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Hopefully this section will show it pays to take the time to thoroughly screen whomever you hire to handle your estate. Here are the answers you need to know to some key questions!
How long have you been in business?

A quick search online for estate sale companies can yield hundreds of confusing results. Don’t just ask how long a firm has been in business and the extent of their expertise – ask them to show you proof they are who they say they are.  A full-time estate sale firm should be able to show you a professional website with a list of past and future sales. There are very few full-time companies in the area and these firms conduct several sales per month! Smitty’s Estate Liquidator’s website shows you every sale we have conducted for the last few years, as you can see, we have experience.

Are you licensed & insured?

We provide copies of all documents required by the State of Maryland to conduct your sale. If a company can show you ALL of the below documents – they are allowed to conduct your sale. Although you may hear different, we are a very regulated industry and lack of compliance is enforced.
*Secondhand Dealers License with the Dept. of Labor & Licensing
*Certificate of Incorporation with the Dept. of Assessments & Taxation
*Current Good Standing Notice with the State of Maryland
*Active Sales & Use Tax ID to collect 6% Maryland Sales Tax
Lack of compliance with any of the above regulations risk your sale being shut down in progress – enforcement is always ongoing. Can you afford to risk rescheduling your sale a few months due to hiring an estate company which is not in compliance?
In addition to these laws, Smitty’s Estate Liquidators requires all our clients to have Active Homeowners Insurance where the liquidation will occur. In addition, we also carry a Large Liability Policy thru Erie Insurance to further protect you.

How do you advertise your sales?

On any given weekend in the region, there can be upwards of 25 or more estate sales for shoppers to choose from. An extensive marketing campaign for your sale can be the difference maker in a successful event, regardless of the quality of merchandise.  We pride ourselves on leaving no stone unturned when it comes to advertising your sale. Below are just a few tools we will use:
*Proprietary e-mail list containing over 10,000 local estate shoppers
*Company Web Page
*Company Facebook Page
*Membership on Top Regional Estate Sale Marketing Websites
*Targeted Postcard Mailers
*Neighborhood Door Hangers
*Professional Yard Signs at all nearby intersections day of sale.  

How will the sale be displayed?

Many firms will leave last week's sale with their few pieces of equipment and head directly to the next sale in order to quickly prepare your home for the next event - this is unacceptable. We slowly transform a home made for living into a retail space both comfortable and safe for a weekend of shoppers. Our warehouse contains literally 100's of tables, showcases, table covers, signage, floor coverings, credit card terminals, ect needed to stage several estates at the same time. The only proper way to professionally stage, advertise, appraise, and liquidate an estate, is to be on-site weeks in advance. An extended advertising campaign is a key to your sales success, this can only be done after many hours of cleaning, rearranging , and staging of the merchandise to be sold. Feel free to click a link on our upcoming sales to see some of our work.

How much is your commission?

Our fees vary depending on the estate, but one thing we are always consistent about is how we derived at the total achieved for both the estate and us. Smitty’s Estate Liquidators is one of the only firms that records every item sold at your sale. Many firms will simply state it’s a waste of time to keep a sales log or tell you they only record the more valuable items sold. Many times, half your estates total value is in very common, inexpensive household items – they should all be accounted for or the commission rate you are being quoted really doesn’t matter – think about it. This sales log is also a very important part of the accounting of the estate that can carry liability for our company and the estate. Many of the expensive purchases will be tax-exempt transactions by dealers or collectors with Maryland Tax Exempt IDs (both state and federal regulations must be met when it comes to tax liability for the estate and you could be liable).  Our complete transparency is what separates us from all the other companies in our area.  Hiring a company that simply tells you the total dollar amount that was taken in during the sale without justifying how they came up with this figure is unacceptable

What forms of payment will you accept during the sale?

Estate Liquidators accepts cash, debit cards, credit cards, and checks that meet our requirements. Credit & Debit Card purchases will make-up a very large part of each sales total purchases. Any company that does not take plastic will have a significant, negative impact on the sales total.

What happens to any unsold items at the conclusion of the sale?

There will be always be leftovers at the conclusion of any sale.  Estate Liquidators will evaluate the contents on our initial consultation do determine if there will be any additional fees at sale conclusion. Some situations may require an additional trash removal fee to bring the property to "broom clean" which will be determined at the initial consultation or after the sale is over depending on the estate.  Of course, all our estates are free to keep or donate any leftovers to whomever you desire or we can make recommendations of other options.

Can the family members of the estate be present during the sale?

Estate Liquidators understands it is human nature for family members to have emotional attachments to items in the estate and want to give suggestions on how we should conduct the sale. Often times, they even would like to be present during the set-up and sale of the liquidation. In order for us to do a professional job and maximize profits for the sale, we require our clients to fully entrust our background, knowledge, and experience and let us handle everything from start to finish. We can assure you, for every concern you have, we are thinking about ten times as many issues regarding the procedures necessary to make your sale a success. Call, e-mail, or text us anytime – once we are under contract, we are thinking of nothing but how we can better take all the burden off of you!

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Our Testimonials

Aug 2017
We have been customers of Smitty's for years and truly watched how he and his great team dealt with the public at his estate tag sales. His honesty and integrity is the reason we called him when we were ready to liquidate. Their prep work and staging for the sale ran so smoothly and he will get you top dollar for your items. Final figure on your check the Monday after the sale is what really counts. Their job as a TEAM is not finished until the clean up is completed! GREAT GREAT job for us! $$$$$$ was wonderful! Anyone thinking of liquidating their possessions this is the team to call. You will not be disappointed!!!!
Jennie F.August 2017
July 2017
My sister's estate had an unusual amount of costume jewelry and antique dolls.  Amy, Kent and their team dug right in, organized everything and knew what had real value and what should be sold in lots.  The results clearly demonstrated her hard work and knowledge.  She sold things that I would have thought suitable only for the dump.  The net amount that went to the estate was double my highest estimate.
I am thrilled with Smittys Estate Liquidators and give them my unconditional and highest recommendation.
Joel L.July 2017
June 2017
Kent and his staff are very knowledgeable, experienced and professional. They did an amazing job preparing for, publicizing, and executing my estate sale. They handled everything! And it was very successful and profitable for both of us. I highly recommend their services.
Marian M.June 2017
April 2017
I can't say enough about the service of Estate Liquidators.  I could never have cleaned out our family home of 60 years without them.  Amy & Kent were very professional, accommodating and honest.  I would recommend their services wholeheartedly.  JM
Joni M.April 2017
Feb 2017
We want to publicly thank Smitty for his hard work and dedicated team who helped us sell the contents of our Mother's home. Thirty years of accumulation was sorted, tagged, and lovingly handled by Smitty's team so that we could have an estate sale in a timely manner. Smitty personally oversaw the sale and his humor and realism made a difficult time so much easier for us! Thank you so much!

If anyone needs an estate sale at their home or for a loved one, Estate Liquidators is the company to call! We highly recommend them.
Brittany G.February 2017
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