6 Tips for Better Video Calls

Video conferencing or video calling has become a necessity in many businesses. Whether you are using it daily or just need it on occasion, you can do a few things to improve the quality of your calls.

1. Pick a versatile service

If you plan on using facetime, the default video call app on iPhones, you will only be able to connect with other Apple devices. Most video conferencing services such as Zoom, Whereby, or Skype have been developed to work across multiple devices so that no one will be left out of the conversation. Most of these services are free at the base level, and who doesn’t like free?

2. Find a quiet area

Your favorite coffee shop may offer free wifi, but it’s served with noise and distractions. You can’t always control where you make a call, but if you can find a quiet spot, it will be easier for your clients of staff to focus on what you are saying.

3. Pick a bright location

The biggest reason to use video conferencing apps is to see and be seen by others. Most mobile cameras or built-in webcams don’t work well in dark rooms. If possible, use a lamp to light your face or sit next to an open window. If you think you will be making lots of video calls from the same location, it might be helpful to permanently set up some flattering lighting.

4. Use a dedicated microphone

The microphone in your phone, tablet, or webcam will often pick up all the room's sounds, which can add echo or feedback to your conversation. If you are on your phone, a simple solution is using a set of headphones with a built-in microphone. Even the earbuds that come with every iPhone have a built-in microphone that sounds pretty good on a call and will cut most of the sounds around you. If you don’t want to use headphones, there are options for lapel mics that can plug directly into a cell phone, tablet, or computer. The key here is getting the microphone closer to your mouth.

5. Dress for success

You may not need to dress-to-the-nines for every call, but rather, treat any video conference precisely like you would an in-person meeting. Do you have a uniform or level of dress for meeting with clients? Dress to that level for the video call with them.

6. Set a meeting time & send reminders

Try to schedule your conference calls and let everyone involved know the time and date. It’s also critical that they have a link to join your call or know what app you will be using. If it’s their first time using a conference call app, they will likely need to install an app, so plan on sending some simple instructions for downloading.

Bonus Tip:Whereby is one of the video apps we use at EstateSales.NET. New users can join your calls without downloading an app, and you can have a custom link that is the name of your business. We have found it to be very easy for new users.

The estate industry is still a service industry and will require face-to-face communication. Video call apps will never wholly replace in-person meetings. When used well, it can be another handy tool in your business.