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Diane Smith, AEL

Credentials: Certificate from Harvard University in the evaluation of "Tangible Things"

Accredited Estate Liquidator, AEL

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Diane Smith, AEL -Accredited Member of The American Society of Estate Liquidators & The Appraisers Association of America.USPAP Certified (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisers Practice)Candidate, Certified Member of the Appraisers Association of AmericaAppraisal Certified for All Types of Personal Property: Market Value vs. Fair Market Value; Equitable Distribution; Replacement Value; Donation Values Diane provides 30 years of connoisseurship and the highest standards in rendered to our customer and clients.  A vetted research using comparables for each item or work is delivered to attain fair prices on fine antiques, furniture, works of art, collectibles, coins and jewelry.  *Member of The American Society of Estate Liquidators* Appraisals are also available. USPAP (UNIFORM STANDARDS OF PROFESSIONAL APPRAISAL PRACTICE) COMPLIANT* USPAP Certificate updated 10/24/2017 and 10/12/2019.Diane Smith is the Owner and Operator of Diane Smith Estate Sales & Consignments, est. 1991.  Diane opened her first antique & consignment shop in Mendham in 1991, “Diane Smith Quality Consignments & Estate Sales, Inc”. Diane has been also conducting Estate Sales since 1991 in the Mendham, Bernardsville areas including other areas of Northern New Jersey.Diane's business is featured on Angie's List and she will provide excellent references from prior clients. With her success, she opened additional retail locations in Bernardsville, Chester and Lambertville, NJ.  Her love of beautiful and artistic objects of art inspired her to study antiques; artwork; jewelry, coins, and ephemera collections.  Diane was taught by many prominent Appraisers and Associate Members of the Appraisers  Association of America and by attending the many classes offered by them.  Diane provides a multitude of services to accommodate your needs.  We work with our clients and respect all of their input and requests. Our goal is to fulfill your needs.Please see her website for detailed information:  www.DianeSmithEstateSales.ComDIANE IS A MEMBER OF THE *AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ESTATE LIQUIDATORS; also a Member of:  Antiques & Collectibles National Association; NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers, and a Candidate Certified Member of the Appraisers Association of America, and is USPAP Compliant.

Our Testimonials

When we found out our closing date, we didn't have much time and needed to sell stuff quickly without sacrificing value. Our realtor recommended Diane Smith along with two other estate sale companies. I contacted all three and found that their commission percentages of 25% were identical. Diane was selected because she had the approach and personality that would work best for us. Even so, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning because we had such a variety of goods ranging from a pool table and Sole exercise treadmill to a lovely dining room set with 10 Chippendale chairs and an imported crystal chandelier. It was also around Labor Day when people were on vacation, however, Diane explained that she had a large following of interested buyers who watch her website, and that proved to be true. She advertised in the local paper as well.
Diane researched the market value of EVERYTHING: our artwork, oriental rugs, sports memorabilia, clocks, and more.
There wasn't anything she felt she couldn't sell, and while she took complete charge of all the appointments and conversations with the customers, she also kept us informed and asked questions every step of the way with the prices and negotiations. Diane has a gentle manner and integrity, so when she is describing an item, people listen to her knowing they are not being scammed by an aggressive sales person.
Customers with scheduled appointments arrived at different hours of the day and evening, and Diane was always at our house to meet them. She kept us posted on the schedule via texts and phone calls. Diane is very good with logistics and knows what it takes to transport valuable or bulky items. Someone who bought the pool table, needed a mover to disassemble and transport it, so Diane arranged for that. With the crystal chandelier, she knew exactly what should be done to avoid breakage, and my electricians took it down (I paid for that because we were either going to sell it or take it with us), but the buyer paid to take it to her house and install it there. All in all, we were exceptionally pleased with her work and felt fortunate to have her managing our moving sale during a frenzied time. My husband and I would recommend her in a heart beat.
Description of work:
Diane Smith responded immediately to my call, came over promptly to look at our furniture, discussed how we should proceed with our moving sale, made excellent recommendations, took photos of our items for her website, researched the value of our goods, set prices after conferring with us, scheduled appointments with buyers, sold everything we needed her to sell, and was extremely professional, a pleasure to work with, and knowledgeable about the market.
A. PounderAugust 2014
She has made me a lot of money and still has another sale to do, I am very happy with her.
H MasonAugust 2016
I am in the process of moving, and she has been in the middle of helping me remove the things in my house, her specialty is Estate Sales, she looks at the stuff and finds out where to get the most money out of it whether it is an auction, or sale. Very nice lady.
Category: Auction Services
H MasonSeptember 2017
Diane took all the materials for sale and either auctioned them or took them to local providers to sell. She then brought me back about 12,000 after all was said and done. This is after her 30% . She does have a minimum but I don't remember what the minimum payout was at this time. She is very knowledgeable and professional.C MasonJuly 2017
Angies ListJanuary 2018
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