Typography and Why it is Important to Your Brand

If you posted signage at your sale without a logo, would people still recognize it as yours? Defining the typography, you regularly use will create a consistent look and feel for everything associated with your company.

What is typography?

Typography is simply a typeface or family of fonts such as Times New Roman or Helvetica combined with fonts themselves. Fonts are the weights, sizes, and styling of the typeface. See the graphic below to better understand the difference.

These distinctions come from the printing press industry but have been applied to the digital formats we use today. However, most people casually use the term "Font" to include both typeface and font.

Why is Typography Important for a Brand?

It’s hard to put a value on consistent typography for your brand. If you take a walk through Walmart, Target, or any other big-box retailers and look for their signs, displays, or pricing labels, it’s going to be pretty easy to spot the similarity. That’s by design. They want you to be able to quickly identify and prioritize the information they are presenting to you.

Walmart has developed its own custom typeface used in TV ads, print ads, and signs throughout the store. It’s a font that no other companies can purchase or license and always be unique to Walmart. Purchasing a custom typeface isn’t necessary for every company, but choosing a quality typeface for your business and using it consistently is important for any company.

How Does This Apply to an Estate Sale Company?

Many estate sale companies will put together a portfolio of printed resources about their services to potential clients. Having the same typeface on your business cards, business descriptions, testimonials, or pricing breakdown will add a level of professionalism that could be a deciding factor in a competitive field.

Are you looking to level up the appearance of your sales? Imagine buyers walking up to a sale and seeing your familiar signs in front of the house. Then after entering the house, they see your unique signs giving direction throughout the sale. When checking out, you might hand them a business card or a flyer with instructions for finding your sales on EstateSales.NET and your company website. There are multiple opportunities at every sale to communicate with your customers. Consistent typography will let them know it’s you doing the talking.

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