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Welcome to Aether Estate Services

Whether it's due to the loss of a loved one, divorce, downsizing or relocation, we are there to help take care of your needs. 

If you have an entire home or estate with antiques, furniture, artwork, collectibles and household items, we are the solution to sell everything quickly and professionally. 

                               We transform estates with furniture, art and significant collections into boutiques, where the entire contents of the house are for sale, including larger items like those kept in a garage or outdoors. 


Aether Estate Services. can provide you with a complementary initial assessment of the property, either by an in person walkthrough, or through photographs, identifying the presence of valuables while determining if an estate sale or online auction  is appropriate for your needs.  


• Free consultation 
• Arrange a suitable date for the sale or auction
• Research current market value on items 
• Organize and price all merchandise 
• Heavily advertise the sale 
• Assist with scheduling a charity donation
• Provide complete accounting for all sold items 
• Consign Items or Onsite Online Auction

Why Choose Aether Estate Services?

Revolutionized Process: Our online auctions revolutionize the selling experience, providing a stress-free and efficient platform to reach a global audience.

Personalized Interaction: We prioritize personalized interaction, understanding our clients' unique needs to tailor our services accordingly.

Real Profits: Our commitment to excellence consistently generates real profits for our clients, earning us the trust and loyalty of customers worldwide.


Online Auctions: Our cutting-edge online auctions are available 24 hours a day, offering a convenient platform to sell collections, specialty items, fine art, historical pieces, and more. Leveraging advanced technology, we cast a wider net to attract buyers worldwide.

Full Point-of-Sales Reporting: Utilizing innovative technology, we provide detailed reporting for every transaction, ensuring transparency and accuracy throughout the selling process.


All items in the estate are organized and priced by our team. Every item, whether it’s $2500 or 25¢, is priced and tagged with an item specific barcode. Our custom tags integrate with our inventory system, providing you with accurate accounting once the sale is complete. 

For online auctions, meticulous attention to staging, lotting, research, and photography of items forms the foundation.This process extends to crafting comprehensive item descriptions and conducting thorough market research to determine competitive pricing. Marketing efforts should be diversified across social media, email newsletters, and targeted advertising to maximize visibility and attract bidders. Seamless customer support, secure payment processing, and efficient shipping logistics are essential for ensuring a positive experience for both buyers and sellers. Continuous evaluation, data analysis, and process refinement are key for optimizing future auctions and maintaining success in the online marketplace.

Family owned and operated, we manage the valuing, pricing and sale of antiques, rare books, collectibles, fine art, furnishings, high quality household goods, jewelry and select vehicles. We're often able to take everything off your hands through a variety of services, so your'e left without any worry. We have built a reputation for exceeding our clients' expectations for revenue generated and outstanding customer service. 

After an initial consultation, we will determine if an onsite online auction or estate sale is your best option. For onsite sales, our team sets up the home to be as much like a store as possible. We organize, price, merchandise and advertise for an optimal shopping experience. Sales last from one to three days, depending on the size of the estate. We provide you with a complete inventory and issue a cashier’s check within 5 business days of the sale.Commercial Auctions

For commercial ventures, we offer quick and efficient liquidation solutions for items such as restaurant equipment, decor, kitchen equipment, electronics, and raw materials.


When you choose to appraise with us at Aether Estate Services, you're choosing expertise backed by a wealth of credentials. 

Accredited by the A.I.A, and as a GPPA Designated Appraiser,  we can provide certified appraisal valuation services tailored to your specific needs.

With this extensive range of qualifications, we guarantee accurate valuations for your assets, ensuring peace of mind and maximum profitability.

Contact Us

For inquiries or to learn more about our online auction services, please contact us at  (317) 567-2319 or email us at

Experience the Aether Estate Services difference in online auctions today.

Our Sales

May 21 thru May 30
12am (Tue)

Artistic Elegance In Punta Gorda: McGinnis Original Masterpieces & Vintage Jewelry Auction!

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Punta Gorda, FL 33950
May 21 thru May 30
12am (Tue)
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
May 23 thru May 29
12am (Thu)

Fishers Downsizing Auction: Unique Items, Furniture, Vintage + More!

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Fishers, IN 46037
May 23 thru May 29
12am (Thu)
Fishers, IN 46037
May 27 thru May 31
12am (Mon)

Antiques - Collectibles - Valuables - Vintage Items & More! South Indy - All Bids Start @ $1

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Indianapolis, IN 46217
May 27 thru May 31
12am (Mon)
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Our Testimonials

Well done! (after finishing Scott's estate sale at his $20MM dollar, 27,000 square foot home)Scott Jones (Inventor of Voicemail)September 2017
After interviewing several estate sale companies, I selected Aether. I highly recommend their services. They not only fulfilled their promises, but went above and beyond my expectations. In what seemed an impossible task they labeled, sold or donated a 35 year accumulation of over 3000 items in a 5500 square foot home in 3 days. They were courteous, comforting and capable. Thank you for a job well done.Sue Landau
One of the best sale experiences my wife and I have had at an estate sale! Excellent job. Can’t wait to shop with your team again.Anonymous Shopper
My experience with Aether Estate Sales company was VERY profitable. I was in a bind and I needed to liquidate a 46 year old estate that I had emotional attachment to, quickly! The Aether Estate Sale reps swiftly priced everything accurately and even found items that were valued at much more then I imagined. The sale went off without any problems. Within 2 days I was given my share of the sale, which was more than I ever thought. The staff was reliable, punctual, hard working, good negotiators, organized, professional, and made a difficult time in my life very easy.Lee Block
Lee and his team from Aether Estate Sales Co. were very responsive from my initial call to them. We were relocating from our large Greenwood home to a smaller residence in Southern California. Lee met with my wife and identified which items we wished to sell. We wanted to sell a substantial amount of furniture, household items, tools, lawn and garden equipment, etc. Lee's team then inventoried the items to be sold and applied barcode tags to them along with pricing. They then moved everything that was not going to be sold to rooms that were off limits. I was amazed on the day of the sale. The sale was scheduled to begin at 8:00am, but there were many people lined up waiting to get into our home. The sale lasted for two days and was a tremendous success. As a comparison, when we moved into this house, we had a completely full moving van as well as a 28 ft U-Haul truck that was also full. When we moved out, we barely filled 1/3 of the moving van with just the items that we wanted to keep. The sale ended late Saturday afternoon. Someone even bought the trash can from our kitchen. You name it, somebody bought it. Lee and his team worked very hard to clear out rooms that were almost empty and consolidate to other locations. As the rooms were emptied, Lee would then vacumn the floors that were clear. After the sale was completed, I received a check for the proceeds a few days later. There were a few items that did not sell, however those were loaded up and taken to a consignment shop. Once they do sell there, Aether will send me a monthly check until everything is gone. I did not have to lift a finger from start to finish. Aether did it all. This is just what the doctor ordered and at a very fair price. I highly recommend Aether Estate Sales Co.Dan MicklosNovember 2014
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