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Kept House provides services for those who may have lost a loved one recently, or are relocating an aging parent in order to downsize, or are thinking about moving them into a long-term care facility. Greg Pipkins and Jamie McKnight have started a full-service estate sale company that helps folks who are dealing with a life transition. Very often members of our community have filled our homes with a lifetime's worth of collectibles, and many times our children don't know it's value, nor what to do with it. The Kept House Estate Sale Company understands this problem well and is helping members of our community in this exact situation. They will create a digital inventory of the items in the home including photography, brief description, and estimated market value; they then sell those items via estate sale, auction or otherwise; donate the unsold items to charitable organizations; and then clear the home post-sale to prepare it for whatever your next steps are. They are also able to connect you with the proper realtors to sell your home if you wish. The company is called "The Kept House Estate Sales Company" and you can find them online at:


Valuation & Inventory

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Kept House is fortunate to have access to a network of industry insight, including local experts, both online and offline resources, to arrive at the current market value of estate items and ensure the highest return on the sale.

Estate Sale/Auction

After an inventory of the estate is created, Kept House markets and facilitates an efficient estate sale. Sales are conducted online, in person, or both. Clients receive the proceeds within 15 days after the estate sale. If one or more items are deemed "collectible" and/or have a higher value, we will conduct an auction for those items.

Hauling & Donation

This service includes hauling remaining items and emptying the home in preparation for the sale of the estate property. Kept House is also able to donate to causes, missions, or institutions where available.

Peace of mind lives here.

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Our Testimonials

" Kept House helped my family when my parents passed. They were thorough and thoughtful while dealing with our estate. I recommend using their services to anyone facing a life transition" . Barbara M.January 2022
We are so grateful to Jamie, Greg and their whole team for helping to make this move and transition so smooth. Throughout the process they were extremely professional, patient, courteous, easy to work with and tailored the sales process to meet our needs. They carefully and compassionately inventoried 50+ years and multiple generations of collections and cherished memories and helped us prep for the sale, which they held very efficiently and per our instructions. They were able to sell most of the big stuff! Finally, they managed the clean-out and donations quickly and cost-efficiently. I would definitely recommend them for their professional attention to detail and sensitivity to our needs and time-line. We could not have completed this project without them!!Marianne O'NeilAugust 2022

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