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Heirloom Estates Personal Property Appraisals & Estate Liquidation Services

Heirloom Estates is a full service Estate Sale and Appraisal Service Company that will help you obtain the best possible prices for your family possessions through Estate Sale, Internet Listing, Auction or Private Sale.

Our Mission:  Heirloom assists clients with the appraisal and the selling of their treasured belongings with professionalism, ethics and compassion, thereby creating an enjoyable experience for both the client and their family, as well as the buyers attending our estate sales.

How is Heirloom Estates Different? ​

1) As accredited appraisers, we actually know (or figure out) how much each and every item we sell is worth.  
I frequently go to local estate sales and cringe at the prices that things are being given away for because the estate sale company running the sale has no idea what they are selling and how much it is worth. Don't have your treasures be the ones that show up on Antiques Roadshow  as purchased for $10 at an estate sale and worth $10,000.

2) More Comprehensive Marketing
Heirloom uses every available marketing tool to reach customers including:

  •      Frequent email contact contact with its proprietary client list of over 2,500 buyers
  •      Multiple internet websites
  •      Newspaper listings
  •      Several social media marketing sites
  •      Personal phone calls to clients
  •      Effective on-road signage
  •      On-site design consultants to help close sales 

3) Knowledge of the Best Market Options to Maximize Sales
Heirloom has many available sales options.  We will not sell your valuable property that would bring five times as much at national auction in a local liquidation market.  We maximize your sales -- even if it means we make less money by having someone else sell your property.  Here is an example of how this difference played out for one of our clients:  A Client wished to sell a Picasso print which a competitive estate sale company proposed to price at $300 in the Phoenix AZ estate sale market. Heirloom recognized the value of the print and got a national auction house involved, and brought it to auction where it realized $8,500.

4) Better Client Base
Most estate sale companies client base is predominantly made up of dealers who expect to pay cut rate liquidation prices -Heirloom's client base is predominantly end users -- customers buying for themselves and high-end dealers who know know that Heirloom conducts sales of fine merchandise and not garage sales. 

5) Well-trained Sales Force
- Heirloom's sales force is well trained and efficient and effective at selling your property

6) Soup to Nuts
Heirloom Estates will consult with clients, value, price, sell, and donate/liquidate remaining property for clients if desired. We can even arrange to have your house cleaned after the sale. If selling the items in your home is not an option, items can be moved to another location for sale. ​


7) The Latest Automated Point of Sales System
Heirloom Estates uses typed tags that fully describe each item. This is a very time-consuming but critical feature because

  • It greatly reduces price-swapping and theft.
  • It provides information that substantiates  the price. (Who wouldn't pay more for "Rare Kentucky Jackson Press Cabinet with Highly Figured Cherry Wood, circa 1835" than "Wood Cabinet"?)
  • It provides the client an exact list of what sold at what price- Many estate sale companies just give their clients lump sum settlements.
  • It enables quicker checkout and higher customer satisfaction.

8) Security
Heirloom posts a security person at the door who checks all bags and requires that all items being removed have a paid sales receipt.

9) Post-Sale Assistance
After your estate sale, we will arrange for donation, distribution or disposal of unsold items. 

10)  For more information about Heirloom Estates, Click here for a link to our Website: www.heirloomestatesonline.com


Heirloom Estates also provides Certified Accredited Appraisals: 
Fine Art, Antiques and Residential Contents (personal property) Appraisals

  • Estate Trust and Probate 
  • Estate Planning
  • Comprehensive Inventory of Personal Property and Jewelry
  • Equitable distribution in divorce, estate and businesses            dissolution
  • Federal (IRS) tax appraisals
  • Federal (IRS) charitable donation appraisals
  • Insurance scheduling and insurance damage/loss appraisals
  • Pre sale estimates of personal property value
  • Expert testimony and Litigation Services

Lisa S. Hudspeth, ISA- CAPP, MBA, USPAP certified, 25 years experience in arts, antiques appraisals and business management.  BA in Design, Masters in Business Administration.    Work Experience includes: National Museum of American Art (Smithsonian Institution); Houston Museum of Fine Arts; Owner, Heirloom Estates Appraisals, and Estate Liquidation Service; and Director of Marketing, Fortune 50 company.  Lisa is the only CAPP certified appraiser with offices in both the RDU and Greensboro area, and one of only 110 nationwide.  

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