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What is Walker Liquidating.com?

WalkerLiquidating.com is a company that provides a painless way for you to totally clear a property of unwanted items.  This means liquidating the belonging of a family or estate due to downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy or death.  This always nets you much more money than a garage or yard sale. The public is invited into the home to purchase any and all items.  A contract is signed with dates set, advertising written and all costs estimates pertaining to the sale are discussed. Our professional service includes research, advertising and displaying items nicely for maximum value at the sale, and cleanup of property afterward for real estate transfer.

The first thing people usually want to do is clean out the junk.  We at WalkerLiquidating.com ask that you call us in before you throw out anything.  RULE # 1: THROW NOTHING AWAY.  Many times in efforts to cleanup, trashed items that have value are discarded. Let our staff make you the maximum money for all items.  We know value and what people will buy.  We know how and where to advertise for a public sale to get you the customers. We even promote your sale through our own dedicated website with pictures. Visit us on the web at WalkerLiquidating.com.

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WalkerLiquidating.com fees are straight forward. There are no upfront charges, initial consultation is free.  We like to meet you at the property, walk through to see what we are facing and discuss your options.  We do all the work for you and have your best interest at heart.  By signing a contract all upfront costs are handled by WalkerLiquidating.com. Client agrees to a commission on all items and reimbursement of all costs out of sale proceeds. The commission based on sales assures you we will attempt to sell your items for as much as possible.  This means the more money realized for an item sold for you, you make more money and the company makes more.  It’s a win, win. As a general rule, pricing the first day is as marked with no negotiation. The following day uses structured discounting.  If a customer does not want to pay the marked price, or the discounted second day pricing, we welcome bids. Bids are offers for a item and can discussed with the client if needed before accepting at the end of the sale.

Sales are run professionally and customers enter the sale on a “first come first served” basis.  A line is formed at the door of the home, sometimes even several hours before the sale opens.  Walker Liquidating uses a number system when necessary and has a strict posted policy at the door on how they are handled. A published time for numbers in the advertising helps control the crowd. Most people know how a number system works but there are always those who feel they are entitled to a front spot but this is not the case.  This allows everyone in line to enter the sale in order of arrival and avoids confrontations.

WalkerLiquidating.com completes a sales report showing the client total sales, less commission, less advertising costs, other cost (if needed), and your final net from the sale.  A check is issued and the client receives all sales receipt books indicating what each and every item sold.


Trusting WalkerLiquidating.com to handle the sale of your personal property will give you peace of mind and realize financial reward. Utilize over twenty years experience in the resale market by consulting with us today.

Stephen A. Walker, Managing Member

Walker Liquidating Limited

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Akron, Ohio 44320

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