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"I have been absolutely blown away by the professionalism, thoroughness, and integrity of the people at A to Z Estate Sales. They contacted me in my role as Director of Texas Art at Heritage Auctions while working on a local Estate. They has come across a dusty old painting many in their business might have overlooked. However, they did their homework and due diligence by carefully researching the piece. They soon discovered it might be an important Texas painting. They then contacted me regarding the piec, since they knew such an important item should be sold through a major auction rather than an estate sale. They got it to me within hours to ensure it was covered under our insurance ASAP. They then trusted me as far as estimates, reserves, and sale strategy and allowed me to place the estimate I thought would garner the most competition at auction. Ultimately, the painting sold for $400,000+ and, after not having wanted to raise expectations too much got tell their client it sold for thousands over the estimate. Basically, they did everything right as far as finding the best venue for the item. This shows me that they can be trusted to carefully vet everything they sell at and make sure it reaches the proper market. You can't ask anything better than that from an estate company...they really know what they are doing!"  Atlee Phillips, Heritage Auctions Texas Art Director, Dallas TX

A to Z Estate Sales was established in 2013 by Amanda and Zoey both prior military Veterans that served in the United States Air Force as Medics until 2007.  Amanda was born and raised in DFW and after returning from the Air Force she wanted to return home and serve her community.  A to Z Estate Sales conducted traditional in home estate sales throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, the first year they conducted 1 to 2 sales a week and eventually as the years passed they began conducting 3 to 4 estate sales a week.  In 2016, they realized there was a growing need to help clients that were unable to have a traditional in person sale inside their home.  They began receiving several requests from clients who had entire estates in storage units, retirement communities, gated communities or home owner associations that did not allow in person estate sales open to the public.  

Once the need for other options became more prevalent they opened Tyler Grace Auctions of Addison Texas to help those clients that didn't fit into the "estate sale box".  Tyler Grace offered a 9k square foot venue that clients could have their items sold from through their online only platform weekly.  Around 2017 Tyler Grace became aware that they could reach a larger population by conducting their auctions completely online to people all over the world.  The numbers they began receiving for items grew as more people became aware of the opportunity to participate from home while sitting in their favorite comfy chair.  

However as their consignors grew in numbers they began to realize that space at the auction house may be an issue.  In 2018, Amanda and Zoey decided that the same online format may work well for their in-home traditional estate sale clients as well, offering a larger population access to estate sale items that they may have been unable to participate prior due to work constraints or other prior obligations.  This platform allowed them to help more people each week and sell more items all over DFW and all over the world.  A to Z and Tyler Grace began to create a global audience!

In October of 2019 we moved to our new location, its bigger and better and has much more traffic! Come see us at 15166 Marsh Lane Addison!

If you need a sale you have several options to choose from A to Z Estate Sales of North Texas (online and traditional estate sales), Tyler Grace Auctions for offsite sales, and for those outside of the North Dallas area.

It'll be sunny (we hope)! Temp 2230.

Although they have grown exponentially since 2013 they still operate on the core values that the military instilled in them years ago.

  • Integrity First
  • Service before Self
  • Excellence in all we do

We are licensed with the state of Texas and are bonded and insured!

We are also members of the ACNA, Jason Bufford is a certified General Personal Property Appraiser USPAP Compliant, Licensed Professional Auctioneer.

We do sales for a variety of reasons-

  • Loss of a loved one-creating a need to liquidate a home full of contents.
  • Downsizing/Moving
  • Divorce
  • Foreclosure
  • Relocation to a senior facility with minimal space for all belongings
  • Decluttering
  • Inheritance of a collection




Thank you for considering us.....

We look forward to assisting you at whatever stage of the estate liquidation process you are in.

We understand that liquidating an estate can be an emotional and sometimes trying task and our number one goal is to take the stress off of you and your family

Whether you are just at the beginning and curious what steps you need to take or if you are ready to liquidate we can help with all of your needs.  

One of the main questions you will have to ask yourself is which estate sale company do you hire?  

Here are some things to consider...

Is the company friendly? 

This is the number one thing that we hear from our clients about why they didn't hire someone else. The people they vetted were in a lot of instances downright rude.  And if they are rude to the person hiring them, they will probably be rude to customers and therefore they just won't get as much for your estate as someone that is friendly and that has good people skills.

Are they a real company?

This question is important...there are a lot of companies out there that pass themselves off as estate sale companies, but they are not licensed, insured, or bonded. 

We are a legitimate business.  We are licensed, insured, and bonded. This is important because there is a sense of professionalism especially when dealing with customers that translates into more money for our clients.  

Do they have professional signs? 

This might seem trivial at first glance...but a lot of companies make their own signs with markers and posteboard each week which looks very unprofessional and they often don't last an hour in this Texas weather. 

We have professional made signs.  Again this translates to more business, higher end clientele and ultimately more money for you and your family.  

Do they accept credit cards? 

If the answer is no do not give them a second thought because you are leaving money on the table.  We sell so much more for the simple fact we accept credit cards. In this day and age people rarely carry cash on them and if they have to leave to get cash there is a high chance they won't come back.

Gold, Silver, Estate Jewelry

We can also assist with liquidation of gold and silver as well as high end jewelry.  A lot of our competitors have a "guy" that they sell to.  Basically a guy that gives them a set price for gold and silver and then he sells it to a refinery.  We are that "guy".  We have direct refinery resources and we can always get more for gold and silver.  There isn't a middleman with us.  

We have been one of the fastest growing estate sale companies in the DFW area. We have made a good name for ourselves, developed a deep following, we have a strong community presence and a large online base, we provide great estate sales and auctions for our clients and customers as well.  

We want your business and will earn it.  We can provide references if requested.

We truly handle it all from A-Z.

Please call, text or email to schedule an appointment or for more information.
tylergraceauctions@gmail.com or 972-793-3432 (Amanda or her assistant Russell will be happy to assist you!)

Thank you so much.

Jan 12, 2017
Thank you and everyone again for doing such a great job.
Candace , Dallas TX

Jan 12, 2017
Thank you! Mom will be pleased and is thankful! I will be recommending you to friends!

Nov 25, 2016
Amanda, Your team did a great job they are awesome! Thanks again, Pam

Nov 25, 2016
Let me thank you and your team once again for all of the hard work you put into making the estate sale a success!
Stephanie P, Duncanville TX

Nov 25, 2016
Your  staff was AMAZING!! I just dont see how our sale could have been any  better!!! 1000 thanks to you and Jason and everyone involved! I couldnt  imagine it being any better! You guys are amazing. Special kudo to  Cheryl! Thanks a million
Maureen L., Dallas TX

Jun 11, 2016
Dear  Amanda, Sally and I want to thank you, Jason, and your team at A to Z  Estate Sales for the wonderful job you did for us last week.  The Sale  you organized and executed so professionally not only resulted in a  welcome infusion of cash for items we are no longer needed, but relieved  us of a number of things that would have given us more headaches and  things to do at precisely the time we didn't need more things to do.  I  hope that the last move we just completed will be the last move we ever  make, but if we do have to relocate again, you may be sure that you will  be one of the first people we call for help.  Sincerely, George and  Sally R
George and Sally R, Dallas TX

May 3, 2016
We  all were pleased with your results and would do it again with your  team.  Sorry for the mess we left it in as my medical condition isn't  the best.  I and my husband could never have done it without your team  work and family when available.   A-Z is well recommended in our eyes  and people have asked if we would again; a definite yes.  Thank you all,   Jerry, Donna, and Annette
Jerry, Highland Vilalge TX

May 3, 2016
Amanda,  I would wholeheartedly recommend A to Z Estate Sales.  They took care  of everything to prepare for our sale.  Everything was done in an  orderly and timely manner.  Amanda was easy to get a hold of and very  reassuring with any questions.  Cindy N.
Cindy N, Irving TX

May 3, 2016
I  am happy to recommend A to Z Estate Sales to anyod of such s.  Our  experience with them was both expedient and effective from start to  finish!  While our estate content was limited, we were very pleased with  the effort they made to execute the sales event and pleasantly  surprised at the financial results.  if I were in need of such services  again, I would not hesitate to call upon A-Z for a second time!  Dennis  C.
Dennis C., Richardson TX

Apr 29, 2016
Thank you very much Amanda, Jason and Staff.

We  are very pleased with the sale and the very nice condition that the  house was left in.  This is very important since we live over 1,200  miles away in south Florida.  You made things very easy for us  especially in dealing with a two story house.  Our only regret is that  we should have called A to Z Estate Sales immediately, instead of trying  to do it on our own, it would have saved us time, effort and made a lot  more money.  We found that you made a difficult job dealing with the  loss of a loved one and their possessions not only profitable but stress  free!  Sincerely, Janice D.


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Our Testimonials

Thank you and Jason and the crew for all your hard work! We are so delighted with how it all worked out. D. AllenJune 2014
Amanda is the name of the co-owner, she answered my calls. She was easy to work with. They did what they said they would do...no misrepresentations. They followed up. They showed up on time. They did a good job displaying the goods for sale. They seemed honest. Since we sold about 98% of the value put up for sale, they did a good job. I got 10% more than I expected going in. They took a smaller cut than the only other company I talked to, and didn't demand a deposit. I don't have any negatives at all. Good recommendation. D. McphersonApril 2014
"If you want a job done right call on A-Z Estate Sales of North Texas. They know what they are doing and get the job done professionally. Then to top it all off the are really good people to boot. I would use them again in a heartbeat. My hat is off to them as they are truly a great team and they have my respect!" P. AlonsoMarch 2014
The most important thing the provider did was assure me that everything was going to be alright. This was a very emotional sale for my daughter and I. Our family man left his family in the mid of the nite and took the bank along with him. I was blessed enough to have a house full of high end furniture, but it is a leap of faith to choose the RIGHT estate professionals, especially when you are really praying for a great turn out because you really NEED THAT CHECK. And that fine furniture is all you have left. A-Z (Amanda & Jason) were reassuring from the get go, and poor Jason worked all. night. long. ,,, Thursday night AND worked the sale Friday. That is just pure old fashioned work ethic. The system they have to organize is a well oiled machine, taking them a a couple of days. It would have taken me weeks. Bottom line, they know what they are doing. They are incredibly sweet with a comforting bedside manner, but when it comes to WORK, they roll their sleeves UP, and getting out of their way was the best thing you and I could do! They are knowledgeable in so many areas, even pointing to me that something I had believed for 20 years was a designer label, from my friend!!, Jason pointed out immediately small details that disproved the label. Sucked for me but Jason knew his stuff. Amanda is a sweetheart who is just stellar at returning phone calls, answering questions AND working the sale. But she is great about returning calls, and she is also a skilled problem solver. Last but not least, their marketing is superb. If A-Z is doing your sale, people WILL show up. Outstanding marketing.S. StaleyFebruary 2014
"My mom's house was packed full of stuff and we dreaded having to sort through it all ourselves. When would we have the time to do it while taking care of our own young children? What would we do with all the stuff? It seemed like an impossible task! Then, we found A to Z Estate Sales. Amanda and her team went to work on my mom's house and it was amazing how quickly it all came together. They removed items that were trash, sorted items to be sold and separated personal papers and family photos. The estate sale was a huge success and the house is almost completely empty. Aside from dealing with the remaining personal papers and family treasures, the job is done and we are AMAZED. This would have taken us a HUGE amount of time, but they did it for us and we are so grateful! We highly recommend them!"A. NedelcuMarch 2013
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