensitive to each family’s quirks, quite open about how the estate-sale process works, and putting in hours that showed they were more interested in me than in just a “quick buck,” Sassies Estate Sales certainly earned my respect as an American business…and thanks.GlennAugust 2015
I was reading a lot of Sassie's testimonals and thought I too need to jump on her band wagon.We still stay in contact. If you've never talked too her or are "curious" of the Sassie name..see her at a sale..ask that question and its a great story! But the best of it..GOSH she is adorable on personality! The enthusiasm of what a home has and what its in there is amazing! We all grow up with different things in our homes, and what we would look at as ARE YOU KIDDING ME..someone would BUY THAT? She has that YES answer. I got her name from a real estate company when I had to sell my parents beloved home that they built 60 yrs ago.Growing up with another sibling who did other things to help in the finalizing of the estate,but couldn't deal with the personal end,the home,contents, etc. They gave me a few names.She was in the middle of the names and I interviewed a few of the bigger ones. One without even coming out too see a packed home of over 60yrs,not enough for our company to make any money.Isn't the object to service the family? Sure its great if the company is to make money,but don't advertise "expertise" and " value of families", and that's not what your about. Oh and the deposits,I personally think, got a lot of nerve.! I then called Sassie's.She and her husband came out and walked around this childhood home of mine,just gushing on things, and telling me oh how great this is or that. I honestly couldn't see what she saw in a lot of the items! But that's the personality of her, and what she see's in items for a sale.She made me look at things a little differently in what my mother kept,owned, my father's wacky collection of tools, items from his childhood..TOLD ME what I NEED TO KEEP.At first my brother and I went through the home before anyone was called in, and we sort of picked some things out,but Sassie sort of brought it back to life saying this or that, you and your brother DO NEED to keep, your parents loved this or that.WHO does this? Sassie did.Was honestly for us, an eye opener on this is what an Estate company should be..and we knew this was our girl!

The latter part of the years after my mother passed away and my father tried as best as he could even in failing health to keep up this big home that was filled with some great times as my brother and I remembered growing up,the years took a toll on the home. He just couldn't do a lot of the repairing as he would NEVER call in someone to do the job when he always did it.My brother and I did fix and repair as much as possible but the years caught up on the home, so there was wear/tear to the home.I told her I will pay a cleaning fee whatever it took to get a sale going. Because the house was in disarray and you cant have people going into something that isn't as she said safe to walk into.Fine by us.!

No time frame in getting the sale together for us.So she did it in between her other sales.SHE DID A GREAT JOB! Her "staff" of really good good friends, all worked great together and put this house, back together again and my mother would of loved how they put things in their correct places. Coming over, talking to her,listening to what she "knew" on so much of the antiques, things I wouldn't of looked twice at and never did! We enjoyed so much getting to know what "Sassies Antiques" was all about, and her passion.

The PASSION of this company of hers and her feelings, She may not be the biggest company around, (we personally think she should be!) she isn't the big household name...yet, but I was once told if you don't have passion in what you do in life, sometimes life is just too boring and its time to re think what drives you.

Sassie has that drive that yearning for a good sale, knowing the families of the home she is working in, what they accumulated in years, their lives.She wanted to know about my parents, their life, our life. That is compassion.

It's her personality.Its a emotional time, it aint easy.But she cared about our feelings.

For my brother and myself, her passion and drive made our transition of selling off our life with our parents a little bit easier and to get closure from it all.

TV interviews, and write up's in newspapers don't mean squat on some of the other companies, if you don't have that "Passion", your in the wrong field.

I read a few of the other testimonials and one said if your now on the Sassie Page reading this..PICK UP THAT PHONE...Damn right you should. By the way, the sale was Excellent.! Hard work does pay off! I refer her over and over again!
Richard & Thomas WaltersJuly 2015
If you are looking for the very best service for your estate sale, then Sassie’s Estate Sales is the company for you!

My father passed away in March 2015. He was my only surviving parent and my very best friend. As devastating as this time was for me, I knew that I needed to sell my Dad’s possessions in an estate sale. When I invited Naomi to come by the house to meet me and view the items that I needed to sell, I was immediately impressed with her compassion that she extended to me over the loss of my Dad. Naomi viewed the items and assured me that she would make every effort to sell these items at the very best possible price. Naomi also explained that she would sort and display each item in such a way that it would be the most attractive for buyers. As I live in AZ and had only a few days to pick out personal items to take back with me, Naomi assured me that if she found any personal items that I left behind she would hold them for me. During the sale, Naomi called me to let me know that she found a silver platter that was engraved with Merry Christmas to my Mom and Dad that I gave to my parents almost 30 years ago. I had forgotten all about it and Naomi made sure to set this precious treasure aside for me. I was so touched by this that it brought me to tears with gratitude. Naomi also found other photo items and personal items that I had missed when I left to return to AZ. Naomi is truly a wonderful person, both on a professional level as well as a dear friend.

Naomi kept me posted on every detail from the initial set up of the items for sale through to the end of the sale. Naomi sold almost all of the items that were for sale. I was also shocked to find out that the total income received from the estate sale was 3 times more than what I expected. There was only 1 valuable item left that was not sold. Naomi agreed to take this with her to sell on consignment at a future sale and mail me a check after it is sold.

I am so grateful to Naomi for all that she did for me. She was truly my guardian angel during the most difficult time in my life to provide me with more income that I could have ever imagine as well as being such a comforting friend. Sassie’s Estate Sales is truly the very best in the business. On a scale of 1-10- she rates a million!
Carol L.May 2015
Her answer..OK..lets do it.!! Walk me around the house. Amazed she told me of my parents furniture, artwork, chairs, she said pristine, mid century word for us!! She had to price the entire house from pictures! I gave her a picture disk almost 1,000 pictures of everything in that house from Sofa's to measuring spoons,whisk broom, mid century furniture (Now I know all about the furniture and items my parents loved!) etc.

There was Jewelry from my great grandparents(Grandparents), diamonds, gold, sterling. I didn't know value or had a jeweler either, so she handled it all for me,had it cleaned appraised etc. Honest nice girl. Naomi said to pick. Money cant buy a family heirloom. Give to the eldest grand daughter. The 18k gold pocket watch first grandson..and on..etc. In was agreed. She wrote it out on how she felt it should be presented and the Judge agreed with Naomi!!! SO we got to pick and keep items so beautiful! Very sentimental Naomi is. We are so grateful.

She priced my parents entire house, and we had fun learning what everything was, history on some stuff, very exciting for me since I grew up in this house and didn't know mid-century to Chicago Artists, Georg Jensen..was etc!! She worked very hard in between her Estate Sales and every time I called and asked questions she gave me all the time I needed.

I recommend Naomi and her Company Sassie's. EXCELLENT,EXCELLENT,EXCELLENT..!!!
Gwen - Park RidgeDecember 2013
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