The Marketplace isn’t just for online estate sales; we offer online auctions as well. If you have an auctioneer’s license or do business in a state that doesn’t require one, you can use the EstateSales.NET Marketplace to hold your auctions online.

When you sign up for the Marketplace, we will ask you for your auctioneer’s license number, if you have one. This number will then be visible on the item’s list page to indicate to your customers that, if applicable, you are fully licensed to operate your business within your state.

If a license is not required in your state, you can proceed with the sale without entering further information.

The details of your sale are entirely up to you, based on what you think will get you the best return for your clients. You can set up your auction as a one-day-only event, or make it last as long as seven days.

When you list an item, you’ll find the option to accept bids under “Shipping Options & Pricing.” You can set a minimum starting bid as well as a reserve price. If the bidding does not reach your reserve price, the item will not sell. You may also offer a “buy now” option for customers who may not wish to participate in an online auction.

Once a successful bid has been made, the “buy now” price will be taken off the table.

You can track the auction as it progresses, and see how many people have bid, and where the price stands at any given time.

If the reserve has been met by the end of the sale, the winner will be notified and you will be prompted to make your shipping arrangements. The transaction will be processed once the item has been picked up locally, or shipped.