Need Help Adding a FedEx Account?

Below is step by step instructions for creating a FedEx account and adding it to the EstateSales.NET Marketplace.

In order to ship your EstateSales.NET Marketplace items across the country, you’ll need to sign up with Shippo, which we have integrated into the Marketplace. Shippo automatically adds the United States Postal Service to your carrier page, but you can easily add FedEx as a carrier as well. After all, who doesn’t love options?

We’ll walk you through the process, which involves setting up two accounts: a business account and a metered account. But we should note that we ran into some issues while registering with FedEx online. We’ll discuss later and provide you with options.

Step 1: Click "Create an Account"

Click "Company Settings" on your Marketplace sidebar, and then choose "Manage Shipping." If you already have an account with FedEx, you can skip to step 5 and set up a metered account. But if you do not have a FedEx account, you will need to create one by clicking "Create An Account."

Step 2: Choose Your Account

Because you’re an estate sale company, we’re going to assume you’ll choose a Business account. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

Step 3: Open a Business Account

You can choose to open an account with or without taking advantage of the FedEx rewards program. The choice, again, is yours. (Like we said: who doesn’t love options?)

Step 4: Fill out the FedEx Registration Form

This is where our issues arose: our efforts with registering online were met with errors. Ultimately, we had to call FedEx to complete this part of the process. Perhaps by the time you sign up, the issues will be addressed, but if not, their number is 1 (800) 463-3339.

Step 5: Create a Metered Account

Once you’re registered with FedEx and have your account number in hand, you’ll need to create a metered account. This will allow you to use your FedEx account through Shippo. Go to the FedEx Developer Center for FedEx Web Services, log in, and click “Move to Production” (the link below the icon, not the icon itself).

Step 6: Click "Get Production Key"

Step 7: Fill out Meter Registration and Write Down Meter Number

This will be used by Shippo to connect to your FedEx account. The default information should be fine for your purposes. Identify yourself as a “corporate developer,” rather than a “consultant.” (This is essentially referring to Shippo.)

Step 8: Go Back to EstateSales.NET “Add Carriers” Page and Click “Connect.”

You’ll be prompted to enter your FedEx account number and meter number, and agree to their terms of service. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the option of using FedEx as your shipping carrier whenever you sell an item on the Marketplace!