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Theresa D. Ponzoha

I grew up in a small logging town in Oregon and moved to Austin in the late 70's.  I am the 5th of 7 children and had 'hard work' ethic upbringing.  I retired after teaching for 35 years and I still find myself in the "school house" substitute teaching and volunteering.  But I spend most of my time working and growing my estate sale business.

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My grandmothers and aunts had such beautiful 'keepsakes' in their homes.  As a young girl I would spend hours looking at their trinkets during our visits.  My mother would tell me stories about her family's heirlooms that had been handed down to her.  The heirlooms had notes on the back or bottom with relatives names and the year mom received the gift.  From time to time my mother and I would go 'selling' together.  On occasion my aunt, uncle and dad would join in the fun!  It is because of these strong ties, the time with my family, and stories and keepsakes handed down that I became influenced to start my estate sale company.  There is such a pleasure in hearing my clients' heartfelt family stories while at the same time helping them through a difficult time.  It's always a delight to hear our customers comments regarding items that have triggered memories for them!

It is in the spirit of my loved ones, (loving memories) that I try to share the love and joy with our estate sale community.  People, treasures, stories, and so much more are the fabric of our lives and heritage.  Our company hopes to share all this lifetime richness with you.

I have worked estate sale services for over 25+ years in one capacity or another.  In the past 4 years my estate sale business has begun to take off!  It's all because of you and my staff.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

See You Soon!  Theresa D. Ponzoha

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Our Testimonials

V. Saundra Kirk
2117 Clifton St.
Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 447 1058

Letter of Reference
Supporting: Theresa Ponzoha, Estate Sales Agent

Following my mother's passing in 2013, I engaged Theresa Ponzoha as the estate sale agent to clear our family home in Austin, Texas. Our contract was executed to perfection, and Theresa exceeded all my expectations. Tasks that would have been overwhelming for me (particularly at the time), Theresa accomplished with sensitivity and efficiency.

I highly recommend Theresa Ponzoha as an estate sale service professional. She possesses the array of skills, experience, and temperament necessary to be successful in this field. She is trustworthy and honest beyond reproach. She is an expert at researching and valuing furnishings, home accessories, and clothing. And, because she is efficient and organized, she can create order out of chaos.

Like mine, most estate sales are held after a death in the family. So, it is imperative that the agent in charge of liquidating family property must have people skills. Theresa is sympathetic and kind. In addition to a steady stream of the public, many friends and members of my large extended family attended our three day sales event. Afterwards, I received lots of calls from people who made it a point to tell me how impressed they were with Theresa and her staff. Even while deftly handling the business part of the event, she listened with interest, to stories people told about Mother and their memories of visiting our home. During that sale, Theresa became an extension of our family support system.

Theresa Ponzoha screens her assistants in order to ensure that, while on clients' premises, under her leadership and supervision, they will exercise the same care and integrity that she does.

I feel certain that future clients will be highly satisfied with the experience and performance of the Theresa Ponzoha Estate Sales team.

Best regards,
V. Saundra Kirk
V. Saundra KirkApril 2014
We had the very good fortune to have Theresa Ponzoha handle my mother's estate sale. We did not know what to expect from such an event, but we did know that we had a massive and difficult task ahead of us, and we knew we needed help. Theresa not only came to our aid, she far exceeded our expectations, managing it all, from planning beforehand to clean-up afterwards, with the highest level of professionalism.

She was organized and knowledgeable, sorting through the objects accumulated over a lifetime with care and sensitivity. She and her excellent partner during the sale, Rex O'Neal, a seasoned professional himself, worked diligently and tirelessly to preparer the sale. Everything from largest piece of furniture to the tiniest object was artfully displayed with equal care and respect. Her attention to detail was evident throughout. The glassware was sparkling, the furniture was polished, even the garage looked beautiful! through it all she was calm and cheerful, which we greatly appreciated during that stressful time.

The items were photographed beautifully and the sale was advertised professionally, attracting a high level of interest. The actual estate sale was very well attended, and managed by Theresa and her crew seamlessly.

Not only was Theresa delightful, but everyone with her was as well, helping to make the sale a success. I highly recommend Theresa!
K.FisherJuly 2015
Dear Theresa,
I would like to take this time to thank you for the great customer service I received from you during a time of need. After six long months of my trying to sort out my brother's things it became evident that I was over my head. I was not able to really take the time to grieve due to the unforeseen circumstances of losing my brother.

I took to the internet after realizing that I not able to continue tackling the overwhelming responsibility of cleaning my brother's house and decided to contact you for your assistance.

the first lady that came by said although she couldn't take over, she wanted to see what she would be up against and told me I could probably do it. The 2nd lady gave me her verbal quote and left. Then you visited and looked around, gave me information about yourself and listened to my stressful voice in despair. You provided me w/your flyer with information and sat with me to go over this flyer. I hired you and you provided me with the dates that you would be able with the cleaning and sorting of all my brother's precious things that needed to be cleaned and sold and with the date of the sale. A ton of weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was like someone sent you to rescue me from this endeavor.

The day you began I watched you take4 over like a magnet sorting things and cleaning things that made my brother's home seem more acceptable to the public eye. It was indeed a pleasure see the hardwork being accomplished quickly. It was even a more acceptable feeling that you could be trusted in my brother's home. The surprise came when I saw the sale on the internet with pictures of the advertised in the Estate Sale. My brother would have been so proud because the advertisement looked so professional making my brother's things look beautiful. It is no wonder the were out to the street. What you said, you did with such fines, charm and character it was something to brag about. I will never forget it.

Then came the part of payment to the estate and you were so gracious and the entire cause was exhilarating.

Thank you so much for the hard work you provided to make my brother's estate sale look easy and wonderful to al who attended. You went above and beyond during this time of hardship. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please feel free to use my name as a reference. People needing your service will be delighted.

Minnie Padina
(512) 300-6147
Minnie PadinaNovember 2015
Teresita B. Ramirez
Austin, Texas

To Whom It May Concern:

Not long ago I found myself in need of help selling the estate of a dear friend who passed away. To me, this was a daunting task but Theresa Ponzoha came to my rescue (literally). Not only did I need to sell the contents of the house but also place it on the market.

Once Ms. Ponzoha explained the process of the estate sale, I hired her. She provided me with a schedule of events that included: setting the dates for the estate sale, cleaning and staging the contents of the house, pricing items and having her photographer photograph and advertise the estate sale. I was working at the timed was not involved in the process but checked in occasionally.

The entire experience working with Ms. Ponzoha was positive, and productive. Everything she said she'd do she did it. She is a tireless worker with lots of energy. At the end of the estate sale and "cleanup," she provided me with the "payout" promptly.

I highly recommend Ms. Ponzoha! My recommendation is based on my experience, her integrity and work ethic. Please contact me if you need more information at the e-mail address above.

Teresita B. Ramirez

Teresita B. RamirezFebruary 2016
Re: Theresa Ponzoha Estate Sale Services

To whom it may concern:

Our family engaged Theresa in March 2017 for an estate sale prior to selling our family home. We purchased the home in 1956 so for over 60 years our place was very well-loved, well used, filled with memories and many mementos. Sorting things out and disposing of them seemed an impossible task but Theresa assured us it could be done. We found her to be straightforward, honest, diligent and imaginative.

Everything was cleaned, organized, priced and staged by Theresa and her staff. Theresa researched unusual items to determine a realistic price. She found some treasures among the "junk!" Our family was pleasantly surprised at how nice everything looked right before the sale started. We were no less than amazed at how much sold. I'm absolutely sure it was a worthwhile effort and would hire Theresa again without hesitation.

The Franki Family
by Fredi Franki: (830) 637-7197
Fredi FrankiApril 2017
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