EstateSales.NET New Shipping

We’re thrilled to announce two new features on the EstateSales.NET Marketplace. Estate sale companies can now offer their customers combined shipping on multiple Marketplace orders, potentially saving both parties time and money. Not only that, companies now have the ability to either ship items through EstateSales.NET, or make their own shipping arrangements externally.

These are features you’ve requested, and we’re happy we’re able to provide them.

Combined Shipping

To take advantage of this feature, click “Ship Item,” as you do whenever a sale has been made. If more than one item has been sold and set to ship to the same address, you can select which items you would like to combine into one shipment. Combine them in whatever configuration you see fit. Perhaps you sold multiple lots of jewelry to a buyer, as well as a mid-century lamp. You can elect to pack all the jewelry together, while keeping the lamp separate, knowing full well that you’ll need to bubble wrap it up tight. Or maybe the jewelry will fit better in two boxes, one of which you can tuck into the corner of the package containing the lamp. We don’t need to explain this to you--you know how shipping works! 

When you receive your invoice at the end of the process, the shipping costs will be split appropriately among each of the items, based on their estimated shipping costs.

Shipping Methods

Next, you’ll chose whether you want to ship through EstateSales.NET (i.e. Shippo), or make your own arrangements. 

What’s the difference?

When you ship through EstateSales.NET and Shippo, you can avail yourselves to the services of the USPS (including a discounted rate), UPS, and FedEx. You can estimate shipping and print out shipping labels without leaving the site. The tracking information will be immediately available to your buyers and the percentage rate charged when a sale is made does not include shipping costs, only the price of the item.

When you choose to arrange shipping yourself, you have the freedom to choose any carrier you want, on your own time. If you want your buyer to be able to track a shipment, you’ll need to enter the information in yourself when it’s available. But Marketplace fees are based on total purchase price, including estimated shipping, since they’re factored in separately.

We hope that this increased freedom when it comes to shipping your items makes the Marketplace all the more enjoyable for you. We’re always striving to improve the Marketplace, to make it the best it can be. Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more exciting additions.