Six EstateSales.NET Tips to Boost Your Business

Whether you’re a seasoned EstateSales.NET veteran or new to our site, there are several features you might not know about that could boost your business. Here are six things you should be doing on EstateSales.NET that your competition is not.

6 - Utilize Video

Coming in at number six is utilizing video. If an image is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? High-quality photos are a must on your sale listing, but sale walk-through videos take it up a notch.

You may be wondering, "How can I do that? I don't have the time." Actually, it's quite simple. If you have a smartphone, use that. Just walk around the house while filming with your phone. Show the layout of the house and where items are located. For even better results, consider buying a low-cost cell phone gimbal like this one on Amazon. It'll make your footage look smoother and more professional.

Another tip: try standing in a corner and recording short clips of yourself panning across a room from side to side. Once you have your clips, you can use an app like "iMovie" (if you have an iPhone) or an alternative app (if you have an Android phone) to seamlessly stitch them together.

This can go a long way in showing your shoppers a sense of space and sale layout. Upload the video to YouTube and then copy the link into the sale editor for your sale. Your video will show at the top of the sale.

5 - Complete Your EstateSales.NET Profile

It is important to ensure that your company profile is complete. Although it may seem straightforward, many companies fail to utilize this feature on EstateSales.NET. Your company profile serves as a sales page for potential clients who browse the site for companies to hire. It is also frequently ranked on Google for your company, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase your business to potential buyers and clients.


  • Logo
  • Social Profiles
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • A Detailed Description of Your Company
  • Any Testimonials You Have Gathered

4 - Utilize EstateSales.NET Testimonial Feature

Speaking of testimonials. Have you heard about the testimonials feature on EstateSales.NET? You can request your clients and shoppers to leave you a testimonial by clicking the "feedback" button on your company profile. You can select which testimonials you want to showcase on your company profile page. This is an excellent way to showcase your company to potential clients and give you an advantage over your competitors.

3 - Sale Listing Timing

When it comes to listing sales, timing is essential. We analyzed the sale views of thousands of sales and found that posting your sale earlier can help maximize views. Specifically, we recommend posting your sale on the site with photos at least two weeks before it starts. This timeframe is a sweet spot, as we've noticed sales start gaining traction around this time and receiving more views.

2 - Use Keywords

Want to boost your sales? Use keywords to attract more buyers. Our platform has a unique feature called the Treasure Tracker, where interested shoppers can sign up to receive notifications when specific items they want are listed on the site.

It's important to include detailed descriptions in your listings to ensure your items are included in these notifications. Mention brand names, item styles, and categories like "Kitchen" whenever possible. The more information you can provide, the better. Our system will then send targeted emails to users who have saved these searches, featuring your sales and giving you greater exposure.

1 - Update Your Lead Settings

Did you know several settings options for leads can help you stay on top of your game and ahead of your competition? You can receive a daily summary of your leads or get notified via email when a new lead comes in. Consider signing up for SMS text messages if you're looking for lightning-fast notifications.

Another helpful feature is canned responses. When responding to potential leads, these pre-written responses can save you time and energy. You can easily send personalized messages to your leads with just a few clicks.