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My name is Susan Russell. I am a local Las Vegas company and my family has conducted liquidations in Southern Nevada for over 50 years. I am not affiliated with the group that had the name of Premiere Auctions years ago, or the California Company that conducts business in Las Vegas. My auction license is a regulated and privileged license, and takes 8 months to a year for a properly vetted company to receive due to the complete background check completed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. I have been a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Las Vegas for over 24 years. I am a Certified Personal Property Appraiser through CAGA, and I hold a Merchandise Broker Business License as well as an Estate Consultant License.  

I met Sally four years ago, when I contacted eBay and asked them to put me in contact with someone in Las Vegas that could help me.  eBay referred me to Sally as a “Certified eBay Expert”.  Sally is a teacher by profession. Having the opportunity to live, work, and travel overseas for 30 years has given her firsthand experience in dealing with antiques and collectibles. She has lived in the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia and advanced from teacher to export-import dealer. Sally is one of two American Women who had their own retail business in Singapore in the 1990s.  Upon her return to the USA, she settled in Florida, and started selling on eBay and teaching others how to sell on eBay.  She also sold on consignment and operated an Estate Sales company.  Sally's specialty is research and appraisals. Sally is a collector of ethnic jewelry and Chinese snuff bottles. 

When seeking any estate liquidation company, please ask to see their business license to conduct Estate Sales or Personal Property Brokerage in your jurisdiction.  We must have a business license in each jurisdiction (the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, City of North Las Vegas, Henderson or Boulder City). Also, ask for proof of insurance and bonds. Ask them about their experience, and ask for 5 references of happy clients.  

It'll be sunny (we hope)! Temp 2238.

Make sure the company you select spends the time researching your items, and prices each item!  Whether you hire me or not, I want to talk to you and tell you what to ask and what to look for so you do not get hurt by a few of the companies that do not have the same standards the PROFESSIONAL Estate Sales Companies in Las Vegas adhere to.  

You want someone that works full time in personal property valuation or sales, not a friend or Real Estate Agent that wants to help, but does not know what the property is worth.  You want someone that has a Tax ID and collects Nevada Sales Tax. Ask to see their Tax ID. "Cash Only" is a red flag.  

You want someone that knows the difference between Libbey Glass, and Val Saint Lambert, and the difference between a print, and a limited edition.  You want someone with contacts they reach out to for help with specialty pieces.  You want to hire a company that knows what they are selling, and does not sell a $4,000.00 piece of art for $100.00. 

Look for a professional and well thought out contract.  Is it only two paragraphs, and copied so many times you can barely read through the copy marks on it?  That is not a professional company.  And don't be afraid to hand write changes on the contract. For example:  Seller retains full rights and possession on any and all items discovered by Estate Sales Company, that were not previously known to exist by Seller. This way, if they find jewelry that you did not know was hidden, they cannot tell you it is theirs to sell and you owe them a commission, and make you purchase it back!  It happens, and those companies are not professional.

Estate Sales Companies are not licensed to clean houses.  When they offer this service, ask to see the business license and insurance of the people that do the actual cleaning.  And whatever you do, do not let the Estate Sale Company, or cleaning company take the merchandise at the end of your sale!  Make sure the small stuff gets to the Salvation Army (Raymond 801-759-2917) and the large stuff gets to auction.  A respectable Estate Sale Company will assist you with all of this.  We often see "leftovers" at future sales of some of these companies!  

Ask for an inventory of sold items.  Make sure the sold items and the unsold items are accounted for.  If you have a home of valuables, I recommend that you call Dan Watson for an appraisal before the sale.  

Do not pay a large fee upfront.  A nominal fee is okay, but why would you pay the company upfront?  They need to work at selling your property and share in the sale so they will work hard.  

Look for someone with experience, and do not be afraid to call three or more companies to interview! Your assets are too valuable to leave in the hands of someone that is not properly licensed or insured, or a novice. 

As a licensed auctioneer, I will tell you that I make 5 times more for my clients conducting a traditional tagged Estate Sale than an auction, and I do not group things together or sell your kitchen items packed together in a 18" x 18" x 18" box for $5.00 "just to blow it out".  I work much harder for my clients!  I may send items to auction at the end of the sale, but I try really hard to sell them at the sale!  This is why my sales last a long time.  

I am a 25 year + licensed Real Estate Broker-Salesperson, and my license currently hangs with Urban Nest Realty.  The owners of my brokerage are both the President of the National Association of Realtors, and the President of the local Association of Realtors.  The Code of Ethics for Realtors is higher than anything you will see in Personal Property Sales, and I follow that Code of Ethics when conducting Estate Sales. 

Please contact me for a FREE CONSULTATION.  If I cannot help you, I will refer you to a trusted Estate Sales Company. The last thing the PROFESSIONAL Estate Sale Companies want is for any seller to have a bad experience.  Stick with the professionals!



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Premiere Auctions and Estate Sales is a full-service real estate, auction and liquidation company.

Our team has over 35 years experience in the sale and auction of all classes of real property. This includes residential, retail, office, and industrial property; multiple-tenant buildings; business opportunities; and land sales and water rights.

Premiere Auctions and Estate Sales maintains the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Each appraiser is a member of the prestigious Certified Appraisers Guild of America and is certified in the uniform standards of personal property appraisal practice and appraisal report writing, ensuring that our clients receive a fair, well-documented appraisal. Furthermore, our staff adheres to the Certified Appraisers Guild's Code of Professional Ethics and to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP

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Our Testimonials

Thank you so much for taking the "Leap of Faith" and trusting us to send you the balance for the items. Loyal Customers forever. Dan and KellyDan and KellyMarch 2016
I have never seen anyone work harder than Susan and Sally. They stayed in my home for 7 months to liquidate a massive amount of high end art and antiques, maximizing my profit from the liquidation. I could not have hired a better company that would look out for my best interest! Thank you Susan and Sally!Richard K.August 2015
Susan prepared a personal property appraisal for me, and I was very pleased. The appraisal had photos of every item, which was very important when I was challenged on the items. Susan's appraisal saved me in court! Mary Jane R.January 2015
Susan added a unique twist to a Las Vegas Estate Sale. She took the most expensive items in my home to Beverly Hills, California to have auctioned through the high end international auction houses. She explained to me that Las Vegas might not be the best place to sell a $40,000.00 painting, or an $80,000.00 Chiparus Statue. She made four trips to LA on my behalf, and I made more money than I could have dreamed of. Susan absolutely went above and beyond what I believe any of her competition would have done, and I see why the trust department of my bank referred me to her. I could not be more pleased with this professional, and always bubbly sales person. Thank you Susan!James F.June 2013
I did not think I could get a company to come in to my mother's home. The home was a mess from birds and dogs. Susan took care of everything for me from having a cleaning company come in before the sale to straighten up the house, the spending two months selling the "old" items in the house. People were flying in from all parts of California to purchase my mother's old clothes! I really wish I would have listened to her, and not thrown anything out! I highly recommend Premiere Auctions and Estate Sales!John N.May 2013
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