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We are the premier estate sale company in Maryland. We have been in constant business since 1975 and our motto is simple:

Take care of your clients and they, in turn, will ensure your future success. Our specialty, is individualized service for better quality estates. Unlike other companies, we are selective of our clients to ensure we can make them the maximum profit whether it be via an estate sale or by auction if the value of the estate does not merit the service of an estate sale.

Our specialty is to come into your home and transform it into a high end gift store by organizing, researching all items, staging and then pricing all items with string tags and custom price labels. We bring in tables with full length matching table cloths and a full cashier stand with custom showcases with locks to protect your valuables. We do not slap painters tape on your items as 99% of the "other" companies do, which makes it look like a cheap inside yard sale. Higher end staging translates into much higher profits for the owner due to our extensive 40+ years of knowledge in all items of value. Our team is composed of a highly talented and thoroughly trained team with backgrounds in every aspect of business, such as: CPA, Attorney, Accountant, Contracting Expert, Retail store owner, Real Estate Experts, Licensed School Teachers, and many other reputable fields. How many other companies have these credentials?  The owner of this business performs estate sales as a full time business and takes it very seriously. Our caring clearly shows in every aspect of our commitment to you.

We are Graduate Gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America and are professional researchers and appraisers of all real property as well as automobiles, jewelry, boats, exotic cars, coins, valuable artwork, and antiques of every kind!

It'll be sunny (we hope)! Temp 2227.

Our Testimonials


I cannot thank you enough for your services after the passing of my mom, you were very professional, great to deal with and you and your team including Shannon were fantastic! We had 6 weeks from the day we met to take care of an entire house of furniture and personal belongings and you and your team got it done! Thank you so much for everything!
Ronnie Logue, Annapolis, MDFebruary 2021
You and your team were outstanding. You left the house in excellent condition. People that came to the sale were very impressed with how everything was staged. We are shocked by how much sold. Great work and effort by all. I am certain you will get additional business from our sale.Jill & Chuck WadsworthOctober 2020
"I consider finding Duke and his family of employees, as no less than a miracle!
I was given the task of emptying my dad and step mothers house, which was packed full of each ones entire life!
The amount of items was overwhelming!
Duke swept into my life and promised me peace of mind, and he and his crew delivered!
They spent an ENORMOUS amount of work pricing, staging and highlighting EVERTHING to it's utmost potential. They brought in their own display cases and lighting and provided a warm and bright shopping experience.
They were amazingly professional and efficient and because of all they did, 80 to 85 % of the contents sold!
I doubt if there are few other companies that are on the level that he and his crew are!
I can't stress enough to anyone that finds themselves in the emotionally painful and overwhelming position to have to empty a house quickly, that they need to call Duke.
Satisfied is not a strong enough word for my experience.
Thank you to you Duke and your family and workers.
And P.S. Your daughter is a chip off the old block! She was adorable!"
Leslie StancilMarch 2020
To: Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland

Thank you Duke!! You and your team did a fantastic job!! Many people commented that your team was extremely friendly and helpful. You and your team were extremely nice to me as I strolled through the rooms. It was very comforting seeing the items go to good homes.

Love your daughter!! I will highly recommend Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland for getting the job done in a professional and respectful manner!
Lynne CollmanFebruary 2020
My husband and I hired Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland to conduct an estate sale for our 8,500 sq.ft. home and we were a bit nervous as we never had an estate sale previously, but a good friend recommended Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland and we can attest to the incredible quality of their staff as well as they almost doubled the lowest estimate they provided us with beforehand! The staff was so well organized and extremely professional that we were very relieved of our anxiety. The whole process put us at ease and there was absolutely no damage to our grass or our home, yet they sold in just 2 days approximately 90% of all items which were for sale. We wholeheartedly recommend Exclusive Estate Sales of Maryland to anyone needing a high end estate sale.John and Tracy ParkersonDecember 2019
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