We’ve touched on the importance of reviews in several past articles, but we feel that they’re important enough to deserve an entire article for themselves. If we think of reviews as a form of word-of-mouth advertising, we start to see how important both good and bad reviews are to your company.

There are many places customers can go to review your company. Here are a few of the big players in the review business: 

Whitespark has put together a free review handout generator you can use to create review forms to give to your clients when you ask for their feedback. You can customize the form for your business using your logo and business information. The form gives your client step-by-step instructions for leaving a review on Google Plus Reviews. Growing your Google Plus Reviews is an excellent way to show off how fantastic you are to those searching for your services. If a user searches for an estate liquidation company in their area using Google, they’ll be shown local search results. These local search results will display a review score. Imagine seeing your company’s reviews right next to your major competitors’ in a list of search results. Your company has a 4.7 star review score and your competition has no score. This is how Google reviews allow you to gain an advantage over your competition in search.


As the estate liquidation industry gets more competitive on a daily basis, you should always be looking at ways to gain an advantage over your peers. Take advantage of your past clients’ reviews to show your future clients how awesome you are!

Things to remember about reviews:

  • You will probably never have a 100% perfect overall review score. This is okay. We’re only human. We aren’t perfect and we can’t please everyone.
  • Make sure to reply to all reviews - both positive and negative.
  • Use criticisms in negative reviews to improve your company.
  • Reviews can have the potential to make or break your business.

Interact with your reviewers. When responding to reviews, you have the opportunity to show off your professionalism to the world. Thank individuals that give you good reviews and assist those that give you negative reviews. Use a negative review as a way to improve your business and show the world that you really care about the happiness of your clients and your customers. This will go a long way with your customers and is an excellent way to counter a negative review. You may even impress a negative reviewer enough that they’ll remove their review from the review site.

If you want to learn more about Google Plus Reviews, I’d recommend checking out Phil Rozek’s thorough article on this topic here. Much of the information within this article can be applied to other review sites such as Yelp or Bing Places. When gathering reviews for Google, make sure to follow their review policies. Here is a direct link to Google’s rules about using the Google Reviews system.

We hope this article inspires you to get started in developing a network of online reviews for your company. Online reviews are a great way to show off your company, while gaining an advantage over your competition. We would love to hear your thoughts, questions, experiences, or concerns on the topic of reviews. Feel free to comment below.

By Matthew Ellison

Marketing Guy at EstateSales.NET


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