How Stripe Works with EstateSales.NET

In order to start selling estate sale items on the Marketplace, you must set up a Stripe account. Unlike setting up a Shippo account, this is a required step. Stripe is a software platform that uses a highly sophisticated multi-billion dollar payment processor to handle sensitive information and process payments. It’s how you get paid for the items you sell.

Chances are, you’ve already used Stripe without knowing it. Many huge companies use Stripe to process their payments like Uber, Target, Facebook, Pinterest, Under Armour, Shopify, and many more. Stripe successfully handles billions of dollars in transactions globally each year, and works hard to keep your sensitive information secure and private. EstateSales.NET will never have access to your bank account or any credit card numbers used in transactions. For more information about Stripe’s security measures, click here.

Getting set up with a Stripe account is easy. When you log into your EstateSales.NET account and go to your “company settings” page, you’ll find that setting up Stripe is the first step to start listing your items on the Marketplace. When you click the “Setup Stripe” button, you’ll be redirected to the Stripe website, where you’ll enter your basic company information, along with a bank account and routing number.

You can add additional users to your account as administrators if you would like, though once your account is set up, you shouldn’t need to touch it again unless your information changes.

Setting up an account is free. Stripe doesn’t charge fees until you start making sales on the Marketplace: Stripe charges 2.9 percent of the total charge, plus 30¢, for each completed transaction.

After you have printed your shipping label, or (in the case of local pickup) after the customer has picked up the item, it generally takes two business days for Stripe to process the transaction and deposit the money into your bank account. After the sale, you will have no more than 7 days to get the package ready and ship it to your customer. The sooner you ship, the sooner you get paid, so it is very important to ship the item as soon as you can.

Should you need to issue a refund, or if you have any questions at any point in the process, our customer support team will be able to help you. Our support team is available everyday from 7 am to 11 pm Central time via telephone, email, or live chat.