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Sale Listing Update

You may have noticed a few changes over on the EstateSales.NET city pages. We’ve been working hard to improve the overall experience and make it easier than ever to shop estate sales near you. So now, when you search EstateSales.NET for sales in a specific area, things might seem a bit different.

So, what’s new?

It’s bigger.
I think we can all agree that one of the best things about checking out estate sales online ahead of time is flipping through photos of all the great items that will be available when the sale begins. Shopping trips are planned based on those photos. In a picture of assorted kitchenware, you can see the Pyrex 444 Friendship bowl—the one you need to complete your set. When the doors open, you know to make a beeline to the kitchen, to the counter to the left of the sink, next to a stack of Corelle plates like your grandmother had. It’s clearly waiting just for you. Maybe those plates are, too. But you can decide that later.

Bigger pictures mean more dreaming, less squinting, and better overall planning.

You’ll also find the map size has grown. But not only that, the overall map experience is more expansive. Move the mouse around the map, and you’ll see it immediately populate with sales happening in the areas in which you scroll. Are you shopping in Chicago and wonder if it would be worthwhile to take a road trip to Detroit? Will you pass any estate sales on the way? Just swipe the map east towards your destination, and we’ll show you what’s happening.

More customization.
The first time you arrive at the list of sales, we’ll show you every type of sale, whether it’s an estate sale, auction, or some other liquidation. Anything happening around your starting location, we’ll show you. We wouldn’t want to presume what you're looking for, after all. But once you’re there, customization is quick, easy, and clearly at your fingertips. And we’ll remember those preferences for next time.



Above the list of sales, you’ll find several toggle buttons that will limit the type of sales you see, and a slider bar that will home in on a specific location or expand your search area. You can customize your search by the distance you’re planning to travel by moving the distance slider below the map. The “distance circle” will adjust accordingly, and direct you to sales only within that area. Move the slider bar to the right, and the circle will grow, and we'll show you—both on the map and in the sale listings—estate sales within a greater distance from where you are, up to 100 miles. Move it to the left, and we'll focus on sales closer to where you are.

To the left, you’ll find even more customization options. Filter the type of sales even further. Maybe you only want to shop off-site sales or charity sales, or perhaps you don’t want to shop by appointment this time around. No problem. You can also sort your sales by date or distance, or have newly posted sales appear front and center. The world is your burrito.

Improved mobile capabilities.
All these new features are also available on the mobile site as well! The sale-type toggle bars are clearly found above the list of cities. Buttons below give you access to the same interactive map and the same filters as the desktop site. And it’s fast!

Better user experience.
With sale-to-sale navigation, it’s easy to jump from one sale to another without returning to the list of sale page each time. Just click “next” in the top right corner. But when you are ready to return to the list, it's just one click away. Simple as that.

This redesign was made with you, the user, in mind. We want you to have the best experience possible, and to easily find just what you’re looking for. That power is now in your hands.

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