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Wondering Where To Begin?  Feeling Overwhelmed?

: Complete House Liquidation

:Tag/Estate Sales

:Entire Clean-out Service

:Moving/Packing Services

:Storage Facility Family Owned

If you are planning on Downsizing and/or need to Liquidate the entire contents of a home Sisters In Charge will show you where to begin!
Ours Services Include:
~Supply all equipment & personnel necessary to conduct sale i.e. tables, display cases, clothes racks etc.
~Price your items according to fair current market value.
~We offer a general research service to help you evaluate your treasured items.
~Supply all personnel necessary to conduct your sale. Beautifully displaying all your items in their categories.
~Advertise and promote your sale on SIC Web Site, SIC Mailing list, Newsday, Newsday on-line, and EIGHTEEN other Tag Sale related sites.
~Display brightly colored yellow signs throughout your local area directing traffic to your sale. Discard all signs after sale.
~Managing and conducting the sale from beginning to end.

~ We use Only A Cash Register to Collect all Funds

~ We supply You With and Itemized List of All Sales Sold
~Cleaning up thoroughly after your sale. We will ensure your Home is Cleaned out and ready for Closing!!
~We Offer a Complete Moving Service to your New Location.
~We will Move your families items into any Assisted Care Facility,etc. to ensure a smooth transition.

~ We Offer Private Storage Of You Needs In Hauppauge, Ny 11788

How is the Monies Collected?

We have the cash register at the entrance/exit of the home. We supply an itemized list of all sold items. We do accept credit cards. You would only be getting cash at the end of your sale. If you are out of the area and cannot be there for the sale we will mail you an itemized list of the proceeds and sales with a money order/check.

Should We get rid of things that we know are of no value, such as old postcards, magazines, newspapers or cleaning supplies, furniture, clothing etc.?

No! This is the biggest mistake people make when preparing to conduct a sale. Many people would consider certain items "junk", but that junk may be a diamond in the rough, or a treasure to a collector. Let us take care of the separating for you. This is part of our service. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY!!

We have 100 baby food jars full of old bolts and screws. Should we keep these?

Absolutely! Each jar could be sold for $1.00 a piece. $1.00 x 100 jars = $100.00... get the picture?

Is it ok for us to take all the old clothes, towels, linens and sheets to goodwill?

Everything sells. While it is common practice and charitable, these items are completely sell-able at the estate, moving & tag sales. Please refrain from discarding or donating these items prior to the sale.

Where do we begin?

Once you contact Sisters In Charge Tag Sales, we will meet with you at your convince to evaluate your items to determine the type of sale that best fits your needs. We can setup a specific time to come out and meet you or your representative at the location. Free Of Charge!!!

What happens at the first meeting?

Once on site, we can assess and determine the contents of a sale. What this means is we will determine whether or not there are enough items in the residence and what the sale ability of the merchandise is. This will allow us to then make a decision as to whether or not you should have an estate sale , moving sale or if you should use our alternative services to liquidate the contents of the home.

What is the fee for coming to the house and assessing it for an estate sale?

Our consultation and meeting with you is "free", of charge. If we determine a sale is not warranted, we will recommend other alternatives and provide you guidance on who to contact. We would not recommend anyone we would not allow in our own home.

Family members and myself would like to have some of the contents in the house. How should we handle this?

We ask that you or family members try know of the items that you would like to keep prior to us coming out to assess the sale items. This will allow us to conduct a thorough assessment of what the sale can bring. Also, we ask that you remove any personal paperwork from the residence, such as birth certificates, social security cards, drivers license, passports, military documents, bank statements, pay stubs, medical bills, etc. Anything we may find that you may have missed we will put in a secure place for you. Even loose change!!

There are some items that we want to keep, but do not want to remove them from the house. How is this handled?

Any items that you would like to keep that will remain in the house will be moved and secured in a certain room or area of the house and marked as not for sale. We place Caution Tape with Do Not Enter Signs on any rooms that are off limits.

Do I need to rent tables, display cabinets or clothes racks?

No, we will bring in tables, display cases and clothing racks, book cases, etc. to display merchandise.

If the executor lives out of state, can we still have an estate sale and how?

Yes! We handle everything through email, faxing and registered mail. Very easy process! If you're working with a local realtor or with a lawyer, we can go through them as well.

What other services do you offer?

We have a great reputation with many real estate agents, home appraisers, certified jewelry appraisers, and estate lawyers. We can recommend and put you in touch with all of the above. We also have several liquidators that we can put you in touch with that can buy the left over merchandise for a bulk price.

We Also are a Full Service Licensed Moving Company.  Packing Etc. If You Need Items Moved To Your New Location, assisted living, etc.

We Offer a Entire House Clean-Out Service. We will have your home spotless ready for closing!

Sisters In Charge is a family owned business. Our experience and services are based on quality research, connoisseurship and knowledge of the marketplace.

We have helped many people who are too emotionally attached and do not have the time to start separating unwanted possessions and turn them into money. Sisters In Charge will assist their clients in evaluating their needs. They help you through all of the obstacles of separating unwanted items from wanted items.

So many of us have years and years of accumulation in our own and our extended families houses. It may be too overwhelming to go through. Whether it is another family member's belongings, or time for a big move or just cleaning out of unwanted items, we can help!

Sooner or later, we all have to discard our own or a family member's possessions and may be unable to find the time to do so with our busy schedules. You may feel too overwhelmed to go at it alone. Let Sisters In Charge show you where to begin and take charge for you.

The Sisters In Charge will offer your their expert guidance in sorting through your years of accumulations. Sisters In Charge will take charge from beginning to the end. Serious consideration and understanding is given to every aspect of your transition with our expert care and handling of all your possessions. Sisters In Charge offers flexiable scheduling to fit your valuable time.

Our experience, knowledge and skills will ensure that your sale will be successful and profitable. We will turn your unwanted items into new found money.

Sisters In Charge will meet with you to view the items you wish to sell and help you to formulate a plan to accomplish your goals and needs.

We never attempt to purchase items from you prior to your sale. We do not privately sell for ourselves on E-bay or any other auction sites

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Our Testimonials

Dear Denise,

Thank you! Cleaning out the house that my recently deceased parents lived in for 50 years (and the house I grew up in) was a daunting task, and one I would never have been able to accomplish without you, Eddie, Tom, Joy and Billy. (I also want to send a shout-out to Kathy in the office who touched base with me regularly for scheduling and made sure I stayed on-task to get the necessary permit.) You all made an extremely emotional and difficult experience so much easier to handle. From the first few moments of the set-up process, you took charge in a respectful and compassionate way and worked tirelessly for three days to get a gargantuan task done. I could not have been more impressed by your professionalism; but I was also so grateful for your understanding and caring manner, right down to making sure I did not have to stay alone in the house as everyone left. By the end of the process, I truly felt like you all had become part of my extended family! I whole-heartedly and without reservation recommend you to anyone who needs help with an estate sale.
Happy In Garden CitySeptember 2022
Thank you so much for helping us with our recent move from Plainview to Florida and running our tag sale. Can’t say enough about how professional you are and how easy you made it for us . I highly recommend your services to anyone in need of help with a tag sale etc.Happy In PlainviewAugust 2021
Bless you Denise, for lifting the guilt of carrying the 'family heritage' and setting me free. I never could have downsized my Babylon stained glass etc. Thanks to you and your crew.Laurie Lincoln December 2019
August 29, 2017

Dear Denise

I don’t know where to even begin to express my gratitude to you and to your outstanding staff at Sisters In Charge!
Before you stepped foot into my home of 25 years, I was walking around in circles trying to figure out where to begin sorting through my belongings. To say I was dreading the entire process is a massive understatement.
Your instructions after we discussed the logistics immediately set my mind at ease. “Open a drawer, remove what you want and then just close the drawer. Same thing in the closets, leave everything where it is. Just take out the things you want. We will handle the rest.” I followed your instructions, admittedly, with a bit of skepticism. When I was finished, the entire house was in a complete state of disarray, until....
You arrived with your staff on “set up” day and I simply could not believe how they transformed the mess I left you. The level of professionalism was above and beyond my wildest expectations. I watched as your staff of five people set off in different directions, each of them following the instructions you dispensed with such efficiency, I felt my stress melting away by the second.
I walked through the house, room by room, guided by one of them, to confirm what would be staying. They treated my belongings like treasures, double and triple checking with me if they came across something that looked like it might have been something I missed when I was packing the items I would be keeping.
I was in and out the entire day they were setting up for the sale. In between running errands, I was back at the house to finish boxing up the last of my things. When I returned for the last time on “set up” day, I could not believe what they managed to accomplish despite the chaos they walked in to early that morning. Every room was organized, all items clearly marked and despite the massive number of items being sold in addition to the furniture, there was no clutter! Even the outdoor items were neatly lined up away from the pool, forming a makeshift path to exit the yard using just one of the gates to ensure no one was near the pool.
The day of the sale, I unexpectedly found myself traveling to California for a funeral. I let you know the day before when I made my arrangements and thankfully, I had already given you a key to lock up on set up day. The sale went beautifully. One of my friends told her neighbors and they were at the sale. She was told, “I never saw anything like it! There was a line at the door, they were very organized only letting in a few people at the time. They have a tremendous following!” Based upon the end result, I have to agree! I received a very generous price for the items that were sold.
When I returned from California, I went back to the house to see what was unsold to decide if there was anything I might want to consider keeping. I already had a price from your office to finish the clean out. This add on service from Relocaters proved to be invaluable to me. There were small items and some larger pieces of furniture. I think I picked up three small items to put with the things I would be taking and your team returned a day later to clear out everything for the new owner. When I went into the house to collect the things I would be taking from one area in the garage that you had taped off, the house was immaculate, dozens of bags of trash were removed and the house was ready for the new owners! Every closet, every drawer, every cabinet was empty. The floors were swept. In short, I didn’t have to do a thing except pick up the donation receipt for everything that was brought to Big Brothers Big Sisters!
It was an absolute delight to work with you and with your staff. Every single person was pleasant and cheerful and most importantly, respectful of my home throughout the entire process from set up to sale to clean up.
Despite that bit of wondering….. what would I still have to do when you told me “just take what you want and we will take care of the rest” you did exactly what you promised. Basically, you did EVERYTHING and I could not be happier!!Being tasked to clean out the house as a newly single woman, while also being responsible for the safekeeping of decades of personal items belonging to my entire family was daunting.
That was.....until you came along and did it all for me. I am forever grateful to you for carrying me through a very difficult situation, and literally, handling every aspect of getting my house ready for the new owners.
I have not stopped singing your praises to anyone and everyone who asks how everything went with the sale of my house. Your services are fabulous, your staff is outstanding and you, Denise, are an absolute life saver. Thank you SO very much!
With deepest gratitude,
AnneMarie Ciccarella
Glen Head
AnneMarie Ciccarella August 2017
Sisters in Charge did an excellent job coordinating and executing my mother's tag sale. Denise and her crew are professional, courteous, honest and extremely helpful. I would absolutely recommend them and would definitely use them again in the future.Vee FawninAugust 2017
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