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Keep Up With All The Updates to EstateSales.NET

I've not done a good job keeping you all updated on the blog.  We've been posting a ton of updates on our Facebook page.  I'll do better posting here.  In the mean time, go check out our Facebook page here:


Oh, and here's what we updated today:

  1. Picture viewing on touch devices is much better. You get as big a picture as we can show you now (very similar to the old mobile site).
  2. Picture viewing on the sale view page on smaller screens is better. It puts the pics very close to each other so we can show more closer together (also very similar to the old mobile site)
  3. Picture upload fixes for older versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Also, a help link for people with IE 10 having problems uploading. (This is for companies)
  4. The GeoLocation feature has been improved. Mobile users will now see a button on the home page instead of the smaller link. 
  5. Desktop/Tablet users will also see a button if their browser supports GeoLocation. This is mainly to help iPad folks. The button will be to the right of the the map. It says "Search Using My Location."
  6. The sale results for GeoLocation are now ordered by Date (no time) and then distance. This is similar to how the old mobile site did it. This is a new sorting option on the filtering options as well.
  7. The smart search is back now where you can search for city names, org names, etc directly from the search box at the top right of the screen.
  8. The view of the site should be MUCH, MUCH better for Internet Explorer 7 and 8 users with smaller screens. It did not look so good.
  9. The US Map should now show for all users (except the mobile view of course)!!!!
  10. Improved picture loading speed (when viewing a sale).


Please keep that feedback coming!  Every one of the improvements above were made because of customer feedback.


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Katie Britt (EstateSales.NET Administrator)
6 Years ago
Hi Dan: Thank you for letting us know. If you don't mind, could you please follow this link to provide the browser details of the device and we'll do what we can to test it:
6 Years ago
GPS location not functioning on Samsung Note 2 phone OR Samsung Note 10.1 tablet.
Kevin Everett
6 Years ago
Location services not working on i phone and ipad, can not for location, as Sandra said can't expand picture's, still put's me all over the state.
6 Years ago
I use your site every week and like some of the updates but I do have a few issues. I would like to expand the pictures on my touch pad, and Phone. I was able to before the updates but not now. I am not able to even expand the location map. I really like the dates and times together. I do not how ever like the way the sales now print. I request front and back printing, and now I am using even more paper then before. I do not think everything needs to be placed to the left of the page. I had plenty if space to write comments about a sale before.
Katie Britt (EstateSales.NET Administrator)
6 Years ago
Hi Richard: Are you talking about the sale title? If so, there is a text limit, but it shouldn't be after five or six words. Let me know if it's the sale title and we'll take a look.
Richard Bloomquist
6 Years ago
So one of the prime things we like to see is our full header to advertise our sale, that, it would seem, would be what first attracts you to one sale vs. another but now our header is limited to 5 or six words, why?