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Theresa D. Ponzoha

I grew up in a small logging town in Oregon and moved to Austin in the late 70's.  I am the 5th of 7 children and had 'hard work' ethic upbringing.  I retired after teaching for 35 years and I still find myself in the "school house" substitute teaching and volunteering.  But I spend most of my time working and growing my estate sale business.

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My grandmothers and aunts had such beautiful 'keepsakes' in their homes.  As a young girl I would spend hours looking at their trinkets during our visits.  My mother would tell me stories about her family's heirlooms that had been handed down to her.  The heirlooms had notes on the back or bottom with relatives names and the year mom received the gift.  From time to time my mother and I would go 'selling' together.  On occasion my aunt, uncle and dad would join in the fun!  It is because of these strong ties, the time with my family, and stories and keepsakes handed down that I became influenced to start my estate sale company.  There is such a pleasure in hearing my clients' heartfelt family stories while at the same time helping them through a difficult time.  It's always a delight to hear our customers comments regarding items that have triggered memories for them!

It is in the spirit of my loved ones, (loving memories) that I try to share the love and joy with our estate sale community.  People, treasures, stories, and so much more are the fabric of our lives and heritage.  Our company hopes to share all this lifetime richness with you.

I have worked estate sale services for over 25+ years in one capacity or another.  In the past 4 years my estate sale business has begun to take off!  It's all because of you and my staff.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

See You Soon!  Theresa D. Ponzoha

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Our Testimonials

5400 Meeker Dr.
Kalama, WA.98625

To whom it may concern,
It is my pleasure to recommend Theresa Ponzoha Estate Sale Services to be your estate sale company.
Theresa and Rex O'Neal provided their services for my mother-in-law in Portland, OR in June of 2006. The estate sale itself had it's own challenges, one being that the family lived in the house where the sale took place. Theresa and Rex were not only quick but very professional in setting up and staging a beautiful estate sale. They provided this service while also being absolutely respectful to our home and personal space. The vast knowledge the two of them shared as well as their ability to stage the home into an amazing and successful sale can not be understated. We could not have been more pleased with the success of the sale and also the manner in which they conducted themselves. From start to finish they were nothing less than professional.
I would highly recommend Theresa Ponzoha to handle all of your estate sale needs and feel confident in her ability to manage your sale with the utmost respect and professionalism.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions with regards to this recommendation.
Kristin VanHornJune 2006
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Theresa D. Ponzoha, who is in partnership with Gordon Rex O'Neal Estate Sales.

I have know Ms. Ponzoha for several years, as she assisted me with an estate sale and estate sale information. I find her to energetic, efficient, hones and highly skilled at her job.

Whomever hires her in the capacity of facilitating an estate sale will have employed a stellar individual. I recommend her highly.

Susie Ford
(541) 409- 8726
Susie FordJune 2008
To Whom It May Concern:
I am pleased to recommend Theresa Ponzoha for her excellent and professional services in estate sales. I have had the pleasure of knowing Theresa for well over 30 years. After my dear friend and neighbor died in 2012, she organized and presided over the family's estate sale, which took place that summer. I watched from across the street as she and Rex O'Neal worked tirelessly for weeks before the sale with inventory, sorting, pricing and washing and cleaning items.

Our neighbor and his wife had lived in their house since the 1930's and there were quantities of goods to be dealt with and a vast array of household and garage items that needed to be sold. I was impressed with Theresa's focus and the very long hours she invested in organizing estate items, both big and small.

Theresa created an online brochure prior to the sale, beautifully showcasing many of the items. The sale itself was well organized and arranged, making it a pleasure to look and shop. For me, it was an honorary celebration of the lives of the friends that I loved.

She was orderly and sensitive to the neighborhood, taking thoughtful steps so that the sale proceeded smoothly. Theresa was kind and caring to the family members involved while maintaining her professionalism for the work needing to be done.

Her proficiency and attention to detail make her excellent for the job of conducting estate sales. Theresa's deep appreciation and honor of the past as well as her respect for the history and significance of the former owner's belongings is a passion and special asset that she brings to her work.

Catherine Kubelka
(512) 441- 9262
Catherine KubelkaJuly 2012
V. Saundra Kirk
2117 Clifton St.
Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 447 1058

Letter of Reference
Supporting: Theresa Ponzoha, Estate Sales Agent

Following my mother's passing in 2013, I engaged Theresa Ponzoha as the estate sale agent to clear our family home in Austin, Texas. Our contract was executed to perfection, and Theresa exceeded all my expectations. Tasks that would have been overwhelming for me (particularly at the time), Theresa accomplished with sensitivity and efficiency.

I highly recommend Theresa Ponzoha as an estate sale service professional. She possesses the array of skills, experience, and temperament necessary to be successful in this field. She is trustworthy and honest beyond reproach. She is an expert at researching and valuing furnishings, home accessories, and clothing. And, because she is efficient and organized, she can create order out of chaos.

Like mine, most estate sales are held after a death in the family. So, it is imperative that the agent in charge of liquidating family property must have people skills. Theresa is sympathetic and kind. In addition to a steady stream of the public, many friends and members of my large extended family attended our three day sales event. Afterwards, I received lots of calls from people who made it a point to tell me how impressed they were with Theresa and her staff. Even while deftly handling the business part of the event, she listened with interest, to stories people told about Mother and their memories of visiting our home. During that sale, Theresa became an extension of our family support system.

Theresa Ponzoha screens her assistants in order to ensure that, while on clients' premises, under her leadership and supervision, they will exercise the same care and integrity that she does.

I feel certain that future clients will be highly satisfied with the experience and performance of the Theresa Ponzoha Estate Sales team.

Best regards,
V. Saundra Kirk
V. Saundra KirkApril 2014
We had the very good fortune to have Theresa Ponzoha handle my mother's estate sale. We did not know what to expect from such an event, but we did know that we had a massive and difficult task ahead of us, and we knew we needed help. Theresa not only came to our aid, she far exceeded our expectations, managing it all, from planning beforehand to clean-up afterwards, with the highest level of professionalism.

She was organized and knowledgeable, sorting through the objects accumulated over a lifetime with care and sensitivity. She and her excellent partner during the sale, Rex O'Neal, a seasoned professional himself, worked diligently and tirelessly to preparer the sale. Everything from largest piece of furniture to the tiniest object was artfully displayed with equal care and respect. Her attention to detail was evident throughout. The glassware was sparkling, the furniture was polished, even the garage looked beautiful! through it all she was calm and cheerful, which we greatly appreciated during that stressful time.

The items were photographed beautifully and the sale was advertised professionally, attracting a high level of interest. The actual estate sale was very well attended, and managed by Theresa and her crew seamlessly.

Not only was Theresa delightful, but everyone with her was as well, helping to make the sale a success. I highly recommend Theresa!
K.FisherJuly 2015
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