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We conduct two Collectible auctions every month.  The auctions are conducted at the Will County (Peotone) Fairgrounds inside the Air Conditioned / Heated Atrium Building.  Preview is any time after 12 Noon on Friday and the auction begins at 6 PM.  We strive to have the auctions lean more toward Antiques and Collectibles. Every Auction will be different. There is always a lot to choose from - at least 24 eight foot tables of "smalls", at least 7 eight foot tables of pictures and books plus an assortmant of Antique and used furniture.  Everything displayed at the auction is sold the night of the auction.  We do not stop the auction and pack items up for another auction.  We appreciate people coming out to the auction and sell everything that is displayed.  Terms of the auction are Cash or Good Check, sorry no credit cards.  We do charge sales tax unless a buyer has valid tax number.  We Do Not charge a buyers premium.  Everything should be removed the night of the auction.  Delivery service is available for a charge. 

We are also available for on-site auctions.  These are generally held to liquidate a full estate.  We prepare the items in the house and then remove everything the morning of the auction.  This is our favorite type of auction however it is not often possible for a number of reasons. First, there must be enough in the house to warrant a special auction with substantial advertising.  Second, the yard must be able to accomodate the items as well as the bidders.  Third, there must to adequate parking.  Finally, the seller must be willing to accept the auction method of selling and be willing to sell everything without reserve.

We are also available for direct purchase of quality single items, collections, full or partial estates.  Advantages to this service is the owner gets paid up front for the items.  There is no down side risk.  There is no work or effort needed by the seller and he/she gets the agreed upon money. Owner has no risk,  expense or commission. 

We generally do not get involved in conducting estate or tag sales.  They certainly work for some and there are some very good people that actively conduct these sales. 

As for our Collectible auctions at the Will County Fairgrounds:  Each Auction has 8 consignors that each get three eight foot tables to display their small items.  Furniture is tagged with a lot number and displayed around the building. Smaller quality consignments are available and dealt with on an individual basis.  The commission schedule is based on gross sales.  $1 - $576 the commission is a minimum $150.  $576 - $1800 commission is 26% , $1801 - $3000 is 21% and over $3000 is 19 %.  Again, these rates are for individuals with three eight foot tables.  People schedule in advance to bring items  to the auction.  Consignments are never accepted the week of the auction without advance notice.

As for qualifications, I have been involved, FULL TIME, in the Antique and Auction playing field since 1984.  Prior to that I would consider myself part time as I was in Jr. High School / High School / College.  I have been involved in some major On - Site Estate Auctions as well as some large Buy Outs.  References are available. We have a strong buyer base to purchase the items available.  I am constantly learning both good and not so good ways of setting up or conducting the auctions.  I try to minimize the not so good methods! 

I would be happy to discuss our services with you and/or make an appointment to come out and see what your situation is.  My major weakness is returning phone calls.  Sorry, but I will let you know that up front.  Again, I will be happy to talk to you about any services I provide or to direct you to somebody else that may help you.

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