Welcome to the Marketplace, the world’s largest online estate sale!

We’ve listened to you over the years as you searched for newer, better ways to sell your estate sale items online. Perhaps you were dealing with HOA restrictions, or other issues that made an on-site sale more difficult. Maybe you had an item you knew would command a much higher price in a different market, or simply want to reach a broader audience than just the people within driving distance.

The Marketplace is a way for you to expand your audience and reach buyers across the lower 48 states. It is your job to get the most money for your clients, and we want to help you do that by giving you the best tools possible. You now have a new tool!

Specifically, it’s a tool available exclusively to estate sale liquidators on EstateSales.NET. We do not allow private individuals to sell items on the Marketplace; you must be a company. And when you list, you’ll have the attention of the same people who visit our site every day, searching for local estate sales. Only now, instead of your sale being viewed almost entirely by customers within driving distance from your sale, you’ll have the attention of estate sale shoppers nationwide!

We’ve partnered with Stripe and Square to make the payment process safe and simple, and with Shippo so you don’t have to leave the Marketplace to make your shipping arrangements.

The Marketplace is not just another online selling platform, nor is it meant as a replacement for the traditional estate sale. It is a labor of love for EstateSales.NET. We set out to build the first system specific to the needs of estate sale companies and estate sale shoppers.

We’ve tailored the Marketplace to fit your needs by incorporating elements of the traditional estate sale into the online buying process. We offer the option of a dynamic pricing model, allowing you to schedule discounted rates as the sale continues. This estate sale pricing model keeps the culture alive online, giving shoppers the thrill of the hunt, and the excitement of getting a great deal on the items they’ve always wanted.

Of course, if you’re not into the idea of a virtual estate sale with a graduated discount, you can offer traditional pricing, or open up the item for bids and hold an online auction! The choice is yours when you join the EstateSales.NET Marketplace.