How Does Local Pickup Work?


When you shop the EstateSales.NET Marketplace, you’ll find sales that offer nationwide shipping options, and others that offer local pickup (and some that offer both). Local pickup can be a great benefit to buyers who don’t want to wait for their items to ship (I need that vintage fedora now!); who worry about the safety of their fragile items en route to their home (no more #sadmail); or those who would prefer not to have valuables sitting on their porch if they arrive when no one’s home (no one better touch my Pyrex!).

Local pickup is often less expensive than having the item shipped to you, which is also a bonus.

It’s a simple process. When you browse the EstateSales.NET Marketplace, you’ll notice a ZIP code location for sales that have the option for local pickup. This will allow you to determine if the local pickup is local enough for you.

The seller will contact you about pickup arrangements after your purchase is made. They will give you a location and time frame of when and where the item will be available for pickup.

Please use caution when making arrangements. We’re confident that our sellers are reputable estate liquidation business owners, and those who buy on the Marketplace are enthusiastic and well-meaning lovers of estate sales. But regardless, the safety of both our sellers and shoppers is of the utmost importance. Make sure you’re meeting in a public place, in daylight hours, for your safety and comfort.

Also shortly after you make your purchase, EstateSales.NET will send you an item number and a pickup code. The item number is what you will give the seller to identify your purchase. The pickup code will allow you to complete the transaction.

When you arrive at the pickup location, give the seller the item number, so they can provide you with the item you purchased. Inspect the item carefully. When you’ve confirmed the item is correct, give the seller your pickup code. This code is, effectively, currency. Until the seller enters the pickup code into their EstateSales.NET Marketplace account, the sale is not final. When it is entered, it will indicate to us that the pickup has been made, and the payment can be released to the seller.

If the pickup has not been made within seven days of purchase, the sale will be cancelled, and the seller will be free to list the item on the Marketplace again.