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Theo & Joe Lovell started conducting estate sales and appraisals over 35 years ago and now, Lori & I are continuing on the tradition started by my grandfather more than 60 years ago in Gloucester, Massachusetts, when he converted his garage into an antique shop and began selling fine furniture to the public. Theo is still active in the business, but Lori & I are now taking on most of the responsibility for setting up and conducting the estate sales. Joe has always been there to greet you as you enter and leave and I hope I can give the same respect and warm welcome. We have been helping out over the years learning some of moms wisdom and knowledge – (nobody knows antiques & collectibles better than her) and we are excited and proud to continue the legacy. We will try to make every sale as fair and attractive and enjoyable as they have always been for the last several decades. You will continue to see Mary and Kathy along with some new faces like  Bob, Josh, Maggie, Anne, Lee, Dodie, Terry, & Tim and the familiar Salt Box Estate Sale signs will continue to lead the way to the sale.

Imagine this scenario. A loved one dies and the son /daughter lives out of state. They fly home to take care of funeral arrangements, but they also have to deal with what was left behind…. A home full of memories and things collected over a lifetime. It’s a daunting, time consuming, and overwhelming process. Enter Salt Box Estate Sales. We will go into the house and transform your home into a store. We bring in tables, shelves, jewelry boxes, lighting and display racks. Don’t throw out anything. We will sort through everything, emptying attics, organizing, & researching items, & price items according to the highest market prices the capital region market will dictate. We will provide the interior & outdoor signage, special lighting, numbers, appointments, and security (if necessary). If certain items would be better sold on line at eBay or sent to auction or private dealers, we can provide those services also. We can also sell cars, boats, tractors (for a much smaller commission) and have even been known to have a buyer come through who wants to purchase your house. We will advertise the estate sale on the internet, (showing photographs and item descriptions) craigslist, newspaper, facebook, and our vast email  list of customers, to make sure that antique dealers, rare book dealers, collectors of all types, and the public are all well informed of the upcoming sale. (we have a vast network of dealers and buyers that regularly attend most of our sales) We conduct the sale for 1 or 2 or 3 days (depending on size of the estate) and can provide delivery of purchased items for a small fee. When the sale is over, we provide detailed receipt of each transaction so you know what items are sold for, and we will take care of what is left, moving items to a future sale, or to auction, or wholesale items to flea market vendors, or to be sold on consignment from our web site, or donation to charitable organizations. We will work with you to make sure your house is clean and as empty as you want it to be.

Many estate sales also come from people downsizing, moving into retirement communities or assisted living, or out of state. We provide the same services for these people too. We usually require that a person be moved out of the house prior to our staff coming in, because we typically use every part of the house to conduct the sale. You and your family can remove all of the items you want prior to the sale. Most sales require 1-2 week’s duration to set-up, tag, appraise items, and advertise the sale. We usually require that items in a house be valued in excess of $8,000 to conduct a sale. (but not always) There is no cash up front. Our fees are typically between 25% - 45% for most of the sales (a little more for estates with less than $5,000 in total sales) and we will provide you with a detailed contract agreement prior to the sale.

We are a licensed NYS vendor and are required to charge NYS sales tax on all purchases (unless you are a dealer buying for resale and you have completed a Resale Certificate ST-120.

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Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to set up a meeting to further discuss a strategy of how we can assist you and best conduct a sale of the items that you have in your home. We also invite you to visit any one of our current estate sales to meet with us & our staff and see for yourself how we set things up. References from prior sales are always available upon request.

Paul & Lori Lovell 

Niskayuna, NY 12309
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