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Finishing Ann's Bedroom - Doilies, Tables, and Chairs, OH MY!

In last week's blog we went to several estate sales and found many items to use in Ann's bedroom makeover. We had a lot of fun and are planning to do some more together.

teal and brown vintage suitcasesbrown vintage suitcase nightstand

Pictures, a table, a chair, old windows (re-purposed into a headboard), another chair, a wrought iron light (re-purposed into a necklace/bracelet holder), a piano bench (re-purposed at the base of the bed for storage), a wrought iron candelabra, doilies, a vintage hatbox (now storage for DVDs), some fun wooden shoe trees just because, a few vintage suitcases, and a hotel style luggage stand. Gotta love estate sales. All of this for under $100 – AWESOME! Now it is time to put the room together using all the estate sale finds. After gathering everything into one section of the room, we started putting things into place.

Once we set Ann's room up with all of her new/old things, she absolutely loved it! At that time her husband and daughters weren't home yet. When they arrived and saw the transformation, they couldn't believe it. From what Ann tells me, that night all four of them gathered on the bed and watched movies together. Hmmm, maybe we should have searched some estate sales for theater seating and popcorn machines. Don't laugh, I have seen both at estate sales!

nightstand vintage suitcase lamp display

This bedroom up-do is a perfect example of a fun and inexpensive way to change things around a bit in your life. I am not a decorator or an expert in doing stuff like this. I just know that I love to bring home different, and sometimes unique, things from estate sales and figure how to utilize them. Like the wrought iron light Ann bought. I think when I asked her to buy it she thought I was a bit off my rocker, but I had a plan. When we brought the light back to her house I asked if she minded me taking all the electrical components out. She was fine with that. After removing anything electrical, I wiped it clean, and put it aside. When the time came to put her room together, I began hanging her bracelets and necklaces from the light. She thought that was cool. I myself bought one of those lights last summer. I now have it in my garden and hang vintage mason jars from it with tea lights inside. It's now getting rusty, and looks even better than when I bought it :)

Now that the weather is getting better, I've noticed more and more estate sales are popping up at EstateSales.NET through the weekly emails that I get from this website. At times it's hard because I want to go to every one of them but, let's just say I start my estate sale planning before the weekend even begins. So, get out to a few estate sales and shop around for some fun stuff. Whether you buy something for inside or outside, it's just good to get out and see different things and know that you don't have to spend much money. 

Sitting here in my kitchen/family room, I just counted 26 things that I have bought at estate sales. I enjoy everything I have bought and get a lot pleasure from my purchases. Some friends will now walk in our house, look at a unique item we may have and ask “Which estate sale was that from?” I just smile :)

Go ahead, explore, have fun and tell me what you bought. I enjoy hearing stories about what people buy and what they use it for. 

Have a wonderful week!

~ Lela (aka: TrashFindRedesigned)


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Rita Newton
7 Years ago
I love it.
Kendra Shattles
7 Years ago
Looks great.