Why Can't I Add Extra Cities to My Sale?


With the changes to the new site, you will no longer have to select extra cities, as they are all included at no extra cost. Based on the sale address, subscribers in all those cities within 100 miles will receive an email notification about your sale as long as they are within the driving distance that they have set (this is the same as it was before). For example, if you were selecting all of the cities on the old site, that is equivalent to what you are now receiving for no charge.

With the old site, when you listed a sale, you had to add those extra cities within a 100 mile radius for $5.00, per extra city. When you visit STEP 5 (Options), you can now select a Local, Regional or National listing if you wish to reach a wider audience outside 100 miles.

By default, users visiting a city page will see the local sales, but they do have the option of viewing surrounding sales. Once they click the link to view surrounding sales, that will be their default from then on and will not have to select that option again.

With this change, we hope that sales are now more visible to users, giving companies greater exposure to those subscribers and users who are interested in their sale. As a company, you will be reaching far more subscribers via the email notifications than you had before for no cost.