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Merritt Green (dba FLOTSAM & JETSAM) has been conducting estate & moving sales full-time in the greater Seattle area since 1993.   In that time we've held more than 500 successful sales & sold everything from A to Z:  furniture, antiques & collectibles of all kinds, general household items & specialty items including art, (paintings, prints & sculptures), antiquarian books, pottery & china, costume & better jewelry, Chinese snuff bottles & other Asian items, tribal & ethnographic artifacts, dolls, cameras, tools & so much more.  We have a reputation for running organized, well-managed sales that maximize the return for our clients. And our repeat customers (shoppers) often tell us that our sales are their favorites!  We also specialize in big projects that might overwhelm less experienced folks. 

F & J will handle all the details of organizing, displaying & merchandising the items to be sold, research current values, write & place online & print ads for the sale, and hire & manage an experienced crew to work at the public sale.  We can also arrange to clear out the house after the sale is over, with better items going to auction, & arranging for a charity to pick up less valuable unsold items and a hauler to remove garbage. (Subject to client approval).  In addition to a broad knowledge of values of all kinds of antiques & collectibles & general merchandise, we have a network of appraisers & specialty dealers we can call on to evaluate unusual or exotic items.  Most of our clients find us by word-of-mouth, i.e. they are referred by their lawyer, real estate agent, or a trusted friend or co-worker.  Our fee is a percentage of actual sales & varies from project to project, depending on the items to be sold & amount of sale prep required.  Please feel free to contact Merritt for more information, or to schedule a free no-obligation walk-through to discuss how we might of service. Thanks for your interest, Merritt Green - Owner, FLOTSAM & JETSAM Estate & Moving Sales  (206) 818-2428.  Excellent references available upon request...

Can't wait to see you at our sale. Setup was 348.

Our Testimonials

Thank you so much for helping us through (what felt like) an impossible task. We couldn't have done it without you. You turned this stressful time into a fun experience! Never thought I'd get such a thrill from seeing a long line for an estate sale. Thank you for everything!S. LucasMarch 2022
Merritt as innumerable positive qualities, but a few of the more impressive ones are: (1) her organizational ability is beyond compare - she took hundreds of different kinds of items and arranged and displayed them in a way that maximized their sale-appeal, while giving customers room to walk and look at everything; (2) she knows how to price things to capture maximum value while also making sure that things sell; (3) she does her research on items to make sure she recognizes items of special value and prices accordingly, or even better, directs the item to the venue where the highest price possible will be obtained - e.g. posting the item on ebay, or offering it to a particular collector; (4) she is patient, sensitive and diplomatic in dealing with family members, not stirring up conflict, and more than willing to play the go-between in situations where someone is being "difficult" about something; (5) she has amazing marketing skills, and a long list of buyers on her email list, thus ensuring a great turnout for your sale; (6) she truly understands and respects how items can have tremendous symbolic value that is often quite painful, and that even though something like a pot holder, for example, is only worth 25 cents in terms of sale-price, to someone in the family, that pot-holder might mean the world to them. She really gets this.D. StearnsMay 2010
I cannot thank you enough for the exceptional job that you did with the estate sale you conducted at my Hawthorne Hills house. The sale was incredible success! You did a superb job of setting up for the sale by sorting and identifying thousands of items, displaying them in an attractive manner and then pricing them, including researching values for high-end items. You generated great interest in the sale with excellent advertising and eye-catching signs. You managed the flows of attendees during the sale and staffed the sale with friendly and knowledgeable assistants.
I was amazed at the volume of items you were able to sell and how few items were left to be donated to charity when the sale was over. I am sincerely grateful that after the sale you sorted through the remaining items, took them to the appropriate charities and arranged for the disposal of the trash so there was no work left for me to do. Your detailed records clearly track every items that was sold or donated to charity.
Going through this process with you I learned how knowledgeable, trustworthy and dedicated you are to your work and your clients. It is likely that many of your prospective clients are in the same situation I was before I met with you; that is, in a sensitive situation, urgently needing to sell many treasures collected over decades, and not knowing how to select someone to count on. Please feel free to give my contact information to any prospective clients. I would be happy to tell others about the exceptional experience I had with you and your firm.
G. MohrMay 2014

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