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Three R Antiques, Clean Out & Estate Services offers a different "spin" on Estate Services.  Although we are primarily an Estate Liquidator and therefore offer Estate Tag Sales and Services, we also offer an excellent option for families, executors and those downsizing who are not comfortable with an in-house tag sale or if there is not enough remaining in the house for an Estate Tag Sale.  We will clean the house out for you and sell the contents off site or if the remaining contents have little value we will simply clean out the property for a small fee or even Free!  We are a full-service Estate Liquidation Company, rather than hiring one company to run your Estate Liquidation Sale, another to complete the clean out, another to do the house cleaning and yet another for handyman services, we can do it all!  One company, start to finish. and most of the time all the fees for services are covered with the proceeds from the sale, no money out of pocket!  We also sell vehicles, and offer referrals for local Realtors.



To begin, we will visit your home or the residence in question.  We will walk through and do a thorough review of the contents and reach a decision as to whether to proceed with an estate sale or offer a different option for liquidating the contents of the home.  Should your contents not be enough for a sale, we also offer the option of selling the contents offsite at our shop or at auction, selling choice items from the home by appointment, donating items to your choice of charity or any combination of the above,

Before we meet and prior to the sale PLEASE DO NOT THROW OR GIVE ANYTHING AWAY!!  We sell EVERYTHING!!  From partially used cleaning products to automobiles and the actual house, we will attempt to sell all the contents!!  Our goal is always to keep items out of landfills and replace unwanted items with money for you and your family to help settle the estate and costs of same.  You and your family are not losing or giving away these items, you are allowing them to have another life with another family that will likely pass them down and enjoy them for many years to come.  What a special way to show your respect and admiration for your family member and their belongings, a much better option than to throw everything in a dumpster.


After it has been determined that an Estate Liquidation Sale is the best way to proceed, we will schedule the sale dates and a deadline for the client and family to complete removing any items from the house that they wish to retain.  The deadline will also represent the date that the Estate Crew can begin taking photographs and inventory for advertising.  The sale date is usually scheduled two weeks after the deadline date and is generally held Friday through Sunday 8AM through 4PM. We will ask to have a key and full run of the home to work in day or night; depending on how much there is to do.  We will then begin to unearth, clean, sort, photograph, research, and market your items for sale. It is very important that no items are removed from the house after the deadline as these items will be advertised as available for sale.  If those items are not available at the beginning of the sale it could cause problems at the sale and affect the reputation of the Estate Sale Company. Within a few days we will send out an email invitation of what is available in your estate to our trusted clients and loyal following as well as hand out fliers in your neighborhood.  We will send an additional email or more during the four days prior to the sale, adding any significant items we find during the rest of the week. There is no fee for the preparation or dissemination of emails.  The advertising costs are taken off the top from the gross proceeds of the sale. This will all come out of our pocket and be reimbursed at the end of the sale from the proceeds.  The client is not required to provide any funds prior to the sale.  Our commission is a standard 40% of the gross proceeds apart from automobiles or other vehicles that carry a commission of 15%.


After we have organized your home by bringing in tables, chairs, cases for display and anything else needed to prepare for the sale; such as tarps and awnings for outside wet weather.  We photograph and advertise after which time we will then price all items individually or in lots.  Furniture is rearranged and cleaning is performed throughout the home to provide a safe, buyer friendly atmosphere for the Estate Sale Customers.  Kim, the owner of Three R will appraise and research any items that need special attention.  Should any items require an outside appraisal, this will be arranged and paid for by Three R.  If the house is being sold, we ask the client or Realtor to provide us with flyers and/or Realtor business cards to have available while we are conducting the sale.  The Tag sale also serves as an “Open House” and several times we have had the same people who attended that sale purchase the home later.  We do not require additional payment for this service.

Can't wait to see you at our sale. Setup was 3120.


Now comes the time for the sale!  Everything is staged, priced and ready to go! In order to make the sale the best it can be, we ask that nothing be removed after our crew has begun to work on the house.  The only exception are items that were not previously removed but were marked “DO NOT REMOVE” or set aside, usually in a closet or cabinet marked accordingly and secured so we do not advertise those items and buyers do not go through or remove those items.  We open the doors promptly at 8:00 AM, allowing people to come in to the house 20-30 at a time depending on the size of the house and property.  We place numbered tickets at the door each night prior to the sale so people can obtain a ticket and save their place in line for the following morning.  We will have several crew members throughout the property to assist the customers as well as to keep theft down to a minimum.  We also only have one door for entrance and exit so we can make sure that all items have been paid for.

We set up a cash register and all small high end items in one room; our crew writes up a receipt for each buyer whether they purchase a $1 item or several items as well as entering the purchases in the cash register.  We accept cash and credit cards; we do not accept checks.  Fees for credit card purchases are absorbed by Three R.

Signs are posted throughout the property to guide the customers through the home, pointing out steps and low ceilings for risk management and general pricing information such as “Records are $1 each”.  Three R provides and pays for all signs on and around the property including signs that will be posted in the neighborhood indicating where and when the sale will be held.


During the sale, if we have any questions for you, we will need a contact number to be able to reach you with any questions that may come up.  Should we find something we question as to whether or not you might want to keep, we will ask you prior to adding it to the sale. We do ask that nothing we have advertised, or photographed for the website, be removed prior to the sale as this gives the clients a false sense of bad advertising or the impression that we have pre-sold items, which we will not do.


Our first few hours or part of the sale, will usually gross 50-70 percent of total sales, next few hours 20-30%, the latter part of the sale the remainder. On the last day of the sale all remaining items are offered at 1/2 price unless we have determined that the item should have a reserve price (a price that we will not sell the item for less than that amount). 

If you choose to have Three R perform the Clean Out, we will begin the process a few days after the end of the sale.  We will remove all items from the entire premises and leave the property completely empty apart from any items you ask us to leave at the house.  The house will then be left broom swept and vacuumed.  This and any other a la carte services such as deep house cleaning, yard clean up, power washing and handyman services may be paid for with the proceeds from the sale.  Again, no money out of pocket.

We generally ask that the clean out be scheduled 48-72 hours after the sale as it has been our experience that many people will call a day or two later asking if there is still a particular item remaining and can they buy that item.  Also, we do offer delivery for furniture and other large items after the sale.  Should the property need to be cleaned out sooner, we will of course work with your time frame as required.

At the end of the week, we type up a sales record of all items that sold for over $50 individually and all items under $50 collectively for each day of the sale.   As it states on our contract, we attempt to pay you within the first week but have two weeks to get all paperwork back to you detailing costs/sales and net monies made.

Should remaining unsold items be taken to the Auction or to our Shop to be sold you will receive an addendum to the original report after those items have sold along with your portion of the proceeds.


Our goal is three-fold to make this process as efficient and painless as possible: allowing us to do the hard work and show respect for the memory of the deceased, to enable our customers to find magnificent items to add to their collection at fair and decent prices and finally, keeping the unwanted items from landing in the dump and helping the less fortunate in our society at the same time, we make a living from a business we love being a part of in every way.  With these things in mind, we do our best to please all the people we deal with, while holding tight to our integrity and following our hearts with the knowledge that we are doing the best job we are able and earning a track record we can be proud of forever. 


Although most houses require only what is outlined below, we are flexible and can provide additional services such as Handyman Repairs, Property Spot Checks, Winterizing, Realtor Referrals as well as Deep “Green” Cleaning.

Included in a home or commercial clean out is, but not limited to, the following:

Contact to:         

Local municipality for trash removal and recycling guidelines

Charity chosen by Client to arrange pick up or drop off

If applicable, dumpster procurement

If applicable, Condo, Tenants or Owners Associations to determine guidelines for clean out

Fast Response and Turnaround times for upcoming settlements, termination of rental agreements, etc.

Removal of hazardous materials such as paint, cleaning products, insecticides, etc. (This does not include such items as, but not limited to asbestos or lead paint)

Removal of trash to the curb (if public/twp trash removal is not available dumpsters are available at an additional fee) 

Recycling of all plastics, metals, glass and other recyclable materials sorted and disposed of as is required for the local municipality

Removal of all construction debris such as wood scraps, drywall, cement mix, sand and other related materials to the curb to be picked up according to the municipalities requirements.  If the local municipality does not pick up such items we will provide a dumpster at an additional fee.

Find and Remove all items from closets, attics, rafters, etc.

Removal of all medicines, prescription and over the counter using current methods other than pouring meds in toilet or down the sink; a negative impact on local streams, rivers, etc.  (Narcotics will be returned to the client)

Bagging all used clothing in preparation for donation to the clients’ charity of choice

Boxing and bagging all useable items that have no or little significant value in preparation for the clients’ charity of choice.

All items separated into Buy, Charity or Trash sections (if boxes are already packed, each box must be opened and items inside to be appraised and separated into the appropriate section)

We pack, unpack and repack small items (many times the client boxes items before we begin, those items need to be appraised and sorted)

We provide all boxes, tape, labor, hand trucks and furniture movers and truck and/or trailer.

Our moving crew will take apart all furniture that will not safely and/or efficiently move through the house and into the truck.  Move all furniture, boxes, appliances and small items to truck

Moving Crew to sweep and/or vacuum all floors on the premises including but not limited to the main living areas, basement, garage(s), out building(s) and sheds.

Removal of items on the outside of the property such as decorative items, dead plants and planters, all other debris or excessive items that will negatively impact the sale or rent of the property as is determined by the client and/or realtor

If property is for sale or rent, we will send an info email to our mailing list with info regarding the property summary, price or rental fees and any other pertinent info that will assist in selling the home



We also add menu services that can be added to the basic clean out as a package or a la carte.

DEEP CLEANING – Available as a package or any individual service

o   Inside cabinets wiped out

o   In addition to the normal vacuuming, we also vacuum basements, garages and attics

o   All inside windows are cleaned including all surrounding molding

o   Removal of rust stains, lime and soap build up in bathroom(s)

o   Washer and Dryer cleaned inside and out

o   Dishwasher cleaned inside and out

o   High areas, fans and lights are all dusted

o   Client is provided with a Certificate indicating that the premises have been cleaned with all 100% natural products.  Our realtor clients have indicated that this has been a plus when showing a home.  The natural products are great for families with babies and small children, elderly or other people with allergies or COPD.



o   We offer both Green Carpet Cleaning with Natural Products or Conventional carpet cleaning.

o   Machine hard floor cleaning, waxing and buffing available


This is a list of our commonly requested services, should you require something not listed here just give us a call.  Fees are based on the specific job requirements.


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