Instagram Reselling With Thrifted Home Company

Tim Morrison| September 1, 2022

Thrifting and reselling isn’t a new concept, but something we see more and more of is reselling on Instagram. Joining me today is Heather Turner from Thrifted Home Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Heather is a thrifter, an estate sale shopper, and a successful Instagram reseller. We’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with Heather on a few different projects, and we wanted to get her insight on the ever-expanding world of Instagram reselling.

Her love for thrifting and estate sales and wanting to spread the word about all things vintage is what started this whole journey for Heather. Heather has always had a passion for thrifting and estate sales and found a way to channel those passions into a lucrative revenue stream. Heather says while she doesn’t have a strict schedule, a week in the life of an Instagram reseller can be hectic at times. From her “Spill the Tea” shows on Instagram to sourcing her items from thrift stores and estate sales to shipping out sold items, she’s always staying busy.

"We're Live in 3...2...1..."

One of the unique features of Heather’s reselling business is the live sales she does on Instagram. In these sales, viewers can see and buy the items on the spot. Heather started just doing static posts for her items but found that having a live presentation of the items was way more engaging for her audience.

Doing live shows vs. static posts is much quicker for her. Instead of dedicating time to taking pictures, listing descriptions, etc., she can save a lot of time and sell the items quicker by using the live format. Heather will also bring in other resellers she’s a fan of to co-host her lives from time to time to help expand her audience. When considering whether or not to get into the live selling game, one thing to consider is that more followers doesn’t mean you’re going to get more viewers. How you structure your live sales and how engaging you are will help determine audience growth.

When we think of trends in the world of secondhand and reselling, there are a few familiar faces that are pretty universal. MCM, Pyrex, and vintage advertising will be popular mostly everywhere, but when it comes to Instagram reselling, Heather keeps an eye out for anything vintage. Her viewers range from her home state of Tennessee to Australia, so it’s crucial to stay on top of trends everywhere. Don’t just buy the stuff you’re into. When asked about current trends and what’s been selling the best for her, Heather mentions brass, vintage glassware, and things in the grandmillennial style (think your grandma’s living room.)

Estate Sale Footage and Items

When sourcing items to feature in her sale or hunting down that perfect footage for her Instagram, Heather doesn’t just limit herself to the local thrift stores. She realized early on that shopping estate sales for reselling and getting sale footage for her page was what the people wanted. After featuring estate sale footage and showcasing the items she found, she began to notice her follower numbers start to climb

Advice for Getting Into Instagram Reselling

The hardest part of starting any new venture is taking that first step. When Heather gets asked how to start reselling, her answer is simple: Do it. After setting up your page, it’s time to start building your inventory and getting organized. Heather mentions that she likes having at least three months of inventory available at a time to ensure she has enough for her upcoming sales. Everyone’s journey into reselling will be different, so find the system that will work for you. If you’re a fan of everything vintage like we are, diving into the world of social media reselling can be a great way to be surrounded by vintage treasures and be able to put a little money in your pocket at the same time.

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