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Carousel of Life Estate Sales and Service


There are many estate sale companies from which to choose. The decision can be daunting. Each one claims to give the very best service and commitment to you, the client. Certainly, most companies also charge competitive commissions. So, how do you decide?

    You need to make the decision based upon three basic criteria:

1. How many years of business experience does the company have? Not how many years of experience in the estate sale business, but in owning and operating a profitable business?

Our company is a family owned company who owns and operates both retail and wholesale businesses and has operated for the past 50 plus years. We pride ourselves on customer service, quality of service and product, and knowledge.

Having been in business in South Texas for over 50 years, our family has a business reputation of undisputed integrity.

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2.  How committed are they to me and my family?

We work for you. You are going through a life altering event and need someone to walk you through it. Although it is indeed a business relationship, it is also a sharing of an experience. We do everything in our power to lessen the burden. We provide a staff of professional, compassionate individuals who work diligently to maintain a kind courteous professional relationship with family and customers. All of our employees have professional backgrounds in estate sales, customer service and marketing.

3.    What makes them knowledgeable in the estate sale process?

We have over 20 years’ experience of owning and operating antique shops, retail and wholesale businesses. We have professional contacts to assist us in pricing, evaluating, and appraising. If there are items that need more expert evaluation, we utilize the expertise of certified appraisers. We have a professional suite of offices, where we individualize the sale and the contract to meet the specific needs of our clients. No two sales are alike. Not only do our owners have extensive knowledge and experience in conducting private estate sales, they have conducted many personal estate sales. They are very much aware of how emotional this task becomes for everyone involved. It is imperative that you choose not only a company that is beyond reproach professionally in their knowledge and experience but one that cares deeply about your issues and your current set of circumstances.

We are also members of the SAN ANTONIO Chamber of Commerce, the DAR, American Society of Estate Liquidators, and Antiques and Collectibles National Association.


Our mission is to provide you with assistance on every level. Regardless of your choice of companies if there is anything at all that we can do to help you choose the company  or go through the process of what is best for you or anything having to do with  your personal needs please allow us to assist.


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Our Testimonials

When I began looking for someone to assist me with an estate sale, I had absolutely no experience. I had never attended let alone had an estate sale and really knew next to nothing about them. So I commence a search of those who provided estate sale services in the San Antonio area. In a matter of approximately ten days I interviewed either on the telephone or in my home fourteen (14) such companies and spoke with another six to eight (6-8) at least briefly on the telephone. I was truly amazed at what was out there and dismayed at the same time.

When I spoke to Cheryl Dietert the very first time I felt I had found someone that genuinely cared about the client. The conversation was entirely different from most of the others I had spoken with or would speak to before making my selection. Cheryl told me what her service could provide, but in a manner that made me feel like a valued client. I can tell you having spoken to as many others as I did, this is not typical. I waned someone who appreciated the fact it was my belongings and my home. Cheryl was indeed that person.

From the very beginning, Cheryl and her staff were professional and at the same time friendly. I like the idea they "staged" the home like a showroom rather than just stacking the items around like a glorified garage sale. In addition, I appreciated the thoroughness with which they researched items for prices as well as seeking my opinion on specific or unusual items.

The sale itself was for three days and was well staffed and monitored throughout. It was a good turnout despite being a rather rainy/drizzly weekend in March 2017. After the sale, Cheryl and staff assisted me in knowing what items still could sell and those items that probably needed to be donated. What you won't find with many other estate sale providers is a willingness to further assist after th sale. Not so with Carousel of Life. Cheryl and staff helped me itemize and organize. They even offered charities they knew would take particular items an made arrangements for those charities to pick the items up. That is a huge burden lifted if you have no or little experience with an estate sale.

The items that did not sell have been offered not only at the Carousel of Life showroom, but even (some at least) displayed at other estate sales with the third party's permission. I have continued to wrk with Carousel of Life for several more months. Some additional items hav e sold and others have not. We have finally come to a point of arranging for final disposition of the unsold items. I did not want any of them back as I moved and downsized, so Cheryl has now made arrangements to done the last of my items and have them picked up from her showroom.

In the entire experience I feel I have been VERY well taken care of with excellent professional service. I could not be more pleased with the service, cooperation, and the pleasant experience of dealing with Carousel of Life. I highly recommend Cheryl and her staff to anyone in need of a special group of caring people to assist in your estate sale. They are all great!
Lowell K. LischerMarch 2017
The buyer of our house wanted us out early and so Cheryl had to really juggle her schedule to accommodate us and our needs. Not only did she do a fabulous job on her side she managed over 1,800 people coming through our house in three days time looking for items to purchase and all the while she and her staff were making sales they were also watching out for the condition of our house so it was not dirtied or damaged in ANY Way!
Unfortunately I had a nasty neighbor who complained about people blocking his driveway and once again Cheryl's natural grace and empathy was able to disarm him as well.
She told us "not to worry, focus on what we had to do and that she would take care of everything". So many times we have been told that and found ourselves feeling hoodwinked... not in the case of Cheryl & Carousel of life Estate Sales!!!!
without these fabulous people. I would not only recommend this company, Cheryl, Mary Elizabeth and all their caring, diligent staff I will go so far as to say the services they offer are ;more often than not an option but a necessity in today's world! For anyone making a "life change" whether it be downsizing, moving or the unfortunate event of a family member that has passed away Carousel of Life real estate sales understand
The needs, empathizes with the emotional aspect and gets the absolutely most monetary value for all the items so the upset, stressed out, busy family members need not worry regarding anything to do with the estate sale- these people get it done in the most efficient manner!
Thank you again Cheryl for doing what you did which was give us back what's truly important - life not - stuff!
Best to you always
David & LeAnnFebruary 2018

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