In-Person Payments FAQs

In-person payments are here! The wait is over. Your company now can collect payments in-person for sold Marketplace items. We have outlined how to use this feature and common questions you may have below.

How Do I Add the In-Person Payment Method to My Marketplace Sale?

Adding the in-person payment method is as simple as selecting the Accept In-Person Payment checkbox when adding an item to a Marketplace sale. This checkbox is found in the Payment Methods portion when adding an item to your sale. You may choose to accept both cards (online payment) and in-person payments in a sale.

Can I Offer In-Person Payments on Items Available For Shipping?

No. In-person payments are not accepted on items that are available for shipping. If you choose the in-person payment method, you will not be able to offer to ship. Likewise, if you offer to ship, you may not offer in-person payment.

Can I Offer Both In-Person Payment and Card Payment for an Item?

Yes. You can customize which items will offer in-person payment and which items will not. If both in-person payment and card payment are available for an item, the buyer will have the option to choose which payment method they would like to use. You may not offer both in-person payment and card payment for an item that offers to ship.

Can I Add In-Person Payment Details?

Yes. If you offer in-person payment, you will have the option to add In-Person Payment Details that will display to potential buyers on the item’s view page and the checkout page. Payment details can be applied to all existing in-person payment items in your sale, saving you valuable time. These details will only apply to that particular sale and will not apply to future sales because In-Person Payment details are item based.

Are In-Person Payments Preauthorized?

Yes. Items with the in-person payment method available will be preauthorized using the buyer’s card on file. The card will be preauthorized for the total sale amount and will only be released when the item is marked as picked up, or if the order is canceled. Note: the preauthorization period is for seven (7) days. It begins as soon as the buyer agrees to purchase the item.

How Do I Complete the Transaction?

Complete the transaction by logging in to your EstateSales.NET account, then visiting your Orders page. Find the item and select Mark Picked Up. You can also click on the three dots for that item and select the Complete Order option.

You may choose to have the buyer verify their identity by providing a pickup code, the last four digits of their credit card number, or accept responsibility and waive verification from the buyer.

After the verification method is selected, click the Mark Picked Up button to complete the sale. The preauthorization will then be released from the buyer’s credit card as soon as the order is marked complete.

Once the order is marked as picked up, there is no way to charge the card on file because the preauthorization will be released. If you mark the item as picked up, completed, or canceled, there is no way to collect credit card payment.

Can I Cancel an In-Person Payment Order?

Yes. You can cancel an in-person payment order for an item just as you would any other item on your Orders page by selecting the three dots in that item’s row and selecting Cancel Order.

Can I Mark Multiple Orders Complete at Once?

Yes. Bulk actions are available when completing in-person payment sales. Select multiple orders to bulk edit, then click the blue Actions button in the lower right corner. Here, you can choose to Message Buyer, Release Funds, Complete Order, or Cancel Order in bulk actions. In-person payment items and online payment items can be bulk edited at the same time.

What if the Buyer Does Not Show Up?

Buyers’ credit cards will be preauthorized for the total dollar amount of the item when the in-person payment method is available. If a buyer does not show up to pay for and retrieve their order, you will have the option to attempt to charge their card on file.

To attempt to charge the buyer’s card on file:

  1. Log into your EstateSales.NET account
  2. Go to the Orders page
  3. Select the Mark Picked Up button on the item
  4. Select the Problem with Payment button

You have the option to attempt to charge the buyer’s card on file. Saying yes will treat the order like an online transaction and charge the buyer’s card on file for the item's total amount. Saying no will cancel the order, and the order will not show up in your sales breakdown report. The same option is available when you select Complete Order where you manage your orders.

If you choose to attempt to charge the buyer’s card on file and the transaction goes through, the order will then appear in your Marketplace Sales Breakdown Report. However, the transaction will appear as an online payment instead of an in-person payment. Commission will be charged to the transaction if online payment is collected.

Will In-Person Payments Appear in my Sales Breakdown Report?

Yes. Completed in-person payments will be included in your Marketplace Sales Breakdown Report and will count towards your net revenue and gross sales. On the sale breakdown report, you will notice no processor or commission fee for in-person payments. While this feature is in beta form, EstateSales.NET will not collect commission. However, a commission is collected if funds are captured through a credit card.

If the order is canceled, the in-person payment order will not appear in your Sales Breakdown Report.

We hope you are just as excited as we are about this new feature. If you have any questions regarding in-person payments, do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team. Also, if you have any feedback after using the feature, we want to know! Please email us at support@EstateSales.NET, call (888) 653-8468, or chat with us within your account.