Marketplace Online Estate Sales: Reaching More Buyers With Your Items

Reach more buyers with your items image

We recently talked to Sara Anderson about how she has integrated online estate sales into her company. Sara had fantastic information about executing an online estate sale. Something we found particularly fascinating in her talk was how she leveraged online estate sales to expand her business outside of her local region. This expansion allowed her to reach more buyers with her items. We have put together three ways online estate sales can help you bring more buyers to your items.

Expanding Your Reach — New Buyers Finding You:

One of the most significant benefits of selling online is that you can reach buyers with your items who may never have attended your sales in the past. Online estate sales through the Marketplace give you the unique opportunity to place your items in front of estate sale shoppers outside your local sale ad area. Traditional estate sale listings are typically limited to the customer base within a particular metro area; of course, your reach can be extended by Nationally/Regionally featuring a traditional sale. With an online Marketplace sale, buyers across the nation have direct access to purchase your items (if shipping is available).

Using Shipping to Sell More

One of the best ways to take advantage of this bigger audience with your items is to provide shipping. We know that this can often feel daunting and understand that not all items warrant shipping — but some items (especially those in high demand in certain areas) can bring more money for you and your client when shipping is offered.

An interview we recently did with Vincent Olivares shines a light on how a company can successfully integrate shipping into their business model. Vincent gives excellent insight into how to manage the shipping of items. We would highly recommend watching his interview if you are thinking about incorporating shipping into your online estate sales. Sarah Anderson also talks about shipping at the 2:00 minute mark of her interview.

Buyer Convenience:

You can't be at more than one place at a time, which is a constant struggle for estate sale shoppers. A shopper must choose between sales to attend, often missing out on items they would have otherwise purchased. This scenario happens for every estate sale, and it is one that costs you potential sales. One of the benefits of using the Marketplace is that you can now give customers access to your sales that they might not have been able to attend in the past. This allows you to take advantage of your items' demand and bypass your customers' inability to be in two places at once.

If you have any questions or are interested in trying the Marketplace for yourself reach out to us at support@EstateSales.NET. We are more than happy to help!