How Does Local Pickup Work?

Offering local pickup is a great option if you’re selling items on the EstateSales.NET Marketplace that are too big or fragile to ship, if you want to keep your business closer to home, or if you simply want to give your buyers more options at checkout. It’s easy to do, and we’ve put in some safeguards to protect both the buyer and the seller.

The set up

For any item you sell on the Marketplace you can include shipping, offer local pickup, or give your buyer the choice. When you upload your images and click the “local pickup” box, you’ll be asked for the item’s location and a processing time—the amount of time you’ll need after the sale has completed to have the item ready for pickup.

If you’re offering both options, you can also offer a discount to customers who select local pickup, since you will no longer have to pay for shipping costs, which are included in the price of the item.

Then just finish posting your item, and sit back and wait for the sale to start.

The general location of the item (by ZIP code) will be visible, but no other location-based details will be shared. That information will be yours to share after the sale has been made.

Making arrangements

When the item has been purchased, you will be prompted to reach out to the buyer to make arrangements to meet and hand off the purchase. In the meantime, the buyer will receive an email letting them know when they can expect to hear from you, based on the processing time you entered in when you listed the item.

Once you’re ready to arrange pickup, you’ll contact the buyer to let them know when and where the item will be available. Please use caution when making arrangements. We’re confident that our sellers are reputable estate liquidation business owners, and those who buy on the Marketplace are enthusiastic and well-meaning lovers of estate sales. But regardless, your safety is of the utmost importance. Arrange your meeting in a public place, in daylight hours, for your safety as well as the comfort of the other party.

Item pickup

Before the pickup time, the customer will receive a pickup code. This code is to be passed from the buyer to the seller at the time of pickup, after the buyer has confirmed the item is as it was described.

When your buyer arrives, open up “Your Orders” in the Marketplace, and find the item in question. Click the “Enter Pickup Code” button and type in the code as dictated by the buyer. This will indicate to EstateSales.NET that the item was successfully picked up and that it’s safe for your payment processor (Stripe or Square) to release the buyer’s payment to you. The transaction will not be completed without this step.

If arrangements and the exchange are not made within 7 days, the sale will be canceled, and you will be free to list the item again.