What is Estsls?

What is estsls.net?

You've just looked at your bank statement and saw a charge from "estsls.net." You don't recall visiting such a website, and so now you're here, investigating.

Estsls.net is, essentially, an abbreviation of EstateSales.NET. When you make a purchase on our new Marketplace, it appears on your statement as estsls.net.

Your statement will also include a dash after estsls.net, and a bit more information ("estsls.net-companyname"). That's the name of the estate sale company from which you bought the item (or, at least, the first eleven letters of the company name). So next time you shop the Marketplace, if you buy from a different seller, your statement will look slightly different.

We hope you're enjoying the EstateSales.NET Marketplace. Thank you for shopping with us!