When it comes to the Marketplace, one of the features we’re most excited about is the option to offer your shoppers “estate sale pricing.”

Estate sale companies frequently choose to reduce their prices over the course of their sale. On the second day, for example, all prices might be reduced by 25 percent, and by day three it’s a 50 percent discount. Maybe you bring the price down even further before the sale officially ends. The policies vary, but the declining price format is a tradition among many estate sale companies.

The EstateSales.NET Marketplace aims to keep that tradition alive by allowing you to set discounts as your sale progresses. When you list a sale, you can choose to use estate sale pricing for all, or a select number of items in your sale. All you have to do is set your discount schedule, and the system will automatically reduce the prices when the time comes.

Estate sale pricing is a part of the culture for shoppers. Knowing prices will be reduced keeps them coming back to your sale. The thrill of the chase creates a sense of urgency: Do I buy the item now, before someone else gets a hold of it, or do I wait and see if I can get it at a discount?

The dynamic pricing model is completely optional: it’s up to each company to decide how to price their items. If yours is a company that prefers not to discount their items, you can offer traditional pricing, or open up the item for bids and try your hand at an online auction. The choice is up to you!