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 Ages Ago Antiques by Monzón LLC DBA Ages Ago Estate Sales and Home Renovations  is a full service, licensed, bonded and insured, estate and personal property liquidator. Not just insured but bonded to handle your money. Ages Ago handles items from Junktiques to Antiques. With over 40+ years of practical experience on staff, Ages Ago provides services ranging from consulting to full estate liquidation management.  Ages Ago is fully capable of handling on-site or off-site liquidations. With an on-line presence at and a store front location on Magazine Street, Ages Ago can maximize your return on your personal property or inheritance. With the ability to continue a sale past the on-site estate liquidation, Ages Ago does not have to cut prices on your most valuable pieces the last day of the sale. Under the same agreement, Ages Ago can relocate the higher dollar items to Ages Ago’s Shop or can continue marketing these items on web sites such as eBay, where we have over 4500 eBay Transactions to date! Need help with Foreclosure Liquidation / Estate Cleanout? Ages Ago has a large labor pool to support Cleanouts, Relocation Sales, or Quick Sales. The following services are included with Estate Liquidations:  Ages Ago will provide tables and displays to help professionally stage and market your items during the sale. This allows the furniture on sale not to be cluttered and optimizes viewing by customers.  All Ages Ago Sales Employees have uniforms with name tags.  All items are tracked via a cash register ledger. Items over $500 are also tracked individually. Dollar amount of items to be tracked individually can be specified by client.  For safety reasons, Ages Ago uses a numbering system to limit the number of people within the location.    Ages Ago optimizes traffic flow through the sale to maximize profit and safety. Following are some of the questions that we will ask during our Free Initial Assessment:  How involved do you want to be during the liquidation? Some companies do not allow you to be on the premises during pricing or during the sale. Ages Ago does not have anything to hide. You are welcome to be as much a part of the liquidation as you would like.  What are your expectations of the liquidation? Ages Ago is fully capable of providing single day liquidations to several weekend sales for larger on site projects. With over 9 employees on payroll, Ages Ago is fully capable of handling larger projects.  Would you like Ages Ago to Sell and Market some of your items on the internet?  Sometimes the person that will pay the highest amount for your item might not make it to the sale. Often times, marketing items via the internet or at a physical storefront may be a better fit. With an on-line presence at and over 4100 transaction on eBay, Ages Ago is fully capable of selling via the internet. Ages Ago also sells on Amazon, Facebook, and Craig’s List.  Would you like Ages Ago to sell some of your items at other venues? With strategic relationships with Auction Houses and Storefront locations in Magazine Street Antique shops, Ages Ago is fully capable of maximizing exposure of your items.  Would you like to set a reserve price on some of your items? Ages Ago has decades of experience pricing at liquidation price levels, and performs market research and comparisons on your items to accurately price your items to sell during the sale. However, if a reserve price is desired, Ages Ago is more than happy to set a reserve price on individual items.  Are there any charities that you would like to donate your items to after the sale?  Ages Ago can arrange for a donation in the estate or business name if desired.  Note:  In some cases, donations are tax deductible.  Do you need a clean out to curb service? If requested, Ages Ago can remove all remaining items after the sale to the street curb for trash removal. Ages Ago can also alert pickers to free items on the curb via Craig’s List.  Would you like haul away service added to the clean out? Some neighborhoods do not allow “clean out to curb” as a means of disposal. With this service, all items remaining at the end of the sale are hauled away to the local trash depository.   Would you like a uniformed Security Guard service? Ages Ago has a security guard available if requested.  Do you need maid or detailed cleaning services? Due to time constraints, some properties go immediately to the Real Estate Market. If requested, Ages Ago can arrange for a detailed cleaning service. Ages Ago has one on call.   If you have any additional questions not covered above, please feel free to contact me by cell phone at 504-430-0909 or by e-mail at  Sales Commissions:  Ages Ago asks for no money upfront. Ages Ago’s commissions on sales are based on three factors:  Quality of Items being sold, Quantity of Items being sold, and Quantity of Services desired. When you hire Ages Ago, you will have a Professional Dealer working for you that will MAXIMIZE your return on your inheritance and / or investment. With a business office located at 74 First Street in Gretna, LA, we will set up a Free Appointment to service your liquidation needs by the piece, by the house full, or by the business.      

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