New Trends! Boho Chic

Tim Morrison  | March 17, 2021

boho chic bedroom design

I was recently lucky enough to interview Danielle Weidemann from Victorian Times Estate Sale Services on Photography and Staging a Home. During the interview, Danielle brought up something that I had never heard of before but immediately piqued my interest. Apparently, there’s a little thing called Boho-Chic that is taking the estate sale world by storm on the west coast. I had to do a little digging to find out what could be so special about this trend and it was eye opening.

The actual definition of Boho-Chic is a fashion style that draws influences from the Bohemian and hippie lifestyle. But I have come to find that it’s much more than that. When it comes to Boho-Chic, not only is it a fashion trend, but it spills over into home decor and furniture as well. Gaining popularity in the 1960s, the resurgence of Boho-Chic reinforces that eventually, trends come full circle. The world saw a Boho-Chic's comeback in the early 2000s when A-list celebrities like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss made red carpet appearances in baggy, hippie-inspired clothing. I reached out to Danielle to learn more about the Boho-Chic trend and why it is regaining popularity.

Danielle: I think there's two reasons. First, everything eventually comes back in style. If you look at where the boho look comes from its based on styles that were popular in the late 60’s, 70’s and going into the 80’s, which originally based on styles you saw in the bohemian era and so on. Secondly, the last 10 years saw such a resurgence of Mid-Century decor and furniture that it's become harder to find original Mid-Century pieces as much. But what has been accessible and what we come across more often at estate sales is a style that came out of the Mid-Century, which is more boho, even “hippie” or more laid back looking.

How can someone know if they’ve come across something that is considered Boho-Chic?

Danielle: So you usually know if something is BoHo if it’s made of rattan or wicker, textiles that contain florals or funky geometric and other patterns that are kind of mixed together. There’s also definitely a color range that is different from the mid-century look of the teak and the brighter colors that you commonly see there. I see a lot more ambers, reds, caramels, deep yellows, darker blues, warm oranges, creams, definitely more warm earthy tones. I think there is also a nod to New Mexico/Southwestern style in there with those certain patterns and color schemes. I also find the structure of items tends to be more relaxed. Whereas with your typical mid-century style you see more rigid lines and sharp corners usually, boho is definitely more curved and relaxed.

Danielle: Our biggest sellers in the BoHo style are definitely accent chairs that feature rattan or wicker or caning. People also love mirrors of the same materials as the chairs. Oak furniture is starting to make a comeback. Baskets always sell out at our estate sales, and not just baskets but even like the plates, people love to make basket walls out of them and sell them as like an art piece almost. Of course, vintage textiles, rugs and even macrame are always a good BoHo look, again featuring popular boho colors and patterns, even Persian rugs can fall under that category of a BoHo look that people like now. Artwork, vases and pottery is also very popular at our sales. Even vintage jewelry featuring more of a Southwestern look does well with that style that people are looking for.

This certainly opened my eyes to the Boho-Chic movement, and I hope it opened yours too. If you're interested in finding Boho items near you, our Treasure Tracker feature is a great place to start. Or you can always search the site for some of the things Danielle listed above!

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