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#1 - Largest following of faithful, happy customers who travel up to 3 hours to attend Forester sales.  These customers look forward to spending money here as they are rarely disappointed.  Fun environment and fair prices keep people coming back.

“The BEST folks are working there, we enjoy each of your workers at every sale, thank you Andrew and Jennifer!”

- Ed & Mary G. in Bay City 

“The workers are always friendly and accommodating to make sure I am a satisfied customer.” 

- Square Register Customer 

#2 -Biggest advertising budget spent  just to make sure your estate sale succeeds.  We invest in you and minimize your risk as a family. No one out spends us on advertising.  The bigger the crowds the more our clients make.  Don't make the mistake of shopping a lower commission company that cannot get the numbers you need for a successful sale. We only get paid when we sell.  So just like you, we want it all sold.

“Very Happy with ALL my purchases, and staff is wonderful to work with.” 

- Square Register Customer 

“Always very impressed with your estate the history treasure hunts, very well run and organized sales.”

- Starr R. in Saginaw 

#3 -Forester spends hundreds of paid hours on estate set-up, traffic flow and merchandising to assure our customers are comfortable, finding things easily and having fun.  This is how your family can make maximize the amount of money your estate can generate.  When everything is set up properly, and with respect, customers want to spend and our client's homes are represented in a dignified manor.

“Had all the items displayed nicely and the workers were beyond nice, Andrew, you have a great team working there for you.”

- Square Register Customer 

“Those Forester Estate Sales ladies are amazing!!!”

- Square Register Customer 

#4 -We do nothing under the table:  Everything is recorded, staff are actual employees, we are fully insured, not just bonded.  We invest thousands of dollars in general liability insurance out of OUR commission.  Since home owners insurance does NOT cover estate sale, this protects your family from harm should someone fall in your home.

“Very fair prices.”

- Square Register Customer

"I am very pleased with your estate work, it really has been nice working with you and your quick responses to my emails couldn’t be any faster, thanks so much.”

- Mary Lou S. In Saginaw

#5 -Trusted by the most respected law firms, trust banks and financial planners. Referred for years by past clients and families. Connecting a positive reputation to your sale only helps you and your family.

We believe if we treat people well, they will return the kindness. Forester loves helping people.  Its's our purpose in life. :) Be sure not to hire any other estate sale company until you CALL JENNIFER TODAY.  She is ready to answer all your estate sale questions and set up a free, zero-pressure consultation.


Thanks to you we are now the LARGEST full-service Appraisal, Estate Sale & Clean out company serving the 989 area code in CENTRAL Michigan.

We are so grateful for the hundreds and hundreds of referrals we have received via  word-of-mouth.  It is the ultimate compliment when you refer us to your friends, family and co-workers.  Thank you!!

Serving: Bay City, Midland, Saginaw, Frankenmuth, St. Charles and Chesaning


DO YOU DO APPRAISALS? Yes,  We can help you find out what your estate is worth before anything is sold or distributed, assist in settling trusts, organize family only sales and itemized valuations for attorneys and trust officers. The purpose for many appraisals includes insurance, investment, estate or equitable distribution, liquidation, charitable gift donations and IRS of which we have provided appropriate documentation.

DO YOU PAY FOR EVERYTHING? Yes and NO, we are a Full scale estate set up team, tables brought in, all items located, cleaned, researched, tagged and priced, photos taken, sales advertised on-line and in local newspaper, we bring in additional lighting, music to shop by and extremely professional, friendly workers.  We also offer carpet protection at a cost to the client if desired, and a complete clean out at a cost to the client after sale if desired.

DO YOU DEAL IN COINS AND FINE JEWLERY? Yes, We are the largest consignor of precious metals: Sterling, gold, coins and fine jewelry.  Because we go through every single coin and own a large fine jewelry store, we are able to get our clients MUCH more than if they took it to their highest buyer themselves.  This service is for FORESTER clients only.

DO YOU SELL EXPENSIVE ITEMS OUTSIDE OF SALE?  Sometimes, At the request of client, specific items can be selected from estate (before the sale) to sell for higher price outside the area.  We have a large clientle of collectors looking to pay top-dollar for specific items.  However, we prefer to keep everything in the estate for our customers, as having quality items in your sale is a great draw.

DO YOU SELL ONLINE?  Nope! We were the largest online seller in the area and sold specific items on-line, we had a paid team expert due research, list, answer questions and ship, gaining hundreds of 100% positive feed backs on our site.  Yet online sales has NOT been profitable for our clients due to ebay fees, shipping fraud and buyer fraud.  We now just use our extensive list of private high paying buyers around the USA to sell our clients rare items.

WHAT DO WE DO WITH WHAT IS LEFT?  After the sale, we bring in our clean-out team to completely empty home, sweep and vacuum. NO Conflict of interest, as we allow our clients to go through what is left FIRST, keep  or give away what ever they want before it is donated.  We are not dealers nor do take anything to our jewelry store. Clients can even clean out themselves and save a few bucks.  Don't have enough for sale or just want to get the house on the market?  We just do clean-outs, donate to local charities and get our CLIENT a receipt.

HOW DO WE KNOW IF AN ESTATE COMPANY IS HONEST? First, make sure that they are a FULL-TIME YEAR ROUND company that has a business license.  We do NOT do pre-sales of items advertised. We can sell unadvertised items before the sale if the client desires. Be sure they have a team of year round employees (not contractors paid under the table) that are insured.  Our employees must shop after the sale, 15 minutes AFTER the sale has begun like everyone else.  We have a certificate for 1-million in liability insurance, all our staff are employees with workman's compensation and we are fully bonded to protect our clients.  We do nothing "under the table". These three types of insurance are a must have when hiring an estate company.  Fortunately, we have never had to make a claim.  Don't just ask if they are insured.  Be sure whomever you hire can provide you a copy of insurances.  Don't shop based solely on commission, we pay ALL expenses and have a massive following. If the company your working with isn't honest with how they do their personal business, how can you trust them with your business? 


"They found an old non-working robot buried in the closet, a local dealer offered book value of $400, FORESTER found a buyer for over $1250."       George M.

"My local jeweler, whom I've known for years, gave me a quote of $900 for my mother's gold jewelry.  FORESTER found another buyer for over $2000.  They were worth hiring just for that service alone."  Ron  Z.

"We were about to deposit $1200 in non-collectible coins into the bank, FORESTER asked to take a look first and they were able to turn it into $8,000."  Garnet G.

"Don't throw anything out and have them begin right away.  They really helped me make good decisions regarding my sale."  Paige C.

"They are my angels, they will be in my heart forever.  Their services really helped minimize the stress of my pack and relocation.  What an incredible services."   Nancy M.

"On moving day, they coordinated the movers and sent in a team to completely unpack everything.  They hung the pictures, displayed my collectibles, and placed items back in a similar location so I could find them again.  They even re-filled my refrigerator and made my bed!  I walked into a completely finished home.  The best part, their estate sale paid for all their services and more!" Ann S.

"They really helped us with the estate sale and settled our parents estate quickly."  Bill M.

"Your firm has demonstrated its expertise, high standard of integrity and flexibility which we and our client most appreciated." Gardey Financial Group

"FORESTER has always done an excellent work for my clients, as an attorney I always recommend them when ever appropriate."  Chris R. - Attorney

Call our caring staff today for some free advice, get on our calendar, or just call for a listening ear.  Many of our clients have become good friends. 

If you are even thinking about having and estate sale please call us first, as we will be a resource for you, regardless of whether or not you hire us.

You need not take off work or try to do this on their own.  We save time, money and in most cases can make more money than the children can for free.

" I wish I had hired this company.  I love my mother, however, the time I spent off work and the strain it put on me and my sisters could have been avoided.  This company knows how to sort, price and make and save more money than we ever could." 

D. Weidman-Saginaw

Other companies may charge less, however, our sales can attract up to 1000 customers and attract regular customers from as far Ohio, Chicago and Detroit leaving little behind. Never shop price or availability when it comes to estate sale companies, shop reputation, insurance protection and business references.


Appraisals - Estate Sales - Clean outs

Call us for your FREE consultation.



Our Sales

Jun 2, 3
9am to 4pm (Fri)

NEW PHOTOS! Great Sale in Township! Packed - Fishing - Vintage Video Games - Beautiful Furniture

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Saginaw, MI 48603
6/2 9am to 4pm (Fri)
6/3 9am to 2pm (Sat)
Saginaw, MI 48603
Jun 9, 10
9am to 4pm (Fri)

Beautiful Swan Creek Twsp Sale !

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Saginaw, MI 48609
6/9 9am to 4pm (Fri)
6/10 9am to 2pm (Sat)
Saginaw, MI 48609
Jun 16, 17
9am to 4pm (Fri)

Saginaw twsp Fun !

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Saginaw, MI 48603
6/16 9am to 4pm (Fri)
6/17 9am to 2pm (Sat)
Saginaw, MI 48603
Jun 23, 24, 25
9am to 4pm (Fri)

Historic CENTER AVENUE MANSION!!! Bay City Sale !

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Bay City, MI 48708
6/23 9am to 4pm (Fri)
6/24 9am to 2pm (Sat)
6/25 10am to 3pm (Sun)
Bay City, MI 48708
Jul 7, 8
9am to 4pm (Fri)

Beautiful Golfview Estates Sale !

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Saginaw, MI 48638
7/7 9am to 4pm (Fri)
7/8 9am to 2pm (Sat)
Saginaw, MI 48638
Aug 25, 26, 27
9am to 4pm (Fri)

Packed Burt Estate!

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Burt, MI 48417
8/25 9am to 4pm (Fri)
8/26 9am to 2pm (Sat)
8/27 10am to 3pm (Sun)
Burt, MI 48417

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