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Upcycling With Koreena! Building a Record Clock!

Koreena, one of our customer support gurus, enjoys upcycling items in her spare time.  Join Koreena as she demonstrates how to upcycle an old record into a cool new clock!



STEP 1: Locate your supplies.

The first STEP in building the record wall clock is to locate your supplies.  The nice thing about this project is that the supplies are readily available, and it is possible to gather everything you need while out estate sale shopping. You will need a record, scissors, clock movement, clock hands, and an adjustable end wrench.


STEP 2: To fit the clock movement, use a pair of scissors to enlarge the center hole in the record.

*Be very careful when using any sharp object!  You can cut yourself!  You will only need to remove a small amount of material to get the clock movement to fit.


STEP 3: Insert the clock movement.

When inserting the clock movement into the record, make sure to select the correct side of the record you would like displayed. Also be sure to place the hanging bracket and rubber washer on the movement first before inserting the movement into the record.  Each movement will be different.  Follow the instructions that come with your clock movement for proper washer order.


STEP 4: Place the washer and nut on the clock movement.

Place the washer and nut on the clock movement.  Hand tighten the nut on the clock movement shaft.


STEP 5: Tighten the movement to the record.

Tighten the nut to the clock movement to secure the movement to the record. Hold the clock movement while tightening the nut to keep it from spinning.  Be careful not over tighten as this may break your record.


STEP 6: Insert the clock hands, and then tighten the nut to secure the clock hands in place.

Press the clock hands onto the clock movement.  Be sure to place the hands in the correct order.  The hour hand is followed by the minute hand.  Tighten the small nut on the shaft to secure the hands to the movement.


That is it!  You have created your very own record clock.  If you have any upcycling ideas or projects you have completed that you would like to share feel free to send them to us at upcycling@EstateSales.NET. We would love to hear about them!

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4 Years ago
Great idea!
Patty Pierce
5 Years ago
Great idea... I think I will!!
Laura Tichnell
5 Years ago
Great repurposing idea with a common estate sales find. Also love that it doesn't ruin the record! Thanks
Gayle Hurst
6 Years ago
Love this wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing!